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Hammer of the Gods

Score for Thor
This movie was a lot better than I could have expected. The story is an interesting spin-off of the original story of Thor. While some of the lesser characters where terrible actors, the majority of the cast had a great performance. The dialog was clever and original and each character had his/her own unique qualities. The music had a good affect on the atmosphere of the scenes and really paid off in the end. The scene where Baldur dies was portrayed quite nicely and had a tint of sorrow to go with it, which is a good thing. The effects were pretty good for the most part especially with Ulfrich's great vertical-slice death scene. Overall the movie is a good fantasy film with cool aspects for an enjoyable experience.


Very Impressive
This movie was a rather large improvement from Syfy's usual Saturday night original flicks. The visual effects were some of the best I have seen in one of these low budget movies. I especially liked the atmosphere and lighting that was portrayed throughout the film. It gave a little bonus to the enjoyment. The acting was very good, not just from the main cast, but from the whole cast. There were a couple of scenes with some interesting music that fitted the scenes very well. The ending was nothing special, but it wasn't lazy either. Overall the film was well worth the watch and won't disappoint. I enjoyed the movie a lot and plan to watch it again the next time it airs on Syfy channel. Look for the T.V. guide, people!

Mongolian Death Worm

Eat Some Grub and Watch the Worms
Mongolian Death Worm has a lot to offer and more importantly, is a lot of fun. The script was well written and the directing by Steven R. Monroe made for a pretty good made-for-t.v. movie. Sean Patrick Flannery did very well on delivering his lines. The dialog in Mongolian Death Worm was clever and humorous which is essential for good movies these days. I have to mention the the CG worms in the film were actually done very well and completely believable in several scenes. The movie had a wide range of personalities for their characters and even had a swap of likability between the Sean's character, Daniel and the bad guy at the oil rig. Mongolian death worm is no masterpiece, but is a very well-made, made-for-t.v. movie that is definitely worth checking out.


Enthralling Thriller
Mothman was a very good movie for a Syfy Original and even for a movie all on its own. I could tell by the promo alone that this movie was going to be better than the usual B movies and I was definitely right and I think anyone who actually watched it would agree. The director of this movie was Sheldon Wilson who is turning into a fantastic amateur directer with such movies as Carny and Shallow Ground. Mothman had a lot to it and exceeded my expectations. The Mothman creature himself looked unusual which is a good thing in my opinion. The CGI for the Mothman creature looked believable in most scenes. The acting was above average for low budget. The dialog was interesting and had a decent amount of intentional humor in it as well. Mothman is a great late night flick to watch with a couple of buddies.

Merlin and the Book of Beasts

Fantastic Fantasy
There are few movies that I have enjoyed as much as this one. This is an absolute masterpiece. The directing of this movie was wonderful, great script, incredible acting and a beautiful musical score. The movie is full of music from beginning to end. The kind of music that gets stuck in your head all day long. I especially liked the scene where Avlynn battles herself in the lake and I hope I am not the only one who got a Dark Link reference from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time out of that. The ending of the movie was very satisfying and left me a sense of comfort. I am officially putting this movie as one of my favorites

Dark Relic

A Melting Pot of Plagues
Dark Relic is a film about a group of crusaders who retrieve a piece of the crucifix that Jesus Christ himself was nailed upon. As soon as they take it awful things begin to happen to them: Their food is tainted, they shipwreck, dead birds fall on them, locusts swarm them, wolves kill their horses, possessed monks attack them and not to mention the fire-breathing demon that stalks them. That said this film was pretty good. The effects were above average for low-budget and the acting was great. I found myself giving the movie positive feedback by saying things such as "Nice!" or "Awesome!" throughout. There are many things to like about this movie which make it a good film to watch on a Saturday night.


Prehistoric Entertainment
This is another monster hybrid movie by our lovable friend Roger Corman. Here we have the fabled Dinoshark, released from some ice as a tadpole which grows into a healthy adult dinosaur in Mexico. If there is one thing I hate about monster movies it's the random 2-minute characters that are introduce just to be killed by the monster, which this film has. However I was pleasantly surprised by the CGI Dinoshark, which was almost completely believable. I also enjoyed the idea of there being only one possible way of killing the Dinoshark which in this case was to destroy its orbital cavities. In no way is this film a masterpiece, but it's not so horrible that you can't watch it all the way through. I'll probably watch it again just for the heck of it.

Beauty and the Beast

Beautiful and Beastly
This film is a pretty great re-telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tail. Some of the effects were really well done while others, not so much, although we have to cut low budget effects some slack once in a while and try to enjoy the film as best as possible. I was actually able to enjoy this film quite well. I liked the twisted elements that were thrown into this movie as well. One scene that was really demented was the one near the end when the prince made the troll bite someone's head off and then threatened to kill the rest of the villagers unless they applauded his death... Which they did. The acting in this film was just fine and the characters were performed really well. Some of the gore was disgustingly realistic while sometimes it was just too unbelievable. An alright low budget film and definitely worth a watch.


Great Bug Flick
Mansquito is what it is. It's a cool and imaginative film that is just fun to watch. That's how most B-movies are. It isn't a masterpiece, but it isn't garbage either. I thought the costume was very well made and looked exactly how every mansquito should. This movie is full of blood and gore which looks pretty realistic, especially for a B-movie. The idea of the mansquito wanting to mate with the detective's 'womansquito' girlfriend was intense. The film had a satisfying tragic ending with a thought provoking last narration quote: "In the end I lost everything I ever cared about. The only girl I ever loved died saving us all. But as with every ending... There is always a new beginning." It's deep and makes absolutely perfect sense if you think about it. Mansquito is just a good old fun film.

War Wolves

AMPM Movie
This movie is like the AMPM stores. Ever seen the commercials for it? Like the store this movie has TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Where do I begin? Let's see... Great acting, incredible and deep dialog, unique and interesting characters, a neat surprise ending, unexpected scares, smokin' hot female werewolves (suck it, Twilight!), etc. Michael Worth was the writer for Sasquatch Mountain which had just as much memorable dialog as War Wolves. May I just say that the creative title War Wolves alone is enough to intrigue me. This movie is one of the best werewolf films I have ever seen. Everything in the film just came together so well, I could not have asked for a better result. This movie is going down as a favorite for me!


The Birds and Beyond
This was a pleasantly enjoyable movie. I, like most people who saw the previews, expected it to just by a lame rip-off of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I was so wrong, in fact, I thought this movie was actually BETTER than The Birds. I thought the title Kaw was very creative and yet subtle. Unlike in The Birds, in Kaw there was actually a reason that the birds were all there. And it made good sense scientifically. The acting was all very well performed and the plot kept getting better and more intense the further along in the film. Also there was an actor in Kaw that was in The Birds, so I thought that was a neat little fun fact about the movie. Well I thought this movie was awesome and would recommend it to horror fans, but not to bird watchers.

Ghost Voyage

Like the Movie Cube, but better
Much better than the usual Syfy originals. I thought this wasn't very bad at all actually. A little bit of rough acting, but mostly very well performed. The plot was much more interesting that the regular as well. Not really a scary movie, but that wasn't the goal of the film anyway. I also really liked the scenes where Michael and Serena find out why they are on the ship. This movie is definitely worth a watch for those interested in the paranormal-type of films. The ending was also well performed and very satisfying. The idea of a test to decide whether you will be processed or returned is awesome. Believable characters and excellent story make for a pretty cool movie that I could watch again and again.


Just Beautiful...
I didn't really know what to expect from this film before watching it. I could never have predicted what was in store for me. This movie was wonderful and extremely entertaining. The plot is pretty much perfect, although somewhat complicated. The majority of the cast did a great performance especially John Schneider and Chelan Simons. Very well thought out dialog and delivered spectacularly. The only reason that I'm not giving this movie a 10/10 is because the CGI is not good, but the setting made the CGI just a little bit better. The great plot and acting made basically covered up that flaw, though. The ending to this movie had to be the best thing about it. It's so beautiful and might be a tear-jerker for some soft-hearted viewers. This is one upperclass B-movie to remember.

Basilisk: The Serpent King

A Great Comedy-Horror
This movie is very entertaining and should be added to every collection of excellent B-movies. This movie was intentionally made to be humorous as well as gruesome. Wonderful and hilarious dialogue and lovable characters are only a couple of qualities that make this movie so good. This film also includes some graphic and gory death scenes which every horror needs. The acting was perfectly fitting for any comedy-horror and every character was unique in their own way. The 'Geek Scene' remains one of my favorite scenes of all time and deserves to be famous. All in all, very well played and hit spot-on. CGI is only okay, but hey, it is a comedy-horror after all. A great flick that should leave a good impression in the movie world.

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming

More Intense and Scarier than the first
I was never really sure why people didn't like this move as much as the first. I was really impressed with the way this film was made. the plot is very similar to the first and just as entertaining. Another thing that I should mention is that this sequel is much scarier and creepier than the first one. The ending was not the best of the best but it was acceptable for the situation. The acting was just fantastic and most of the scenes were played out very well and quite believable. When the movie was over I almost immediately wanted to see it again. Not much to dislike about this sequel, unless you're not a big fan of tragic endings, but overall a very good sequel and great way to get some good scares.

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