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Beautiful movie. Great acting, wonderful directing. So inspiring. All I can hope is that when people watch this movie, they remember how they felt for a long time to come. Remember the billions in captivity who don't know why they are there and who no one can save. Thank you for making this movie.

Perfect Couples

Much better after the pilot
The pilot for Perfect Couples was OK. It felt staged and the parts that could have been funny often weren't. Conceptually, I could see the humor but it wasn't coming through. But, I saw the potential in this show. The concept behind each couple is interesting and funny, so I gave it another shot. The second episode was hilarious! It had so much more depth, both in the characters and in the comedy. The whole episode came full circle with additional story lines for added comedy. The couples seemed natural and relaxed. I actually watched it twice. The acting in this episode was a lot better. Olivia Munn is surprisingly perfect for her character, Leign, who is hilarious with Rex. The actors come together as couples well. The show does a lot of comparisons between the couples, how things have happened between them, how they handle things differently. It adds a nice element to the show beyond the couples' interaction with each other. I would recommend giving it a shot, just look past the pilot. It seems like it will only get better.

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