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Not funny at all, not even once.
The term 'sit-com' means situation comedy, right? They go to great lengths to steal everything from 60's shows. One thing they forgot; how to be: FUNNY. Don't care how clever it thinks it it's building into something; if the laugh ain't there, it's a bomb.


Black-ish is very good. Grown-ish is actually great, I love it! The best sitcom on TV, Esp'ly when dealing with young people in a 'real-ish' way. So what went so horribly wrong with Mixed-ish? Perhaps the over-involvement of Tracie Ross as ex-producer,? A classic case of the 'star' having too much say so in the creative process. (see Carol's 2nd act.).

Reef Break

Kind of silly summer fun.
Watched it last night. I kept wondering why 'Poppy' seemed so out of shape for a 'surfer queen'. I see now that she is actually 47 years old! So how she got this gig is beyond me. I see now that it's an Aussie made show, fine, but aren't there younger Aussie girls out there that could handle this role? Other than her, the show is fast well made and fun.


Best young adult comedy on TV!
Other reviewers here diss it for featuring sex, alcohol, and pot. That's is a big reason why this show is so good. It doesn't look away from these realities. More realistic about college age adults than most movies. I sure faced all these things in college. Reviewers here that didn't...well nerds? I like it MUCH BETTER than "Black-ish" Clever, well written dialogue, uses up-to-date slang (but enough of 'fire' by now). Like-able characters that are given chances to grow with the show. A lot of the comedy is Yara's selfishness and cluelessness. Maybe over some people's heads. I'd only have at least some of them act and speak more like real college kids.


Best comedy in years!
I loved it, and I'm not a shill or a teen. It was very funny all through it, and i cared about the characters. It had me shedding a tear at the end. How did Olivia Wilde get so lucky to get to direct this film in her first try?


What made Catch-22 the best book i ever read, was it's amazing sense of humor. It was so funny, I'd laugh out loud. How many books do that? I realize that it was the prose and timing of the writing that made it so. So translating it to a visual medium is next to impossible. The Old Movie version failed at it. It became a dark and depressing mess of big name stars. This new version is better and has a few laughs, but nothing like the book. It's also been filtered thru the #MeToo era of p.c. most of the women in the book are short-changes or eliminated completely.

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews: Hanna
Episode 54, Season 1

As good as if not better than the film
So far, I've seen the first 2 episodes, which closely follows the film in most respects. So haven't yet seen the 70% 'new content' the writer talks about. Beautiful 'Big Screen' production values, and as he said, more realistic.


Seems pretty Lame.
I like the character of Lainy and the gal who plays her; but... why give the 2 lamest people at school much bigger roles than they merit? Why didn't they follow the 'Blackish' example and give a show to the multi-talented teen daughter, 'Erica Goldberg'? she's a better actress, and a very good singer. I can't see this show lasting very long?

Single Parents

Just Not Funny!
Brad Garret is TV poison. He is grating and annoying..the Other White guy is a horrible stereotype of a gay man (but not said to be gay.) He is a woman's idea of a 'safe and PC man'. No wonder, the awful writing of JJ Philben is behind this. All the other parents are from the stereotype basket of characters, and never would be friends. Even the talented and lovely Leighton can't save this mess. I hope it gets cancelled soon.

Criminal Minds

Crime Drama for those who don't like them
First off, I don't LIKE 'cop shows' like 'CSI', or 'Law and Order'. They are too 'preachy', all robotic characters, CSI is weirdly violent with the close-ups of flesh wounds, etc., and exactly the same every week.

I started watching Criminal Minds repeats on A&E late night. I soon found myself watching 3 episodes in a row. It's also on ION TV as well. They usually show epi's that aired in order, so i can follow the ongoing personal sub-plots much better.

CM is NOT always the same formula. They do not always even go after serial killers, or it's often of very different types. They do not always 'get their man'. When they do, it's often by very different ways, by a contribution by a different 'team member', or sometimes by dumb luck.

Most shows stories seem taken from actual killers and/or recent events (and horror movies, like 'Saw'), so it stays topical.

CM DOES add personal stories and on-going plot-lines of their 'team'. Each major character is very different and has their strengths and weaknesses...they show both all the time. Each episode focuses one one of them the most. For a 'cop show', there is a lot of heart and humor that come from the teams' genuine caring for each other.

I like that they use 'brain power' to solve crimes, not fictitious lab work. Sure, Penny Garcia could not realistically find things as fast as she does on her computer...but that adds in some of the fun and humor of the show...and speeds up the story.

I disagree to another review's here that say they demean the local cops. They often go out of their way to stress to each other NOT to do that, and get 'dressed down' if they did.

I learned to tell which season is which. IMO, S2 is my favorite, with the odd exit of Lola Glaudini's (extremely sexy) character early in the season, then adding of Paget Brewster's new character (almost an exact copy of Lola, but not as interesting), then Mandy P's slow breakdown, then exit in S3. Spencer's (the young genius) role and acting gets much better in this season as well.

The original cast is the best, but the production values get better every season. I can tell a S1 episode by it's cheaper looking blueish film quality and sets (and how short Spencer's hair is).

I've noticed that Thomas Gibson has become more and more the 'star' of the show after Mandy left. He gets to show more emotion, more personal stories (like getting demoted, getting a divorce), and even get to do some 'butt kickin'.

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