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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Movie had it's ups and downs.

    First I'll explain the ups.

    • The movie had a unique plot - The fighting scenes were outstanding (Ex. Naruto vs. Gaara). And the characters had used nice moves (Ex. Lee and Neji's 'Front Lotus: Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin' which was a great and creative way to stop the enemy) - It's nice to know that this movie is better than it's predecessor, Bonds.

    • It was great to see all the team members present in this movie.

    • The characters were drawn carefully and nicely.

    Next are the downs.

    • Even though it had a unique plot unlike the other Naruto movies, the story could be confusing for first time viewers.

    • Naruto makes thousands of clones, and not to mention, thousands of Rasengans in the movie. And not even a single bit that he got tired. Even the Giant Rasenshuriken part, he should have got a broken arm or something, but it was like nothing to him. After thousands of clones, rasengans, and a Giant Rasenshuriken, he wasn't hurt a bit.

    • Outstanding, many, yet too short action scenes.

    • At the first fighting scenes, wherein Teams 8 and 9 battled, their enemies didn't even get an advantage over them or something. They defeated them so easily and fast. WHich made the enemies somewhat useless and very weak. But at Team 10's battle, it the enemy broke free of Ino's technique, summoned his two partners, and became a very big chimera. At least team 10's enemy wasn't defeated so fast.

    • When Shikamaru was in charge of Naruto and Sakura's capture, why did he need all of the teams to help him if it was just two people he needed to capture? Isn't it just a little to many for only 2 people? - It was quite irritating when Naruto kept on teling what Kakashi Taught him (Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their comrades are lower than scum) he said it so many times in this movie.

    • Naruto can use his Rasengan with only one hand when he battled Gaara (He needs a clone to make a rasengan, right?) - I was just wondering, the part wherein Naruto and Shikamaru fought with words about the king and all, and after Asuma appeared beside Shikamaru, their were explosive tags right? I thought they were suppose to explode, but instead, there was a red dome like thing that wrapped around Naruto, what was that thing that wrapped Naruto?

    Now, I'll say my main review.

    The movie was good. If you compare it to the other Shippuuden Movies, this would have the most unique storyline. Actually, this movie has the potential of being the best Shippuuden Movie, but the makers of the movie didn't realize Naruto's Strengths and weaknesses when using techniques, which really made the movie a little weird.

    Contents and Ratings: Story: 9/10 Action: 9/10 Drama: 7/10 How characters are drawn: 9/10 Overall impact: 8/10 Overall score (for me): 7/10 I hope this review was helpful :)