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Samaya obayatelnaya i privlekatelnaya

A high quality romantic comedy
I watched this for the first time today and I feel like I wasted so many years not knowing it. I think it is an absolutely amazing Soviet comedy. Probably one of my favorites. It is very positive and kind, the characters are all very fun and colorful with great acting. The story is very amusing and has a great meaning. And the writing is genius, one can quote almost every part of it. It is interesting how one can connect to such an old movie from a country very different from what we live in. I already can't wait to watch it again.


Pretty entertaining
This movie was a pretty good comedy. An overdone idea but really well done. The actors were pretty good. The acting is exaggerated but it fits the movie style. It also had a lot of fun moments. Marina talking to her husband's secretary were all pretty fun scenes.

Moglie e marito

A perfect body swap comedy
I absolutely loved this movie. There are many body swap comedies out there but this one was wonderful, better than most that I saw.

The story is really good. It has lots of humor and a lot of great moments. Besides that it also has lots of feelings and made me really want to swap minds with my husband for a few days! It is wonderful to watch how they are starting to understand each other more.

The acting is perfect in my opinion. Both of them showed the behavior and gestures of the opposite gender very believable.

3 Türken & ein Baby

A light comedy
This isn't a bad movie. here we follow three Turkish brothers who need to save their business and there is a baby.

It has a lot of funny moments but there are also some parts where it drags a bit. The brother with the anger problems and his girlfriend was funny for the most part. When it comes to the main character then he also had some fun moments. Loved him with the guy he bullied as a child, when he went to the older woman who liked to talk dirty and when he thought he found the father of the baby who apparently only had a blowjob.

13 Reasons Why: Graduation
Episode 10, Season 4

Graduation (#4.10)
The season was awful and unnecessary. Besides of a couple of episodes it was boring. Could have made 3rd season a few episodes longer and round it up. I probably give the finale a better rating than it deserved but Justin's death was well done and saved it. Other than that it was forgettable. Speeches boring and just like all graduation speeches on tv. This describe the season very well, so generic, unoriginal and boring, what a contrast to the first season. Most characters got ruined in the process. A saw some of the main first season characters and thought, well they were good, how come we didn't see more of them! But it is good we didn't, they would be ruined as well. Glad it is over, too bad it didn't end with the last season.

13 Reasons Why: Prom
Episode 9, Season 4

Prom (#4.9)
A prom episode full of cliches. Outdated ones too. I think we are beyond in time where the coming out scene with the father having known that before and saying all the overused phrases. Also why so surprised when there were two kings, this is normal for at least 10 years now. It is just good that Alex and Charles are so cute together. Dean being gay, that was a surprise. Well, into finale!

13 Reasons Why: Acceptance/Rejection
Episode 8, Season 4

Acceptance/Rejection (#4.8)
Wasn't good. Regardless of a stupid riot the episode was boring. I just remembered how annoying they all are. Only the ending was relatively alright. Surprised I didn't figure it out myself

13 Reasons Why: College Interview
Episode 7, Season 4

College Interview (#4.7)
This was a good episode with a lot of action. I can't help that I hate the characters. I think I am slightly tired of their dramatic suffering way of talking. But besides that this episode was really well done. Great ending too.

13 Reasons Why: Thursday
Episode 6, Season 4

Thursday (#4.6)
Definitely a very good episode. Of course unbelievable. No school would ever do this. But it had great moments and conversations of the characters and it was pretty intense. Would be nice if the rest of the episodes were as good.

13 Reasons Why: House Party
Episode 5, Season 4

House Party (#4.5)
I am glad this became a bit better. But still not as good as it was and a bit lost all over the place. The really good part was the ending. This is the first ending in the season that makes me want to keep watching.

13 Reasons Why: Senior Camping Trip
Episode 4, Season 4

Senior Camping Trip (#4.4)
The lowest rated episode seems to actually be the best for now in being pretty suspenseful. I give them that, I tell you it is Stella lol.

13 Reasons Why: Valentine's Day
Episode 3, Season 4

Valentine's Day (#4.3)
Already third episode and it isn't getting any better. Clay's story is getting too much for me, really annoying. Get him into an institution already. And besides that nothing is really on. Justin is as always with his addictions. Jesse is pissed. etc. Alex's gay story is different but a little small at least for now. We'll see

13 Reasons Why: College Tour
Episode 2, Season 4

College Tour (#4.2)
Better than the first one but still not too interesting. Clay's issues aren't that good and interesting. Of course Stella still seems like she may become interesting but there isn't enough of her yet. Good thing that Ani slowed down, she was pretty annoying in the past season. Now she isn't as bad as the rest, if that is a compliment.

13 Reasons Why: Winter Break
Episode 1, Season 4

Winter Break (#4.1)
I really feel that at that point I am watching the show because I saw 3 seasons and want to be done with it. This episode was boring. The characters annoy the hell out of. I think the idea that people can just get away with killing somebody regardless of what he did is unacceptable for me and I don't feel any connection to them or wish them well. I would be happy if they would end up in jail. Seems like this season will be about them trying to get away. The only good ting about the episode was coming of Monty's sister. Maybe it will end up being something interesting.

Next in Fashion: Streetwear
Episode 4, Season 1

Race card always wins
What a ridiculous outcome. Farai and Kiki's design was absolutely ug ly and they would have deserved to be eliminated. But of course it didn't happen. The only thing they needed was to play the powerful race card. I am sure that racism exists and they have experienced it But something they design being rejected isn't always racism. if it sucks, it sucks. But them just mentioning it scares the judges so much that a decision they strongly belied in and was valid is forgotten. People are really scared to disagree with someone black. What makes it even more ridiculous is that they aren't even the only minority team. Most are, it is a very diverse competition and the other team that was in the bottom wasn't white either. It was unfair to them. This episode also wasn't that great on designs. I really didn't like the design as well. While I expected the streetwear episode have some great designs it turned out being the worst so far.

Ya khudeyu

There is only one life, love yourself.
Wasn't sure what this movie will be like and it ended up really good. Anya is left by her boyfriend because she is fat and decides to lose weight.

The movie is funny and makes one laugh a lot but it isn't dumb humor all about being fat. It is actually a very sweet comedy about your relationships.

Great actors. Was nice to see Shnur in a small part which he was perfect for His Freestyler dance was a fun and pretty moving moment. Relationships between people are actually really nice. Anya getting to know her mothers new boyfriend was also a great part. Sometimes you just need to understand somebody

And it has a great message. Even after losing weight Anya isn't happy. She doesn't want her shallow ex anymore and she still isn't happy. This is because she doesn't love herself which is what you need to enjoy your life. So it is a very sweet, funny and positive movie. Really recommend it.

A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Where is comedy?
When Lily Singh said she wants to be a comedian people laughed. Now nobody is laughing anymore.

Seriously. This is horrible comedy. The jokes lack pun and originality. Her presentation is awful. It seems forced, over the top and smug all at once. The woman is no comedian and the person writing her jokes should be fired.

You want to have a "bisexual woman of color" as a host and make some pokes at today's social culture and white people and all that. Do it, but can you get a host that has a talent to be a comedian?

Glee: Preggers
Episode 4, Season 1

Preggers (#1.4)
This was the best episode so far and it was actually really good Kurt's story was great. Him dancing to Single Ladies when "auditioning" for the football team was hilarious. And then have the whole team dance to the song was a great scene. Him coming out to his dad was also a great scene especially since his dad said he always knew and thanked him for telling it.

Quinn's pregnancy story is also great. Her lie to Finn of how she got pregnant is so obvious but high school kids aren't very smart when it comes to it so one can see why he believed it. And Terri wanting to get her baby now to cover her lie is also a good story. Although how will it work, her pregnancy was supposed to be 4 months or so longer.

Glee: Acafellas
Episode 3, Season 1

Acafellas (#1.3)
Acafellas story wasn't all that interesting. It did bring some laughs though. And Puck looking for a sugar mom was also funny.

The best story was probably Mercedes having feelings for Chris who is gay. He was so obviously gay but one started wondering because it is true that him being into fashion and such doesn't 100% mean that he is.

Glee: Showmance
Episode 2, Season 1

Showmance (#1.2)
The episode is a bit better than the pilot because some story lines start developing but it is still not all that great. I dislike Rachel so much that I am for that cheer leading girl to get the guy even though she is a prude and is supposed to be a bad character.

The story about hysterical pregnancy is pretty good. I really like Sue's character and that she now has spies on the inside promises some future entertainment.

Glee: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Pilot (#1.1)
Well this is just a pilot so it may get much better but at this point I am not sure how long I will want to watch it. I already dislike one of the characters, Rachel. And not much has happened for me to start liking any of them. Well that cheerleader coach seems like she may become entertaining. That teacher who took over that Glee club because his wife and future kid matter less to him than some losers he is not related to. Let's see where it will go.

Dynasty: Life Is a Masquerade Party
Episode 18, Season 2

Life Is a Masquerade Party (#2.18)
I keep on looking at Alexis and I just don't see Fallon's face. Even though I know it has to be the same one because it is the same actress but I just don't see it! Still curious how they will go on with this now.

Get Out

A bit overrated but entertaining.
I don't think the movie is as great as the ratings show. But it is still pretty original and entertaining. I just feel it wasn't developed enough and a lot could have been done better. I think the acting was really good. And it did a great job developing the paranoia in the beginning, it just went downhill when we were supposed to find out what happened.

I don't think the movie is "racist". People whining about it are just as bad as SJWs who see racism everywhere.

Kim's Convenience: Lord of the Ring
Episode 13, Season 3

Lord of the Ring (#3.13)
The farting moment at yoga class was funny. It is kind of sad though that Raj came. Hopefully Janet will not end up with him in the next season, the yoga guy seems better but I have a bad feeling. The bbq story was funny to some extend but them being so mean to Terrence isn't, it really doesn't make his characters to be good.

Kim's Convenience: Hit 'n' Fun
Episode 12, Season 3

Hit 'n' Fun (#3.12)
Janet's story was great. It was pretty fun how Chelsea kissed her and then us finding put that it was planned by her and Gerald! Umma and Appa were again fun. Her confrontation with pastor Nina was really good and I also like how both Appa and pator Nina put that annoying sexist guy in his place.

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