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Surprisingly fun and entertaining series
This was my first animal/ human hybrid anime series, and my expectations were admittedly set low for it. Was I ever surprised! The story is totally fantastic and implausible but it works as an engine for roller-coaster action sequences, scantily-clad therianthropes, and an ecchi-variety relationship between two of the protagonists. I enjoyed it and hope another season will be done. I'm giving it 9 out of ten stars because I enjoyed it and found myself cheering for the character Hitomi/ Ratel, and her pack of friends.

Avengers: Endgame

Overblown, overdone and over-long
The curtain call of the Avengers is entertaining if painfully convoluted and long. Unlike most of its predecessors, "End Game" is over done in the same vein as the Star Wars franchise. It's a disappointment compared to most of the prior Marvel films. I own most of those movies on Blue Ray. I will not be purchasing either of the last Avengers films.

Madhouse Mecca

A surprisingly well-done independent film
I have to admit my expectations were not all that high when I selected MM on Amazon Prime late one night. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The story involves the states of mind and relationships intertwined between two very different yet similarly conflicted women. One is an exotic dancer with much baggage, while the other is a housewife with disappointments and conflicts with her marriage. They two meet via a shared circle of friends and go on to have a brief tryst which changes both of their lives. The acting is professional and well done, and I give a particular nod to Tera Patrick who does a very credible job of playing the strip-club manager.

Der stille Berg

A long ignored and haunting view of WW I, with a good love story.
This film is the first one I have seen focusing (very realistically) on the war which took place in the Alps between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during 1914-1916.

The movie's focus is divided between the love story between a young Austrian man (Anders) and a young Italian woman (Maria) who had been attending the marriage of her brother to Ander's sister, and who chose to remain in Ander's town at the outbreak of war, and the story of the often surreal and harrowing combat which took place at high altitude on mountain peaks in the Alps.

Anders is conscripted to join the Kaiserjager, which is assigned to defend their homes in the neighboring valley, while Maria's brother is conscripted into the Italian Army and fights to invade the same valley. Both Anders and his Brother-in-law experience different slices of insanity, loneliness and disillusionment with their respective side's military, and long to be reunited with their loves.

The love stories are told with sensitivity and plausibility, and do not detract from the historical qualities of the film. If you are interested in WW I, or simply curious about life in the movie's set, owe it to yourself to view this film. I found it far more striking and poignant than any version of "Farewell to Arms".

Dropkick on My Devil!!

Quirky and unusual anime series that has won me over!
This is a strange and wonderful series. The gist of it, from my POV, is a view of western religious constructs through the prism of non-western/ non-Christian eyes. What you get then is a very funny, surreal, old MGM Tom and Jerry-style, comedy about a witch living with a demon from Hell ("Jashin-chan") who must kill the witch in order to return to Hell.

The witch, Yurine, lives in a tiny apartment in the city and has several devil friends in her circle, and even owns a devil dog named "Beth". Yurine has a totally dead-pan personality, and excels at wreaking bloody vengeance on Jashin-chan after her epic bouts of deceit, selfishness, bullying, etc. or her many failed attempts to kill Yurine. Viewers get to meet the other Lolli Devils in Yurine's circle of friends (such as "Medusa" and "Minos" and the Ice-Devil sisters), and meet couple of fallen Angels ("Pekola" and "Poporon"). Pekola is a devout Angel who has lost her halo and is trapped on Earth, where she practices her faith by living in a cardboard box and starving herself to death. She is constantly wracked by the conflict within her from accepting acts of compassion from the witch Yurine and her Devil-friends versus being true to her mission as an Angel to oppose and destroy them. Poporon is a devious Angel who is the mirror image of Jashin-chan, ..but whereas Jashin-chan is mean and devious on the outside (but actually caring on the inside), Poporon is outwardly "good" but inwardly devious and mean. Quite the contrast.

Damn, I hope they do a second season!

Avengers: Infinity War

Save your time and your money; it's a real downer
I wish I could have my 2.5 hours back. The film was over-long and packed with way too much violence for what it delivered as entertainment. It also spent too much time focusing on the villain and his rationalizations for genocide. I found myself wondering if such indulgences would seem inappropriate to dwell on for a real mass murderer like Rudolf Hoess, why is it appropriate dramatically for Thanos? Answer: It's not.

This film was easily the worst Marvel film I've seen.

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