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Very slow movie. Nothing happens for the first 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Never wrote a bad review but this movie was so disappointing. Remember Seinfeld was about nothing? This movie is also about nothing. They can't make up their minds if it's a romantic story with a daughter in trouble or a daughter in trouble movie with a romantic side. It's depressing. No visuals. The whole time I'm waiting for the plane to take off and it just stays on the runway until about 1 hour and 40 minutes later something happens finally for about 3 minutes. That's how long it took for the plane to take off. Then you can't wait for the plane to land and end the misery.

The Summit

Starts with one event and seamlessly transitions to another event
Don't blink or you won't know when the movie changed stories. It's like you thought you were watching the Poseidon Adventure and suddenly you are watching the Titanic.

The Queen's Gambit

If you are looking to be entertained for 7 hours straight...this is the one.
In one sitting I saw all 7 episodes. It's a very entertaining story. It has a little bit of everything in it. Very believable. Isla Johnston who portrays the younger Beth does an incredible job as well as Anya Taylor-Joy. I was afraid it was going to be yet another half fast cheap low budget Netflix series that you have to stop watching after 30 minutes. This was one of the good ones.

El desorden que dejas

I gave it a 10 because it kept me entertained till the last second.
Sure, the age of the students was a bit unrealistic and someone commented that this story of students being unruly and disrespectful in school doesn't happen in real life. Well, yes it does. The story was full of twists and turns and kept me entertained. It was hard to guess who the culprit was. I saw the whole series in one night. I wanted to be fully entertained and it did the job. All the main characters acted well and were very believable. I recommend it. In one sentence...a new teacher in a small town becomes the detective before she becomes the next victim.

The Boys in the Band

So disappointing. Don't bother.
Such great talent and such a boring movie. Just a bunch of guys throwing attitude at each other. You couldn't make a feel good movie with all these wonderful gay actors? Why not a positive movie where gay guys look good. In the real world I wouldn't be friends with these guys.

Strange But True

Much better than the bad reviews I read before watching it.
It's very believable. It's a situation that is plausible. It kept me entertained throughout the movie. I don't understand the bad reviews. Now I know not to believe the reviews. I was looking to be entertained and I was entertained.


Kept me entertained. I enjoyed it.
I am shocked at the negative reviews. This was an 8 episode series. It means it will take 8 episodes to figure out who killed who and get all the answers. In the meantime it's full of twists and turns. I was never bored. It served its purpose of keeping me entertained.


What a pleasant surprise. VERY ENTERTAINING.
I read the reviews first and mainly read the negative and low rated reviews. I started watching the movie with a negative feeling that I also wouldn't like the movie...but from the very beginning it was entertaining. The parts where he was a boy were really good. I did enjoy how they play his music during the various scenes. I must say it served its purpose. I was very entertained. Very informative. You see his struggles and success. I personally met him a couple of times as I lived in Atlanta and attended several of his big fundraising gay parties. Great job by the main actors Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell. I was shocked that Bryce Dallas Howard is the same actress in the Jurassic movies. Wow. Richard Madden and the boys all acted very well Kit Connor and Matthew Illesly. Even Tate Donovan.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Who approved the script?
I've tried to watch this show but it's so terrible. The acting, the script, the story. Wow. I just can't believe how bad this show is.

House of Cards: Chapter 73
Episode 8, Season 6

Who wrote the final season?
I must say that I saw the first 3 episodes of the final season twice because they were incoherent. I was wondering what I was missing. I had to read reviews online to see what was going on and what I missed because none of it made sense from watching the episodes. New characters that you don't care about. It's like watching an episode when you had missed the 2 previous episodes and you had no clue to what they were talking about. What happened?...who approved the story line and script? How depressing. I had such high hopes. Do yourself a favor and don't watch the final will be mad and disappointed. Painful to watch.


Not into sports series but this show is now a favorite of mine.
When I was told this was a good series I immediately thought I would not like it because I don't enjoy movies or shows that feature sports...however, this show caught my attention and it is annoying that it only lasts 30 min per episode because the show is that good you want it to last a whole hour. The role played by Dwayne is excellent. He has a kind of underdog-ish role and that helps to root for him. He plays the part really well. There are parts that remind me of the series Californication and Entourage. It's one of those series you want to binge watch because you can't wait to see what happens next with the characters. John David Washington also plays his part really well. It's definitely not a comedy series because it's full of drama but there are some funny scenes here and there.

Pan Am

Good Show
Now that I know it's cancelled I decided to view the show and started on episode 5. I had very little expectations prior to watching the show. I saw two episodes and I must say that I was surprised at the story lines. They were a lot better than I expected and i believe the stories were good enough to make me watch the next kept me interested and the stories were very believable. They were not shallow like some of the other flops. I would continue to watch it if was not cancelled. It has romance, drama, spies, social issues and employee issues. I say...don't cancel it. For some of the people upset that it does not accurately reflect the era, or the employees or the company as it really was...I must say...Are you serious? grow up already...this is a TV series and its not expected to be exactly as it really was back then...if the logo is off ...well who cares. I must say it was more believable than CSI or some of those other shows.

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