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Bizarre E.R.

The best ER show ever
Does exactly what it says on the tin. A show about ER, the medical staff and the progress of the patient through his/her treatment. No boring, endless interviews about patients life story, just a true reflection of what goes on in an ER. The presenter has a good sense of humour which I think helps the show along.

Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): The House on Haunted Hill
Episode 9, Season 1

Great Episode of a Great Show
This is one of the best of the series, even though Annette Andre is missing. She is replaced here by Judith Arthy who plays her sister in the series. An absolute landmark show of the sixties/early 1970 which was ahead of its time. I am amazed that only 2 series were made, given the excellent chemistry between the regular actors. Also interesting in some of the shows to get a glimpse of what London was like in the 1960s. Highly recommended.

The Wicked Lady

Super Period Romp
An excellent version of the story. Really sumptuous sets and an outstanding performance from Sir John Gielgud as the puritanical butler. A really great supporting cast including Joan Hickson, Glynis Barber. The interiors are excellent and no expense seems to have been spared on the period detail. But the outstanding role in this film belongs to Sir John who plays his lurking, censorious butler with a light, almost humorous touch. Highly recommended for fans of period drama.

The Avengers: The Town of No Return
Episode 1, Season 4

Great Atmosphere and outlandish plot - typical Avengers!
The black and white aspect of this episode helps it to maintain its dark and sinister feel. First episode with Diana Ring and one of the best.

The Avengers: Escape in Time
Episode 3, Season 5

This is what makes the Avengers a show Aahead of its time
Great atmosphere and zany plot devices are what make this the quintessential Avengers episode. Completely nonsensical of course but riveting nonetheless. One of the best of the Avengers from the 1960s.

Most Haunted

Great Fun Even for Those of a Scientific Disposition!!!
I only started watching this series a few weeks ago and am now hooked. Not for the scientific investigation of ghosts, but for the fun/entertainment value. Unfortunately I understand that the show been shelved for the time being, but I am hopeful of a new series soon.

The first episode I saw was the Tivoli Venue in Buckley with 3 new cast members. I don't know why but as a scientist and total sceptic I shouldn't really entertain this series, but I enjoy the picturesque and sometimes obscure locations chosen. Often the show goes to parts of properties not normally seen by the public. The cast do try to generate some scare factor and they do have the right personalities for this show.

Although the show has got a ten from me, I think there are ways that could improve the entertainment value, even if it is only to introduce variety into the format. One is to reintroduce the room layout animation that was used in the 2005 series so that you could follow where the cast are. Second, carry out the initial walk through with Glen without interruptions from noises etc and at least cover all of the areas that are to be included in the investigation. Third, avoid 'lone vigils', as it seems difficult to generate much scare when the investigations are done alone. Fourth, have more of Fred and his demonology/incantations. Fifth, use more 'technology' (laser beams, ghost boxes etc). Although probably meaningless as scientific methods, it is entertaining to watch them in use and it does give the show a veneer of scientific credibility. And finally the show could use some female leads as it did in the past, as the show is a bit male heavy at present.

Great show and I am looking forward to a new series in 2020 (Covid permitting, of course)

Scream... and Die!

Superb Atmospheric Chiller in the Mould of 'Vampyres'
Great film by Larraz following on from Vampires of the previous year. Simple yet effective story lent credibility by the excellent settings and atmosphere created by the director. Highly recommended, particularly for followers of the 70s slasher genre, although the thrills here are generated by the fog and the dark houses rather than the body count.

Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove

Good effects, amusing story
This film was great fun. Some of the special effect were very effective and unusual. Some were CGI but not overdone to the point of making them obvious. Highly recommended if fun horror is your bag.

The Reverend

Great entertainment
I got this from Poundland and was initially put off by the fact that there were some well known actors in it. Let me explain: I am into low budget Uk slasher type horror and famous faces tend not to be in the type of film I like. That said, the fact that it had Emily Booth in it was enough (and the price, £1) to persuade me to buy it. It was well worth it. Luckily RH and DB were in it only briefly. Whilst the story wasn't that original, it was well done, without that much gore. EB played a convincing and beautiful prostitute, why she doesn't do more films is a bit of a puzzle to me. The relationship between the rev and her was realistic and above what you might expect from a film of this type. The film had a good atmosphere and all the actors put in good performances. On the basis of this film I will check out more of Neil Jones's work. Recommended.


Well worth seeking out
Actually this was a good film, in spite of what you will read in some of the reviews. I didn't like the setting, as I think British horror should be set in the UK. The Spanish setting just somehow didn't give a frightening backdrop to the film. That said, there was genuine tension in the film and the kills were good. Contained the usual partial kill of the main protagonist followed by an amazing resurrection (this always gets on my wick, but it goes with the territory). There was lot of nudity throughout. Natalia Celino is hot and underrated as an actress. Her role here was not helped by some inane dialogue at what was supposed to be a tender erotic moment. I think the Brazilian lead has potential to be a very convincing horror actress in spite of the rather heavy accent. All in all a good film and one which is well worth seeking out. Currently on at Poundland (for a pound, surprise surprise),along with some other low budget efforts.


Superb atmospheric thriller
This is quite simply the most atmospheric film I have ever seen. It is set in absolutely beautiful Essex countryside and the film certainly makes the most of this. The Georgian farmhouse of the title is also stunning and added greatly to the sense of isolation and suspense that this film contained in bucket-loads. All the main cast were very convincing with Linda Hayden being particularly impressive as the psychotic wife of Simon Hindstatt who was driven to topping himself by Paul Martin (Udo Kier), who Linda targets to get even. Even the supporting cast were impressive. I thought that Patsy Smart played the busybody housekeeper to perfection and some of her scenes are the most entertaining in the film. Her constant references to 'the Commander and Mrs Percival' had me in stitches. Even the gardener appeared 'sinister' even though all he did was dig the garden!!! What was also surprising was the effectiveness of the flashbacks and dream sequences. Apparently they were added as an afterthought when it turned out that the film was too short on the first cut. Actually they are very creepy and add to the atmosphere of the film. It was all about camera angles and timing. Obviously a low budget film, which probably helped them makers knowing that they had to rely on creating atmosphere and good performances from the actors rather than CGI or other fancy and costly effects. Great cult film which I recommend highly.

Ed Sullivan Presents: The Beatles

The Greatest Act Ever
This is an amazing experience; getting a taster of the hysteria and sheer power of a live Beatles performance. The first number 'All my loving' was an historical moment and it appeared so. The audience went bananas and their background screaming was a perfect accompaniment to the music (the DVD gets a good balance; you can hear the music and the audience in the background). Pauls bass is amazing; he plays without looking at the fretboard at any time.

The first Beatles performance was followed by a magician in a tuxedo doing a card trick. The dead silence which accompanied his act was made only slightly less embarrassing by the fact that it was taped and not live. The Oliver kids and Georgia Brown were good and genuinely appreciated by the audience.

What also was fascinating is the effect on the careers of some of the other acts. McCall and Brill had particular cause to be miffed, being slated to appear right before the final Beatle slot. They, in their own words, bombed (I thought they were OK actually, given the circumstances). Anyway they recovered and made solid showbiz careers. They said later that they were in the midst of greatness......

This is an amazing set and highly recommended.

Fist of the Vampire

Cracking Watch
Killerwolf films get better and better.

Really good flick and somewhat dark in character. All well filmed and acted with no obvious production issues. Lots of CGI in this case. Not really my scene, but not overdone and appropriate to the setting. And lots and lots of martial stuff which I do enjoy and these scenes were very well done and choreographed. The fight scene on the beach was very realistic and violent at the same time. Thought the scene with the coffin in the shop was very well done with a real air of creepiness. A few zombies here and there (of course) would have made it perfect for me but can't complain about the amount of action in this film. Perhaps the gore could have been a bit more realistic in some cases. Production values again continue to improve and surely no one can complain about the technical aspects of the film. The cast also were good and convincing in their roles so good value given by all. Best wishes to all on this film from British fan. Cheers D.

Wendigo: Bound by Blood

Great Stuff
A really unusual offering from Killerwolf in that it was set in winter. Really creepy throughout with good advantage taken of the eeriness of the snow bound landscapes. There were several interweaving plots which made it complicated, but the director succeeded in bringing them together to keep us on the edge of our seats. Not too many special effects, and what there was was well done. No issues with production values which were sound throughout. I am sure that these flicks would be better on film, so it is a tribute to the skills of the cast and technical crew that they managed to entertain me enough that I wasn't distracted by the empty echo quality of video. Good acting throughout and all contributed solid performances. Carry on the good work.

Warriors of the Apocalypse

Good Stuff
I love Killerwolf films and this one was long awaited due to editing issues apparently.

Anyway I wasn't disappointed. Good action, great looking warriors (particularly Amara Offhaus) and plenty of suspense. Most of the usual KW cast present as well which makes for continuity. It almost seems like the cast and crew make this a family effort!

This one needed zombies in it really. A cross between Swamp Zombies and W of the A would have been amazing. Not sure about the special effects overall. A trifle ambitious in some cases which weren't really needed and for me didn't come off (particularly the big explosion) but I'm quibbling now. Also a bit short on gore for me (hence the username...). Acting was consistently good and production values continue to improve from their earlier films

Again a good effort and well worth finding, although not easy in the UK to get hold of these films at a good rate.

Curse of the Wolf

I liked it.
A great follow up to Swamp Zombies. Really spirited effort and again with lots of arse kicking in the form of martial arts. Some good music again following on from Swamp Zombies (Victoria Galinsky inspired...) Can't stop singing Cat Lady, just one tune from several good themes in the film. Going dutch tonight was another. Loved the scene with BH's underpants... The sense of humour in these films is very fetching and add light and shade to what could have been a rather sombre tale. Acting OK, camera work OK and production values generally OK. Would help if this could have been shot on film rather than video, but given the budget I suppose that was not possible. Keep up the good work.

Skull Forest

OK Flick
Being a big fan of Killerwolf films, I took the trouble to get this from the US.

The flick was OK, but was mainly a retake on the hiking trip turns into massacre story. At least the hikers were easy on the eye and could act well. The story had somewhat of a tame ending. It was also a bit short on martial arts compared with their other films, although some might prefer that and the producers may just be responding to the other reviewers who don't like a kick-fest. Contains an interesting 'rising from the dead' with rather a lot of nakedness from Sarah Brooks. In fact there was a lot of nakedness overall for this type of film. Bizarre, but fun. The settings were good (are these the same woods as used for Swamp Zombies?). Production values good and gore and special effects convincing. The arrow scene I particularly liked.

I still think Swamp Zombies was their best film. OK I know I am in the minority, but that had a charm of its own. I'm still waiting for Swamp Zombies 2.......

Overall, an good film worth seeking out, although not their best title so far (I have the lot). Does anyone know what happened to Bridal Party Massacre and the Ninja film of theirs? Looking forward to Blood Mercury. Cheers. UK Zombie


Greatest Zombie Flick Ever.
This is an amazing film. The best zombie flick ever without a doubt in my view.

Absolutely brilliant special effects which belie the apparently low budget of this film. The effects are really the outstanding aspect of this production. Also the creepy music contributes greatly to the atmosphere, along with slow moving zombies. And it is desolate, creepy atmosphere that really makes this film/

Very traditional storyline with the usual script vehicles; isolated farmhouse, suspended teen logic, drunken party, nudity. Oh yes and plenty of gore and guts. Fun cast which is just right for this type of flick. No extended dialogue sequences just good old fashioned action.

Has a great 80's feel to it (love the big hair!!!). Cant' stop watching it. HIghly recommended to all hardcore zombie fans. This is a true 'cult' flick if ever I saw one.

When is Flesheater 2 due out....?

Swamp Zombies!!!

Enjoyable film
I thought that Swamp Zombies was a very enjoyable film, particularly given the reported budget and the mainly first time actors in it. Nice to see a film without CGI for a change. Enjoyed this one as much as 'Flesheater' and 'Dawn of the Dead', the two greatest zombie flicks ever made in my opinion.

Fast moving with good and realistic fight scenes and plenty of tongue in cheek humour. Zombies were of the Romeroesque type which means it will appeal to traditional zombie genre enthusiasts. There were some technical flaws (mainly extraneous background noise), but for me, these minor shortcomings were made up for by a good story and enthusiasm from the cast.

Well done to all on Swamp Zombies for this promising first time effort.

One question for the director: Apparently the initial cut was 3hrs in length. How do we get our hands on the deleted 1hr?

Cheers Dunc

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