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Train 48

Its a bit like Heroin, you need your fix everyday
This show is great you, a bit like heroin, you need a fix every day, and you get that fix everyday cause the show is filmed in the mornings and shown at 7:00 everyday of the week. Its innovative and extremely Canadian, the characters are fresh and funny. You'll fall in love with some of them and love to hate others. All and all it's worth every minute.


Scarrlet Pomers kicks ass
Okay I originally watched the show for the unique shock value of seeing Reba (who i knew from tremors) and Scarrlet Pomers (Kyra the youngest daughter, who was on star trek voyager) interact the conversations were priceless it felt so out of character for them. After the first few shows I started to realize I was laughing at more of the actual intended jokes in the show. It was actually rather funny, and I can't quite put my finger on it but there is something about Scarrlet Pomers that is absolutely irresistible, she's got such a presence, She's stolen episodes from everyone on the show. While the writing is fairly sharp and the acting is good for a sitcom its Scarrlet Pomers who makes you set the VCR every Friday night. The only problem with the show not enough Scarrlet Pomers.

Turn It Up

sad really sad
this film was sad, the plot was hard to swallow only cause the poor acting job everyone did. The only reason i saw it was cause my uncle is in it. Even then all he dose is get shot and thats done poorly. All and all unintentionaly funny.

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