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True to life
Stick with it...SJP is not the prettiest actress but she is so true to life and this series does have some laugh out loud moments.....SJP is the villain and if you take morality out of it than you can see why she had an affair. The husband gets better and you do start to emphasise with him a bit... any one who's ever been a couple will resonate with what both parties do in either seeking a little bit of revenge or at least how to alienate your partner...... I've only watched three episodes to date and not seen much of the children but I would say watch it as it's 25 minutes of loose entertainment with some real funny moments


Enigmatic and engaging
Excellent 1st episode. An extremely dark comedy with political aspirations,thoroughly enjoyed it's quirky take on family values entwined with espionage. Looking forward to more so the story can expand. On a comical turn this is a modern day version of the road runner....dam those unintentional consequences. Guaranteed to grip you from the first five minutes and then hold you whilst causing your own personal conflict of ,'is that going to happen....could that happen. Guess what it does!! There is also those hidden gems of folklore would we react if we heard those songs in a bar.....I for one don't know...why cos we would not believe it.....who could 😇

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