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Dark Ride

Disappointing at best
Dark Ride is a movie that could have been so much fun to watch. A slasher film in the most cliché possible way. Done by the book. College students going to on spring break, decide to go to a dark ride as a dare, smoke weed, tell a spooky ghost story about what happened in the dark ride, etc, etc. It starts off cliché but yet it starts off strong. I was intrigued and was drawn in. It was building up extremely well. The actors all did well, the set was very neat (think Child's Play 3 final act) and the antagonist was built up to be a very memorable character.

It all falls in the third act where the slaughter actually begins. The actors seemed to play college students having fun pretty well but being terrified, and running for the lives, a different story. A lot of their emotion seemed fake. There was a scene where it clearly looked like they were trying to run for their lives, but the actual speed that they were walking in, and in the momentary pauses where one would wait for another to go through something were very unconvincing. And the ending was very disappointing. I didn't mind the "twist" but the way they did it almost seemed too obvious, and even then, it didn't really change anything for the better. The twist didn't make anything more sickening, and the way it ended abruptly made it seem like the twist didn't even have enough time to explain itself.

This movie is only for horror movie fans who have nothing to watch. I wouldn't put it on anyone's list of must watch, more of a one watch and your done forever. You could find better.

Hellraiser: Inferno

Performs Well over expectations.
Knowing that this movie was the first of the Hellraiser series to be direct to DVD, I was not expecting much. This broke many of the previous "hellraiser rules". Was there any gore? Yes, but a lot of it was off screen. It might have been to be more suspenseful, but those particular scenes did not work out so well for me, and just seemed like it tried to be cheap. Was any sexuality in it like the usual Hellraiser films...well... barely. Just a few seconds honestly so don't expect that if that's the only reason you watch these films. Another complaint I have are some of the editing choices that were used. Some just seemed a little awkward, or generic at times. I also didn't like some of the some of the supporting actors who were just difficult to believe. Aside from all that bad stuff, there are some redeeming factors that in the end weigh more than the bad stuff. For one, the leading actor is amazing! He performance saves the film on so many levels. Second, the last half was simply shot so beautifully. It made up for many of the awkward scenes in the beginning. Last, but certainly not least were the cenobites.While they may not have been a big a presence for a while, it was just enough for me :D I actually enjoyed them being less here, since it almost made it seem as if the lead was becoming crazy, instead of cursed from Pinhead. The first four Hellraiser films all had a style that sort of bonded them together, and this one breaks off it, yet still holds up well. I recommend this film for all horror movie lovers, and especially to Hellraiser fans. There is no way you should be disappointed in this film, unless your one to simply watch a film for its sex,and gore, and not it's story.


Begins with a bore, ends with a bang :D
I really thought I wouldn't like this movie. The only reason I even gave it a chance was because it was it's distributor's website for free (for a day). The first act simply introduced all the main people, nothing real interesting, except that there's a legend about a girl (wont spoil much) The second act tried to build up suspense by letting a dog become lost, so that the main protagonists attempt to find it. Its when the the second act ends, and the third begins that it actually becomes interesting. Its when the *#@% really hits the fan, and the epic climax comes. Whats makes it even better is how it shows the aftermath with pictures, and a recording. Really creepy, intense stuff. The very last part of it was a So in conclusion, this movie is probably worth watching it once (simply VOD it). I wouldn't buy unless your a hardcore horror fan with a found footage genre sweet spot. Some people will say that its building up suspense, but if so, they did it poorly. Still the climax was amazing. I'd give it 6 out of 10.

Stay Alive

A fun B-movie
Stay Alive is a horror film in where the main gimmick is that there is a video game where if you die in, you die in real life. That seems like it would've been a remake of some obscure Japanese horror flick....well it's not. I feel like this movie got a bad rep because it came out during a time when Hollywood attempted to cash in on PG-13 Horror films. If anyone saw the theatrical version, and the uncut version side by side, you'd know your missing out on a lot. A. Lot. Let me warn everyone first off all. Though this may be a horror film, it's not terrifying at all. There is a sense of dread during the whole film, but no real sense of terror. All in all, this movie is a very fun movie. It's one the most cheesiest horror films I've seen for a while. All the actors play their stereotypical characters perfectly. All the kills are very bloody, though there is a bit of CGI (IF you watched the Uncut version.) The video game scenes are amazing. I kind of wished at times that there would be a few more video games scenes since they were made so well. This movie is a great B-movie. If you like B-movies, then it.


A Solid Indie Horror. (MAJOR SPOILERS)
Broken is an indie film about a woman that's been kidnapped by a mysterious, delusional man. He puts her through a few tests (quite cruel, and torture pornish tests) which she passes. Afterwards she tries to escape, and find out what happened to her daughter. In the end it seems like there's a twisted relationship is going on, it ends with quite a bang.

Broken starts off very intense. With scenes of torture that would make anybody squirm. The torture scenes are actually one of the highlights of the movie. The scene that is being depicted ON the actual DVD cover is quite amazing.

There are really only two actors that the game. The female cast does a really good job of portraying a normal woman that has been unknowingly put into a terrible scene of torture, and emotion abuse. The third act ends with the man catching another woman, and it the main female protagonist has her last chance at escaping.

The male actor on the other hand seems to not be as well written. He does a great job of seemingly doing this for the benefit of his victim, but you don't know why. This guy doesn't seem to have a motive, but while many might find this even more terrifying, I find it a cheap way to get by it.

There are three acts. The first act is the female actor being put through the tests (which I loved, and thought it was brilliant). The second act slows down on the torture, and begins to attempt to develop their characters.

This film is going to be 50/50 on people. I though it had a very creepy atmosphere to it, and the gore was amazing for a low budget. Acting was solid. At times though, it does feel like the biggest thing this film has to offer is it's gore (which many are put off by it, preferring a strong story over gore). Take it or leave it, I'd say it's worth a watch at lest once. Very glad that Dimension Extreme gave this a chance. 7/10

Friday the 13th

One of the Legends of Slasher Films :D
Friday the 13th is a whodunit slasher film where a mysterious killer is going around a supposed haunted camp (Crystal Lake) and killing off the counselors. If it wasn't for Friday the 13th chances are the overpopulation of slasher films wouldn't have been as probable, and THAT deserves respect. It may have the goofy acting that many of them did, but it's still worth watching.There are no memorable characters (unless you count Kevin Bacon, and his "star" appeal). The replayability (if thats a word) is very high. If you watched the uncut version, you know that the ten seconds of extra footage actually helps improve the kills quite a bit. Anyone who enjoys a good slasher should enjoy this one.

Scream 4

Attempts to bring back glory, mostly succeeds
I just finished watching Scream 4 on DVD.

Pros:It has the same smart humor that the first two have.

The kills are way different then in the trilogy due in style. A lot

more in your face. Blood way darker.

Great actors.

First scene was great. Better then Scream 2, and Scream 3, but it

doesn't trump the first one.

Amazing final act. Just as good as Scream 1's third act.

Better than Scream 3.

Cons:Not enough character development on new characters.

Lags a little towards the middle.

Overall, this is a very good movie. Just as good as 2 in my opinion. I highly suggest buying the DVD for the deleted scenes. I love the Scream franchise, and I'm happy that it's still here with style. Brings back a lot of nostalgia.

Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth

Stand Up comedy at it's best
I watch a lot of stand up, and For What It's Worth is one of the few stand up specials that I can watch over, and over again. Dave's jokes are spot on, and can be a great pickup for anybody. From the infamous "Drink" joke, to the hilarious sex jokes near the end, this is one I wish would last longer. Dave Chappelle is one the funniest guys I've seen on the television, and I hope that he continues making specials. I'm sure many people know of him, and we need more of his humor especially after all the years that he's been in retirement. This special is a must watch, it's too funny to tell anyone any of the jokes.


Very Smart, and Intriguing yet still boring at times.
I watched the film today, honestly expecting to see some zombie movie. I was wrong, but it doesn't mean it was a bad movie. I believe this movie has many good things coming for it, yet it is also very flawed.

Pros: -Great Cast, not one single actor screwed at all. -The whole epidemic story is very well thought out. Very realistic. -The whole story hits very close to home, which does make it a little scary.

Cons: -Too many characters, yet no real star, so there was very little character development. Nobody to honestly root for. -Pace was too slow which will put some people off.

For me, the movie was a little bland, but it was still worth watching once. 6 out 10 stars.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Best movie of the 2011 summer.
I saw this film when it first came out, and just now decide to review it. First off, everyone in this movie does an amazing job acting, but the real reason this movie held up so well was all the amazing scenes involving the digital animals. Cesar (the main monkey character) was such an awesome character. You see him as this smart little intelligent monkey grow into a monkey ready to take back what he believes the people of the world owe him. It's a very emotional ride the whole time, and some amazing action sequences.

The only complaint I had in this movie was how the movie ended so suddenly. That could be cause it was so amazing that time went by, OR it could've been that I just wanted to see more action sequences. Either way, I felt like they could've added a little bit more.

Other than that, watch this film. You will love it.

Operazione paura

Intriguing Ghost Story....
I bought a DVD set a while ago that had 13 supposed "cult classics", and overall was hugely disappointed, BUT this was one of the 3 films that I thought was interesting. It had a very intriguing mystery of a village that's supposedly cursed, with young women dying by accident. A coroner travels to the village to do an autopsy on a body, to see if it was an accident, or homicide, and in the end, finds himself in something bigger than he ever imagined.

This was my first time watching a Mario Bava, and I can see why he has been praised countless times. The set of the whole movie was very beautiful, and eerie, with cobwebs everywhere, and a the village sort of resembling a labyrinth. I also realized a lot of red, and green lighting, giving off an evil sort of quality, which made you realize that there was something more than meets the eye. While the story was fascinating, I couldn't help get over the campy dialogue which kind of ruined for me, since I was hoping for a more serious tone. Not to mention that none of the characters seemed likable enough to hope for their survival. Overall though, a fun movie.

ONE MORE THING: I couldn't help but notice that the ghost in this film looked just like the ghost in William Malone's Feardotcom (2002). She even had the SAME WHITE BALL, and there some scenes that involved that white ball bouncing around, JUST LIKE in KILL BABY KILL.....just saying....

Memorial Valley Massacre

SLashers at their WORST!
This film is downright stupid. It has the worst script you could think of, the cheapest effects, the most ANNOYING music EVER!!!!! Yet, I couldn't help but watch this. It was hard not to watch it, and just complain, and laugh the whole time. It's a slasher about a park that's being opened, and apparently some crazy little Tarzan wannabe is killing everybody in the park. While I might not EVER watch this movie again, it was worth watching ONCE. The whole "twist" to the movie is just plain stupid, and not even worth mentioning. Don't watch it alone.....or you'll probably die of boredom. BTW I'm pretty sure that this movie is in public don't even bother buying it!

From Paris with Love

Action Galore!
This movie is so much fun to watch! It's simply John Travolta beating the crap out of this terrorists all while acting extremely over the top. There were so many scenes where I couldn't help but yell "WOAh!" It's a movie worth watching at least once. Especially if you love action movies that simply focus on the action itself (Like me!) While that may be it's biggest strength, it's also it's biggest flaw, since in the end you don't really care for any of the characters (except maybe John himself since he is sooooo frickin awesome in this film). It's story is simplistic, so don't expect any REAL big twists. The only twist in this is kind of predictable, and it could have been emotional....but there isn't any of that character development that I mentioned earlier.'s a great film to watch when your bored....give it a shot :)

La terza madre

Dario Argento.........if he made a ScyFy
now I heard a lot of bad things about this movie, and I heard a lot of good things about this movie. For most Argento fans it was a love it, or hate it. I, Myself, have only watched 4 of his films, a majority being ones that the fans did not like. In my opinion this movie was a fun ride. Nothing serious, and nothing all that scary, but a cheesy cult movie nevertheless. There are plenty of special effects in this film, but many of them give the vibe of an Unrated ScyFy movie, bloody, but silly. There are many cool kills though, such as the beginning where a woman gets her mouth ripped apart. There are some very sexual parts of this movie, which I tend to get a lot of when I'm watching Argento films......I don't really know how to comment on that....The one thing that keeps on giving me chuckles is Asia terrible acting in this film. She's a great actress (especially in Land of the Dead) but in this film, every other line sounds so fake, and forced, I just can't help but Laugh. Another problem I have with this film, is that some of the things that people do here, don't make a lick of sense, and I have to yell out "WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT??!!" Also there is a part of the film where the main character's mother (a spirit) shows up, and communicates with her, and I just have to say....the special effect used during those scenes are eye nauseating. Other than that, this movie is PRETTY BAD, but not in a terrible way. It's one of those SO-Bad-it's-GOOD films, and I would recommend it only to B-movie lovers.

Survival of the Dead

I don't believe that Romero has lost his touch, like others have commented
First off, I would like to say that so far, I have only seen 4 of the 6 current living dead series. I've seen Night, Dawn, Land, and of course, Survival. So far, I've read that everyone hates the social satire behind Survival, the CGI effects, and that it isn't frightening. All of which I mostly believe is bullcrap. The social satire may be a little flimsy, but I think I know where Romero was trying to get to. How there will always be something controversial, and how far people might go for their beliefs. While not the best, it's still decent. The CGI is great in this film. They have some pretty nice kills, such as in the beginning where a soldier gets killed by headshot. At least he doesn't use CGI the whole time. The movie still has fantastic realtime effects with zombie ripping apart people. The part where people don't call this movie frightening is sad. By this day and age, I find it hard for anything to be scary since many people have decided to be all up in our face with scares, blood, and shocking scenes. We've all become accustomed to violence, and supposed "scares".

This movie is pretty decent, and should definitely have a reappraisal.


A Cult Classic!
First off all....I heard great things about this movie right away. I heard it was blood (which is what we all want!), sexy, and action packed. In no way, shape, or form was I disappointed. The actors were all awesome! You couldn't help but want everyone to die! a good way. The horror related jokes were always pleasing. While not laugh out loud funny, it did make me laugh at some of the the things the actors did, that clearly parodied monster movies. For a small budget, the special effects were very well-done. The first-time director had a grindhouse style of directing that I really did like. I recommend this film to all Cult movie lovers!

The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Hmm...what just happened??
First off...let me start by saying...I have yet to see the First Texas chainsaw massacre.....i've seen the second..the remake....this one...and the beginning...sooo right off the bat, I can't completely freak out about this movie. So let's begin. Right off the bat, it looks really good. I could not tell, without looking at the budget, that this movie was made for so low. It starts off promising. 4 high school kids coming from the prom, and they get in an accident. Seems like good ol B-movie horror waiting just come out, right? Then they go look for help (of course!), and that's where the "real" horror begins. You meet the main villain, Vilmer, pretty soon, and you can already tell he's not a nice guy. It really does go well, UNTIL after this one part where a girl gets locked in a freezer. Then it seems to slowly start decaying, and begins to really suck A LOT. Right away, There's no REAL likable characters...not even Leatherface! They are all badly written characters. The main girl is always screaming, The main bad guy is just plain retarded, and Leatherface....well he's just annoying. The part that really gets me, is the tries to be a "plot" twist...but it comes off, and stupid, and not necessary. Either way.....i would simply just watch once....and maybe for a good it with some just start to do the whole's be fun :)

Doragon bôru Z: Sûpâ senshi gekiha! Katsu no wa ore da

Bio-Broly.......more like Diarhea-Broly
The worst of all Broly films......the fights were completely boring...and the way that Broly died was a waste of my time (allergic to water...really?) They shouldn't have even tried to make a film if they weren't going to make a sensible plot. Not to mention that they used some of the most boring characters of Dragon Ball Z.......Trunks, Hercules, Goten, and 18....and 18 gets whupped pretty easily.......don't even bother watching this the second one...and leave it at that....the first two were amazing...the first one had an epic fight with an amazing metal soundtrack that really glued together well, the second one was a really fun movie, that was goofy, but still had a memorable ending. This's boring (even though it's the shortest of them all), and I really feel like they've made Broly the most pathetic villain because of this....DON'T WATCH IT!!

The Quick and the Undead

Not worth your time, even for the biggest zombie lover
I started watching horror movies last year in the beginning of 2009, I found many fun movies (not the best, but worthwhile). I am very easy to amuse, so i even enjoyed films like See No Evil(2006), Wes Craven's Shocker, i even like all the Saw Movies (including 5, which seems to be my second fav...even though it's considered the worst) but when i saw The Quick and the Undead.....i was clearly disappointed. It's basically a western, where zombies are everywhere, and there are bounty hunters that kill them and cash em in for reward....tell that does not sound like a cool movie...but alas this film has the worst dialogue i have ever heard. It was so boring that it came to the point where i just did my household chores, and the movie was still being played....just as background noise. When i come back...the people are in some abandoned house...but it stills doesn't get any better.....if there was any dialogue, acting, or even cool kills, i would recommend it but unfortunately this movie really does blow....I have no problem with low budget movies...but when there's a low budget movie, and it cant make up for it's bad budget with impressive acting, or even good's as good as a paperweight..... Simply throw the movie away.....the DVD case is honestly more useful than the movie...

PS sorry for the bad a noob :)


Where's My CAKE!!!!!!!!!
This is worth whatever you pay!!!! It's like watching a two hour TV show, since there are different stories.

1.Father's Day-The movie start with a big bang. Father's Day is a classic zombie revenge movie, with one of the (at least that's what i thought) funniest lines ever! Where's my cake!!!!

2.The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill-Stephen King acts really stupid in this story,and i just loved every second!!

3.Something to Tide you Over-This one has one my favorite actors ever (Leslie Nielsen), and ever since i saw this, I've never been buried in sand again....

4.The Crate-Of all the stories, this is the most campiest of them. The killer Sasquatch (as i call it) is epic, and just so freaking awesome to see! Not to mention the most bloodiest story of them all.

5.They're Creeping on You-This one freaked out my family the most when they saw. Death by cockroaches is a serious awesome way to die...

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