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The Maladjusted

Fun (late) coming of age movie
I had a great time with The Maladjusted. It's a raunchy comedy about a bunch of 30somethings that are coming of age - maybe way to late. But hey, better late than never, right? The characters are familiar enough that we quickly feel like we know them, but fresh enough that there is still more to discover and some surprises to be had. The movie strikes a nice balance between the light and the dark, though the gross-out humor might cross the line for some here and there (I had no problems with it). For the most part the cast does a really solid job, my favorite being Clayton Meyers whose endearing oddball (Carl) was always fun to watch. This almost felt like the sequel that should have been to the American Pie movies; where the guys that partied throughout their teens and twenties have hit the proverbial wall and need to man up or be doomed to the sad existence of desperately trying to be a twenty year old when you are so obviously not. In that sense I felt like John C. Bailey's character of Yon served as almost a Ghost of Christmas Future to the guys - showing them where they are likely to wind up if they don't change. Anyway, good cast, good laughs, lots of fun and gasps (and tons of music), check it out if you get a chance.

President's Day

fun slaher
I don't know what the previous reviewer was talking about. I saw this at the premier in baltimore last month and loved it. it's a fun movie, with a funny premise, and tons of everything that makes people love these kinds of movies (scares, laughs, blood and boobs). what more could you expect in a movie about a loony dressed as abraham lincoln killing class president candidates? all the important stuff was good, the look, the music and even the acting. and whats more, the audience I saw it with seemed to have a great time! there were lots of jumps, and lolz, and they even cheered at one point. check it out if you get the opportunity, with a big bowl of popcorn and the attitude to have a good time.

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