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Into the Night

Because the sun wasn't enough.....
The source of life on earth turning against us wasn't enough apparently. Instead of building on that scenario and exploring cause and effect, this digresses to a variety of plotlines. The few people that made it on the plane all have a oneinamillion backstory clearly meant to provide a vehicle for ethic dilemmas. Its a Noahs Ark of cliches. Besides the sick child on his way to surgery, a nurse and a social media influencer, more criminals checked in on this flight than on conair.

For a show with this short a runtime (6 40 min episodes) it takes to many avenues away from the main plot.

Uncut Gems

Great performance... Weirdest music ever
Sandler is doing a great performance, one of his best since punch drunk love. The dynamics makes you feel that you're in the room with him. A genuinely unlikeable personality makes that even more real.

Having said this, the soundtrack is distracting, loud and flat out horrible. I'm sure there is a deeper meaning to it but for me it's got annoying to no end.

Über uns das All

Off center
Although wildly intriguing this movie is unbalanced. A little more thriller and less drama would have done the plot good. It leaves too much of an open ending. Nothing gets resolved. If you're looking for a woman so blown away by unexpected events that she adopts the most unconventional of grieving mechanisms than this film fits the bill. For some reason the marketing and trailer don't convey this and through out one hopes for a little more about the missing cases. Sous les sabre did this very well. To bad, the cast and characters otherwise are excellent.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Astonishing open world, graphics, storyline and quests
I've played this game 3x, and that in my opinion makes me qualified to say that this is, bar none, the best game in a decade. Beautiful created open world, solid storyline and tons of side quests. Its many different skills that need developing make it continuously interesting. Historically accurate to the t., no fantasy - thank God- and still fully engaging and challenging. Cut scenes are breath taking. Storyline and characters are rounded. It brings you a few of the best written game characters ever (My favs beside Henry: Hans Capon and Father Godwin). The love that went into making this game shows everywhere. The alchemy procedures, the tabs with historical stats, the food, learning archery and all medieval weaponry from scratch and the use of Shakespearian English to give it the right feel.

You ask: If this game is so historically accurate, is this game then still hot? It is sexy? Ffffff....yeah! Henry is a humorous likeable hotty with an amazing voice who's character development is convincing and believable. My favourite of Henry's lines?: "My insides are all shrivelled up with the hunger!" and "I would like to use theeeee bathhouses' services...?".

This game is bang for your buck for sure. Get it! But.....Groschen first ("These are harsh times".) If there's a perfect game out there, this is it.

Doctor Foster

Dr Frumpy
I expected a thriller situation, some deep underlying secrets, international intrige and I would have even put up with ' he's a sleeper cell terrorist' but none of this. The Dr is frumpy, needy, sad and a smother to her son. I can see how everyone wants to get away from her. What I not see is a show. If you are looking for some suburban 50 Shades of Boring, this is for you. I gave up after starting the second season. Just felt embarrassed really to watch this.

The Neon Demon

Series of scenes strung together without substance
Mulholland Drive, yes that is what it reminded me of but that was not a good thing. The movie consisted of no story and was mainly a series of scenes that seemed unrelated. The same here, Elle Fanning is sweet but not convincing as a stunning mesmerizing model threatening her surrounding with her beauty. The soundtrack consisting of throbbing bass, twinkly sounds and industrial metal clanging would make this series of impressions suitable as a music video. If any review needs 4 paragraphs of 20 lines each to explain why this is a new exploratory piece of art it probably isn't that good. Unless you were born in 1996 and missed the entire Lynch area and Scandinavian dark cinema this can be thought provoking. I still keep it open that this could be a spoof with all the caricatures and cliché depictions of the fashion industry. Not impressed.

A Hologram for the King

Tender drama with great performances
Expecting a middle of the road comedy but it turned out to be almost an coming of age drama, for 50 something's.

Hanks is formidable as a man who failed against his will. Only at the end I found out this to be a Tom Tykwer movie and I have been a follower of

his work since Lola Rennt. The story moves slowly but steadily zeroing in on Hanks as a burned out salesman but more so as a lovable endearing character finding a new purpose in an unfamiliar place.

It has a lot more layers than appears at first and I might watch it again.

Into the Forest

In a post apocalyptic scenario your biggest concern is.....Mold
If Teen Vogue made a remake of Temps Du Loup, this is what it would look like. It's not bad but for an connaisseur of dystopian & post apocalyptic fiction I tell you this will not be a classic. For a film about two sisters, one Lycra clad and fashionable, the other boyish living in a glass house in a forest in the midst of a disaster of world wide proportions the film is lacking the sense of emergency and impending doom you would expect in this scenario. When disaster hits one has major issues to solve (like bickering about music, ballet audits and mold) before even finding out what kind of disaster has occurred. After fighting off intruders, living on rations for months you know what will finally drive you out? Mold!


Insult-iant or how moisture wicking sports gear saves worlds
In a world barely surviving apocalyptic devastation.....a society thriving on it's last technology.......a planet dry and apparently is able to still produce a surplus of Dry Fit Moisture Wicking sports Gear in the crisps of white.

While NO story unfolds the mind just wanders off how this logistically is even possible.

If you are over 12, and intellectually on full capacity then there is nothing to get from this tediously sentimental story. It's just heavy duty to write 10 lines about this entire franchise except that I would like to have the tops for my next yoga class.

Angie Tribeca

Female Frank Drebbin
If you didn't grow up in the 90s with PoliceSquad and Naked Gun this might be new and innovative. It's so close

to both that I suspect a tribute more than a knock off. The deadpan humour still works. Maybe not material to fill 10 seasons; it definitely is a good laugh.

Jones will always be hilarious. The drawback of these kind of shows is that the style becomes a one trick pony of situational humour and word games. Once you figured it out it becomes predictable. Until then it is absolutely still worth it as a 80ies tribute.

Having had my share of Flying high, naked gun and police Squad it's a little too obvious.

How to Save Us

Very original concept, material for a blockbuster.
This is by no means a bad Bmovie.

It's very good for what it is, a low budget mystery.

What's with the hating on this film? If you need a reference, it's more Lost than a Walking dead action flick and it relies mostly on little dialogue, scenic shots and suspense which is good because the casts acting talents are a little cringe worthy.

I was oddly drawn in by the story line and the original concept. If you are looking for a high paced scream fest, than this is not for you. If a enticing original story is this is absolutely a very original concept and I can see someone picking this up in the future with a blockbuster high budget, Fassbender featured, remake. Mark my words, I could be very right.


Just because it happened to people doesn't make it good movie
The first 45 min are not bad. It gives idea of the claustrophobic situation and the desperation of it, although very little. After the escape (hello! No spoiler, it's in the description the movie) the story becomes unbalanced and drags on as a lifetime drama. Nothing about the investigation. Just many scenes of getting back into the real life and mundane grievances. The narration by a boy who is far too old to be a 5 year old is about as irritating as it can get, but I can cut some slack with American child labor regulations. The story is rather flat, in dialogue, in relationships, in story line. Horrible what happened to victims like kampusch but that fact just isn't enough to make this particular one Oscar material. It certainly doesn't compensate for poor directing and flat writing. Not impressed.

Flesh and Bone

Another Ballet Cliché
After 2 episodes I was already bored with this plot less cliché dancing Bambi drama. Every single cliché is milked to the t. Small town girl runs off to the city, angry flamboyant gay ballet director, bitchy dancers, Russian dance teacher holding a pooch, slutty room mate, innocent doe-eyed protagonist,French sexy 50 something wealthy benefactor. It has no end.Even the dance company is called American Ballet Company. ABC... Really?

There is no story here except the Cinderella one for teens except that it wasn't meant for that audience per se.

Would surprise me if there was a second season, but then again Vampire diaries has 4 and Smallville keeps going for ever and Pretty little liars never stops.

The Affair

Entertaining 1st season, drags on into the second. Chick series
Lots of promising plot lines. Majorly aiming at women, hence my disappointment because I got a little more than bored when the crime mystery took a back seat to steamy love scenes and jealous wives. Young woman with little prospects falls for narcissistic writer with 4 kids and a wealthy wife he lives off. That could have been a classic and I did enjoy the first 10 episodes until it was mostly the misunderstood writer and his hot waitress girlfriend getting into long dialogue about commitment. Half way season 2 instead of a criminal court case its custody battles. Too much Days Of Our Lives and too little Twin Peaks or The Bridge or what have you, where a small town is the back drop for insidious crimes and secrets. This is not it. Ps: when we hear parts of his books, he is more of a cheap romance novel writer than literature. Very unbelievable.

You're the Worst

Comedy with sincerity tanking in season 3
The first time I watched this I thought it just to be hilarious. Watching almost two seasons now I find some aspects of it extremely sincere and mature. Geere and Cash are endearing as a couple but YTW relies most, if not entirely, on the Gretchen character and Aya Cash's performance. If she was not personifying Gretchen this entire show would be missing almost all depth. The supporting cast is of far less importance and basically are caricatures. It seems like this was deliberate to keep the focus on Geere/Cash and not digress into a Friends like scenario. It s absolutely one of the best shows I have ever seen with the most lovable on screen couple ever. Update: Season 3 is tanking this one for me, the main reason for it is the up playing of Donahue. Her pouting wining character is becoming quite a bore and highly irritating.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Spoiled entitled housewife dupes goofball husband
Am I the only one that suspects Ranaut wasn't born in 1987? She looks old and tired in this pretentious mess.Maybe because her character Tanu is a demanding shreeky entitled spoiled housewife who not only leaves her friendly doofus husband for no good reason but gets him admitted to a psych ward. She then goes back home to party it up with her sleazy neighbour and offend her family out of ...who knows...spite. This unlikeable character can hardly pull this movie past the midline. Then we have another hour to go with unlikely off the wall plots. You can stop rubbing your palms together if you're thinking that this would lead to some major comedy or twist doesn't. Ranaut was okay in the first edition of what I might hope is NOT going to be a franchise, with her rebellion against her upcoming arranged marriage. The sequel should not have been made.


Story line fizzles out, waste of Pearces talent
Pearce is phenomenal, as always, If it wasn't for him there was nothing to review. It is not the lack of talent but a dwindling obvious storyline. Smulders character is rather irritating. Her confrontational whimsical personality does not at all gel on screen with Pearce. Smulders plays her part without any subtlety in a storyline that relies on small developments. I get that this is the whole plot line, contradicting personalities etc, but it moves along choppy and forcefully in an effort to match Smulders and Pearce together.The part with the client could have been more useful but it became rather redundant.


Funny only the 1st 20 min
Tilda Swinton is phenomenal....and with that I have summarized all the strong points of this movie. Amy Schumer is somewhat funny in the first 20 minutes but that dives steeply when the story becomes a sappy romance movie with 90ies narrative in the second half. Close to the ending this 2+ hours dragon features about 30 minutes too much of schmaltz and clichés. It gets tedious watching it dragging on to the point where embarrassing bad fetish sex scenes and cheerleader performances are killing the last of what could have been good. There is nothing special about this movie and I was rather disappointed, trailer was promising and the general rating of 7.5 on IMDb at the time was pretty good. Not recommending this. Tilda is hilarious though, watch the first half and hour, then just turn it off.

Return to Sender

Uneventful, boring movie with great wardrobe choices
Second all of the above, boring, illogical, aimless. I came with low expectations and left disappointed.For a second I thought it might explore the situation where she developed real feelings for the attacker (Lars von Trier style) or some other plot twist. Although it is horrible what happens to the protagonist, you kind of feel detached at some point when she executes on a lengthy plan to get her revenge. It is a waste of Pikes talent. When I started to take more interest in the selection of cute summer dresses Pike was wearing I knew the story was lost on me. Do not bother with this movie, there are equally good dresses to see on pinterest without having to sit through this disappointing drama.


An alternative ending...
This movie is not using it's full potential. Where there are almost endless chances for major cluster comedy and hilarious screwball scenarios it stays timid. A little out of sync here, a little tension when a journalist finds out the truth there, a little conflict but it ends there. Beautiful concepts that did not follow through. The storyline contains many forceful unnatural conflicts. It would have been so much more fun to have Shamitabh team up together whole heartily to make this voice double thing work.Instead Bachchan's character is forced to sabotage his own chance of success. However the worst is the abrupt, over dramatic misplaced ending of this film. How have they missed a brilliant comedic ending? If Danush lacks charisma or if the storyline didn't provide the opportunity is hard to tell but he fails to be convincing in his role as new mega movie star. Obviously Bachchan is a god and even in this uneventful script he does nothing less then a great performance.


Psychological drama that leaves you hanging
After their free spirited, too mature for her age and nubile daughter Lily (a walking Lolita cliché) takes off with her brother into the desert the already unstable marriage falls prey to resurfacing old resentment. Nobody in the small sleepy outback town knows where she has disappeared off too yet many seem to have had some involvement. As the movie progresses we see the mother (Kidman) fall further in desperation induced mental frailty while dad (Fiennes) holds her responsible for their daughters 'adventurous nature' so to speak. Although it starts off well with what seems to be a wholesome plot, either a mystery or a psychological thriller, it lingers and resumes in exploring the relationship between mainly the parents and the towns people. Some over-dramatization doesn't do the plot any good and by the end it leaves you hanging. It lacks a firm direction and goes on tangents instead, many scenic shots, dramatic outburst and at last an unsatisfactory ending. It is the indecisiveness that irritates. When presenting a strong leading plot line it needs to be followed through, at least partly. Fiennes and Kidmans' performances are impeccable despite the failing script.


Predictable slasher film with a stylish cover
Maybe because it's a foreign film (only Americans classify anything non- US as such) it looks more than it is but this highly predictable plot drags for too long and shortly after about 1/3 it is very obvious where it is going. Stuck between Misery and Psycho, this movie doesn't have much else to offer. Hoping it would go somewhere I watched to the end but particularly the last 20 minutes were just hard to sit through. Clichés galore and some of the most irritating, like dragging a wounded person lying on your back. Come on, just get up, grab them under the armpits and schlep them away. It could have done a lot more with just suspense and less gore.

No Way Jose

Goldberg delivers with a great cast and a few true gems
Jose lacks purpose and never committed himself fully to anything. He is singer in a band, Jose and the Joses, that plays at children birthday parties but refuses to write children's songs for example. He still borrows money from his sister who made moderate fame with You Tube make-up tutorials. When the real motives behind his name change to Jose come out and break up his relationship he has to re-evaluate his life. The movie works as an underdog character piece with pointy dialogue. It reminds slightly of Greenberg although less strong and slightly listless in it's execution. The performance of the cast alone is worth it though. O'Reilly and Goldberg deliver as a couple so do Siegel and Belknap as supportive friends. Being mediocre, it still has some true gems. Band membermGabe losing himself in solo is touching and Jose's conversation with his sister summer are truly phenomenal moments to name a few.

Danny Collins

10 for Al Pacino, 3 for the script
After getting a scribble from John Lennon an ageing rock star - he is more like a TomJones- sets things right. I hoped for a This must be The Place but it is not anywhere close. Really, another rock star getting in touch with his lost son, seriously. Nothing about this celebrity feel good movie is only remotely new or interesting. Al Pacino is far too fabulous for this part and the story is by far too sweet and full, to the brim, with clichés. It must have been a xmas movie. It also features the most irritating child since Makauley Culkin in Home Alone. I watched Manglehorn earlier this weeks which rates about 2 full points lower but is about 150% better. It is not Pacinos fault, the man is a god and he would rock even in an airline safety video. I give it a 10 for Pacino but a 3 for the script.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Rather great adaptation of an Urban Legend
The story does not need a lot of explaining really, the theme of desperation and utter loneliness just blasts of the screen from the start and the impending doom is almost palpable. Detached from her surroundings Tokyo office worker Kumiko's only connection are pet bunny Zunko and an overbearing selfish mother. Her isolation is almost by choice although it does not help her being depressed and slightly social awkward. An old acquaintances forceful attempt for a coffee meet up is met with her flight from the scene. A trip to the US, almost on an impulse, is a last desperate attempt to find solace from the slow death that is her current life from which she does not seem to have other ways to escape. Beautifully shot and with a slow but determined pacing.

Based on the unfortunate demise of laid off office worker Takako Konishi who committed suicide in the fields of Bismarck where she had visited before with her former lover. (The Fargo story was a misunderstanding leading to misguided media coverage.) Excellent.

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