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An indeed excellent edge-of-your seat movie which will completely absorbs you. Very good acting and script

The Ruins

Subtle horror movie
A good horror movie in his kind, not your ordinary slasher movie.Unexpected scenes with an even so surprising climax.The Ruins make for more spine-tingling and scare as you might exlpect. Good filming and acting, too.

The Specialist

Perfect Entertainment
This movie is, apart from the film music, as a whole a must-see for action movie lovers with erotic scenes, built in smoothly. The double role of May makes the movie richer: there IS a plot possible in these kind of movies!. Action abound and well distributed over the time. Eric Roberts and James Woods play their roles at the same high level as Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone.I see originality, in the sense of action: the highly developed explosive devices-do hey really exist?CIA will know.. A flaw ,which i do not understand up to now, is that the getaway boat from M&M seafood seemed to be so readily available. The goofy trick with the telephone in the Fontainebleu Hptel as well, but those are not disturbing details. The movie has a steady pace and ends with the Miami Sound Machine!. Best scene is of course , the intimate scene in the hotel. Superb entertainment! A 9. Will see it again.

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