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Nobody's Fool

Waste of Time
I love Tiffany Haddish. I dislike Tyler Perry movies. However I thought if Tiffany is in it, its bound to be worth watching.... wrooong! I dont know why she did this movie. It was painful to watch at times. The dialogue was forced and often didnt make sense. Lots of overacting. Typical Tyler Perry. Wasted time that I'll never get back. Sigh!


This movie was very hard to watch. This plot has been done time and again. It is shocking that such good actors chose to be in a movie with such a bad script. The cinematography and direction were beyond cliché in terms of the sequencing of scenes, flashbacks and angles. Fifty Cent may be good at writing rap tunes but he is certainly not a screen play writer. While it is good to want to expand one's repertoire, perhaps he should take some classes before attempting to do something like this again. I terms of the acting, it is squeamish to have to watch good actors deliver bad lines (with straight faces). I often wondered if they wanted to burst out laughing at certain parts. I suppose that is what they are paid for but it is still hard to watch. I don't recommend this movie at all. Waste of time that you will never get back in your life.

The Karate Kid

Great Movie!!!
I went into this movie not really knowing what to expect but with a positive attitude because the previews looked quite good. I went with my thirteen year old nephew and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Jaden Smith's acting was really good and he's is certainly going to be an excellent actor with a few more movies under his belt. The actual kung fu was believable and the story line was believable. From beginning to end, the audience in the movie theater, including myself and my nephew cheered and clapped at various parts of the movie. I was a fan of the original Karate Kid when I was growing up, and this movie has added an new spin to the original which is certainly welcomed. It was well cast and entertaining. I recommend this movie strongly for adults and kids alike

Sherlock Holmes

Totally Overrated
I actually fell asleep in the movie theater while watching this movie. I cannot see what all the fuss is about. It is boring, gloomy and lacks substance. I wish I hadn't wasted my money! It seems like the one part that was even remotely entertaining was placed in the trailer (the part where he was chained to the bed). Other than that, there was nothing special at all. What made this movie going experience even worse was the fact that it got so many good reviews. I went to the theatre expecting a masterpiece and got nothing. Even the characters seemed unbelievable to me. As with most Guy Ritchie projects, the dialogue was self absorbed and dull. I would give this movie a minus rating if I could.

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