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  • Warning: Spoilers
    As any fan of the show.. a show that was a part of our lives for so long and had a great impact and created unbreakable bonds and connections with the characters... I was waiting for this for so long but I was a litt disappointed by this episode. The only reason I was so happy watching it is that they made us happy for more than 10 years and even until now, so it's ok if we watch a couple of hours of them being happy (if they were).

    I was honestly expecting an episode after 17 years to show us like what they were doing with their lives and how they are now or something like that.. a scripted episode was gonna be a loooot better than just a talk show.

    1. I thought thr host was not the best choice. He is nkt related to the show whatsoever with overly exaggerated reactions.

    2. The stars they brought into the show were irrelevant (although I love them all) lol David Beckham, Kit Harrington, Cindy Crawford, etc... but they were here for no reason.

    3. They missed many of the actors (important ones) like Mike, Ben, Suzan, etc... but again maybe they tried but the others couldn't... Who knows.

    4. Actors: Although I LOVE her, but Jennifer Anniston seemed to be over reacting and trying to catch the spotlight all the time. Her reactions and gestures did not feel anything close to genuineness. Second to her was Courtney Cox. Maybe the Botox and the Fillers got in my way of judgement also lol.

    Lisa Kudrow and Mat leBlanc were for me the most Authentic and sencere.. both also aged naturally and no annoying needle effect like Jen and CC David Schwimmer was also a bit natural and not over reacting like Jennifer and Courtney were.

    Mathew Perry looked tired.. his interaction was so limited and his engagement and throwing jokes was minimal. I really hope he's ok but he just didn't feel very comfortable. He's one of my favorite characters. I hope he's alright.

    5. Lastly, the nostalgia I felt there and the reminiscent state of mind they put us at was worth it and worth watching for sure. I mean I'd definitely rather watch the show again than repeat this one.. but it was an overall good experience.

    What I really remember now since watching it yesterday is Phoebe's famous "MY EYES MY EYES" that was hilarious to watch it again.. Ross redoing his lines as if it was still running.. and the moment that Courtney Cox said we will never be in the same room again in 15 years made everyone weeeeep like babies. It was very touching moment.

    Thank you FRIENDS!! And Goodbye!
  • DC people, can you please stop doing these really weird movies? In a Batman movie, we expect to see Batman lol. Where is Batman in the movie? Batman is treated like a low class hero! The movie (as a movie)is not bad, I would watch it, but it shouldn't be called Batman at all.. It should be Soul of the Dragon and hey by the way Batman will appear for like a few minutes. Such a shame.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought the movie is great for a fan made unofficial movie. Batman looks great (although maybe he should be a bit less angry while talking and be a bit more self-controlled and calmer with a poker face). His voice is really accurate and his dark look looks really good. I really liked the Batman symbol, it's different and looks dark. Also how he used the scanner like in Arkham series was really cool. The Joker is acceptable - I mean after Jack Nicolson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Jaquin Phoenix, it's VERY hard to compete... However, he's not great and not bad. Probably one of the very good ones after these pre-mentioned 4. His voice is really good, facial expressions are also good, but his body movements and overall acting is not the best. Mr. Freeze, IVY and Harley Quinn look like they can be really good (although too little screen time). Other characters are ok... not so bad.. except also for killer crocs who -and I agree with one of the reviewers- could've just shown his hand because his face looks like a rubber Halloween costume. For whatever budget they had... everything else is great... the music, the scenes, the set up, the CGI, the cinematography, the customs, etc... What I didn't like about it is that the dialogues are way too long (almost 10 minutes which is half the movie between Batman and Joker only) with nothing to really remember (agree also with one of the reviewers).. there's no master scene that you could really recall. The plot is very monotonic and simple.

    Great great work!!! Shout out to Bat in The Sun... I am pretty sure if you have more budget, you'll do amazing movies.
  • Although there are a lot of incorrect and inaccurate things in the movie (like the hair colors for example) and the Trunks actor is not so great honestly, this movie is WAAAAAAY BETTER than the sh*** movie evolution. I mean imagine if these guys have a hollywood like budget, what can they come up with? It's very well understood that a fan made movie with low budgets would not have an AMAZING CGI and animations, but for what they had and probably with their experience, this is incredible! Shout out to the team who made this! You guys are awesome!
  • The movie was emotionless, very monotonic, the dialogue is really bad, and the script in general was very boring. I honestly didn't know there was an original novel from which this movie was inspired. Despite the fact that I disagree to watch an animated movie about superheroes much involved into "politics"; I like the idea of having to see Superman being born somewhere else on earth, but I am betting that the novel was a lot better than this movie. I DO NOT RECOMMEND watching this movie.
  • What an emotionless, flat, monotonic, expressionless, terrible, and boring remake! Who cast those people lol? How can they be so flat? Ok now maybe people will disagree with me because it's "realistic" animation or whatever, but could you give them a bit of facial expressions and body language? I felt like I'm watching a muppet show with better graphics.. or like talking stuffed animals. I like the idea that they didn't change anything in the movie, like the story like, dialogues, and scenes were almost the same BUT MAAAAAAAAN!!!! I really don't know what to say!! It's just so boring and a disgrace to the original. The same as they did with Aladdin. The movie is just terrible!! Way to ruin one of my favorite movies of all time!
  • Aladdin 1992 was one of the best movies ever created by Disney. This remake however, is a total disappointment. Honestly, if Will Smith wasn't in the movie I'd EASILY rate it less than 4 I gave 1 start for the visuals 1 star for some recreated moments in the movie 2 starts for Will Smith Although he -for sure- did not mirror the performance of Robin Williams, which is understandable, his performance wasn't bad at all.. Some moments I felt like NOOOO where's R Williams? Especially in the cave scene. Mena and Naomi were not so bad as a cast, but Mena did not impersonate Aladdin so well, and the characters did not have any kind of chemistry on screen. Maybe this was due to the awful Dialogue written by the writers. Overall, the cast is bad (especially jafar and the sultan) the scenes are so rushed, dialogue is terrible, and I thought the costumes were not so great (Especially Jasmine's). When you want to make something different (as not to mirror the original movie which is kind of hard to do) try to make it better... but this is just total disappointment. I have to watch the original Aladdin just to wipe that awful memory from my brain.
  • If you're like 10 years old you'll love it. Otherwise, meeeeh. You can watch it while doing other stuff.
  • The only reason I'm giving this movie a 9 not a 10 is because I personally didn't like the pig that much, it's also a bit predictable and I'm into twisted movies lol. So this is more of a personal opinion. Other than that I LOVED the movie in all its aspects. Very nice plot, dialogue, cinematography, direction, animation, drawings and design, music, characters buildups, story line, and basically everything about it was Awesome!!! This is one of the best superhero animated movies ever made.
  • Bad Acting Terrible Casting Awful storyline Horrible Filming Pitiful fighting scenes Rediculous Achilles Laughable plot Boring dialogue Pathetic production

    Absolutely nothing good about the show. Even though I read the reviews after 3 episodes, I decided to continue and see why is it so terrible, and it delivered. I tried as hard as I can to find anything good about it but I constantly failed. I can't even begin to write what's wrong about the show because there's nothing right. I love the story The Iliad... but this show has successfully ruined every part of it. Even the most iconic scenes qre laughable. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SHOW
  • The characters are unbelievably boring, uninteresting, not built up enough. The plot is so bad, the script is terribly poor, and the excitement and suspense are almost 100% absent. It's very predictable in a very boring way. It's a shame to see all those good characters in such a bad movie. Although in my opinion Anne Hathaway gives a splint-big of excitement to the movie, and the actresses are not bad in general, it seems that the production as a whole including music, cinematography, direction, script writing, and plot in general really gave those good actresses a chance to show what they can do. REALLY not worth watching