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The Matrix Resurrections

Just average
Just blunt a lot of repeat actions from the earlier movies. It is an average movie with very little new stuff. I hope they could make the next movies as good as the first with badass action and better story.

Immigration Nation

Sad but we all witnessed it
Look it is a documentary reflecting a recent past that we all witnessed. I don't get why some doorknobs still have to dispute it. It is not fiction that compares batman vs ironman. Immigration atrocities did happen, global leaders including the pope voiced their concerns, families were separated and so on. It is merely a matter of your choice which side you are on. Thank you Netflix for another powerful content.

Space Force

Quite Funny and Entertaining
It is a simple lighthearted funny show. Something that is a rare find these days. Poor reviews are purely based on political bias in an attempt to force Netflix cancel the show. Try to watch it with an open mind.


Count your f*&$ blessings and watch this amazing movie
I don't give a shack if the movie gets the local dialect wrong or culture is misrepresented, I am in a bloody quarantine lock down and there are few things that distracts me from this apocalyptic situation. It is an action movie period .... not a discovery channel country and culture tv episode or a tourist promo video about a country that is one of the unsafe countries in South Asia. Count your blessings while the movie theaters are closed and all movie releases are cancelled for a good three to four months you get this star packed action, thriller movie. It is more than 10 stars and thank you Netflix. Definitely recommend this.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Pile of rubbish, spectacular imagery
LOVED the last two movies and had higher hopes for this one, particularly after where TLJ left us. But this movie just crushed all my expectations to dust. It's unnecessary nostalgia with lousy story and predictable plot twists a few of which were so obvious that my 7 year old was discreetly whispering it in my ear before each was manifest on the screen. It is still a Star Wars movie so it will be watched and tons of money will be generated for the studio, but nothing of substance for a true fan.


A classic master piece already!
Words don't do justice to describe the amazing script, dialogues, story and superb acting in this movie. I am not going to bore your or steal the thunder of the movie with a long review, but let me tell you so far what you know through the teasers and trailers is simply the tip of the iceberg. There is a bigger arch and captivating story in this movie. I just watched the movie, and I am definitely going to watch it at least couple of more times before it is taken off the big screens.

Men in Black: International

A wasted opportunity
This could have been a really good movie and fresh reboot for the franchise, but it simply wastes this opportunity. There is no cohesive story and no captivating script. An agent who just joins and knows everything and a senior agent who despite having been in the agency longer than her is a novice. This is more of a movie for 12 years old or younger who have shorter attention span and can't follow a detailed story. Filled with cool CGI and loud music. Nothing of substance.

When They See Us

Oscar contender
This is one of the most beautiful and emotional mini series of the year so far. Well directed, excellent character building, amazing acting and well scripted. It touches your soul and cries out your heart. Thank you, Netflix!

Game of Thrones: The Bells
Episode 5, Season 8

All predications were wrong!
GoT from the beginning was a show that challenged and changed the TV normal paradigm. When you thought you figured the plot, it surprised you. This episode just took the show to new summits. Negative reviews are from mostly old schoolers who constantly like to go to chain fast food restaurants where consistency in the menu is expected. This episode and the show in general is for those of us who enjoy the unexpected plot twists and something utterly new. Thank you GoT!

Triple Frontier

Wonderful action and drama
One of the best written, executed and directed action movies with suffeint drama this year. Excellent twist and fulfilling end. Don't fall for the negative or butthurt reviews.

The Haunting of Hill House

Thank you, Netflix
An amazing bone chilling and well done show! This so perfect and unique that nothing even close to this has ever been created for TV. Harror movies 90% of time fail to sufficiently scare us in 90 minuets, so I was a bit skeptical to commit to 10 episode, but glad I did. The dialogues are well written, the characters are well developed, the shots are beautiful, and there is no bloody unnecessary loud music/ noise to make up for lack of creativity. Netflix utterly makes up for no "Stranger things" this October with this amazing show. Thank you, Netflix!

Impractical Jokers

While I am writing this, my jaws hurt
This is silly, delightful, quirky, and endlessly funny show. Four ordinary chaps that could be your next door neighbor are up for some redeculous challenges in real world and engaging with real people. This show needs more publicity and word of mouth to make it big (if it is already then I apologize for my ignorance.) A perfect escape from usual none sense.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It deserves all the praise and more!
One of the best action movies so far this year. Twist after twist and unique well choreographed action scenes. This must be one of the best MI movies. Those 10 million dollars mustache on HC absolutely worth every penny paid for by DC. Cruise doing his own stunts and topping the Burj from the previous movie alone makes this an action master piece in MI line up.


Tired of bloody dark and loud sense without story
Why the heck aliens always plan their invasion at night? If they strategy is the element of surprise then why not wait until midnight or later when we are asleep? Definitely it is none of those but a hesitant and failed director's effort who knows without the dark, loud, crying kids and flashing lights scenes there is no bloody story to tell and a movie to make. It is utter crap and the twist you hear about could have been made into a good short film. Don't squander your time!

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Below averag
I reckon my 5 yrs old and I dedicated fan of this series, though this one was a let down. Half way in the movie, she was already bored and restless on her seat and I was less captivated by its same old plot and paucity of comedic script. Probably a good entertainer when it's available on one of your subscription platforms when there is nothing else to watch.


A pile of stinking ...
There are people like us who sacrifice their "precious" time to safeguard you from squandering your time over movies like this. So please be warned. This is so bad that staring at dark screen and getting lost in your own thoughts is a million times better. The dialogues are at best are as bad as the cursed chees at wimpy kid school that you'd want to take a shower after. There is no character building and relationships are emotionless. It felt almost like everyone in this movie wanted to be done with the project as quick as possible so that they could go use the rest room. In short it is a big pile of dump...

I Feel Pretty

A movie for zombies
Nothing clever or fresh. If anything it is a remake of a thousand one liners that have lost its humor in the course of time (imagine that one pair of socks or undergarments that you can't bid farewell to yet it's lingering to last bit of life before utterly falling apart) the same people who still laugh at a perpetual fart joke or someone falling down the stairs apparently liked this movie and are posting raving reviews to justify their primitive sense of humor. Don't waste your time...

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