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Surprisingly watchable
I have to admit, this movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It actually kept my attention all along. It was interesting to see what happens when you have a cocktail of testosterone, drugs, alcohol, the internet, sex and lies and what it led to.

***Spoiler alert***

I would've liked to see what Brennan had been up to, and what he looked like, after all those years. Also, how come the detective did not recognize Brennan, considering he was behind the camera and had a distinctive injury? That made no sense. Besides that, it's worth the watch.

The Drift

A British mess
I was not impressed with this movie. Let's start with the effects. The CGI was mediocre. I've seen better CGI from low budget movies. Not good at all. Then the actors. Oh boy. The captain had absolutely no charisma, he was totally blend. Didn't have the strength and firmness that is required, for his rank. The rest of the actors were a joke. Especially the guy who plays Ace. Pathetic. The only one who was decent was the girl who played Scarlett. Now, the way they shot this movie was annoying. Dark and shaky, you could barely see what was happening at times. And the ending. With the way it ended, I sure hope it doesn't mean that there will be a sequel. PLEASE spare us the agony!

Wrath of the Crows

Could've been more
Hmmm... I'm not sure how I felt about this movie. Original, that's for sure. But, I couldn't help but feel as if the whole movie was dishevelled. I know it was supposed to be a character development but, you had the sense that there were too much of it. It took too long to get to why these people were there. And by the time I got there, I just didn't care much for it. The movie was starting to get on my nerve. And the ending, left a bad taste in my mouth. It felt unfinished. And it's unfortunate. I get where they wanted to go with their idea but, it just fell flat. I wanted to be amazed, and it ended up being "meh". Also, what the heck happened to the first guy?!


Well, where to start? Let's start with the acting. Pathetic, at best. Overacted and fake. Amateurish, high school project rate. The thread of the movie was not woven well at all. It felt disheveled, all over the place. The constant written cues, to explain to us what was going on. Annoying, after a while. ***spoiler alert***

There was almost nothing about the previous exorcism, except for a mere mention about it. You would think that there would be more elaboration about it. Considering that it is the backdrop of the movie. And let's talk about those moments in the movie, when the sound was totally absent. Moments that were crucial, to me. Rubbish. Took away from the feel of it all. And an actor performing an exorcism??? Seriously! And near the end, so stupid and predictable. Why is she turning the night- vision camera on herself instead of her surroundings? Again, stupid. Do not waste your time!

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