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Impossible to believe the Ending IMHO.
Before people comment "it's just a movie" listen to my point. What ruined the movie for me is the fact that each fighter in the Championship fight, Tommy and Brenden Conlon, each had three fights prior to the Championship. Tommy never had a fight past 30 seconds never mind going into the second round, Brenden on the other hand goes to the third round and gets pummeled in almost every fight prior to the one against Tommy. Brenden would barely be able to stand let alone win, the Russian literally suplexed Brenden twice, yes WWE style. Other than the ending it was a great film, I just cant get over Tommy losing that fight, it's just not possible, even on film, but what was very realistic were all the gay Marine tribal tattoos Tommy had on his arms.

Zombie Apocalypse

So bad we couldn't stop watching it.
Entertainigly bad, watching this movie to rip it apart was fun, but as far as the film its self, horrible made for TV crap. At one point in the film you can see one of the zombies mask not properly tucked in, so it's just hanging, bad costume department i guess. The CGI is down right offensive, really zombie tigers that looked like they came from a Nintendo 64 game. The action is so unrealistic, for example, gun shots, a 9mm pistol can remove arms but a shot gun only removes a zombies cheek, not it's head. Oh and I've witnessed a 50 Cal move armored vehicles while being fired, yet ol'girl can fire one from a shopping cart, and the rounds never feed into the weapon while she's firing it, erroneous. Oh and the burning skull on the cover of the DVD case has nothing to do with the film at all.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Katie Holmes at her best is still really really bad.
While watching this I was never afraid of the dark or those dumb little tooth fairies, but i was afraid of all the bad acting, especially Katie Holmes. How is it that they kill two of them during the movie, and no one ever bothers to take a look at the dead little fellas that are trying to kill everyone. So why is it that when the little girl is in the library getting attacked she doesn't just turn the light on instead of taking photos with the camera, it's the first thing turned on when the adults enter the room. Another excellent horror movie ending by the way(Sarcasm), Hollywood is really running dry on story lines. In the end really bad story line and terrible acting, overall dumb tooth fairy lore, keeping an adult as the leader made absolutely no sense at all.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Wish it was never made.
So why does George Lucas believe adding 3D to this mess will make it any better? Who knows right, well do yourself a favor, if you have already seen Episode 1, try to forget about it, and if you haven't seen Episode 1 consider yourself lucky and never see it because it will ruin Star Wars in your eyes forever. All the great story lines of the original three and any chance of returning to the dark tone of The Empire Strikes back is completely gone for more of a, Ewok lets make as much money off the children style as ever(One name - Jar Jar Binks) guess aliens talk like Jamaicans in the Star Wars universe. The only thing worth sitting through in the entire film is the epic light saber battle at the end that kills off the greatest Star Wars character ever, Darth Maul (Episode III makes Darth Vader a whiny little girl.) In the end a little 3D is not worth re watching or viewing the largest disappointment in modern day cinema.

Red State

This movie is so bad it's "Insidious".
WOW, really bad, and surprising coming from such a big name as Kevin Smith. Damn he should stick to bad comedies with a crap load of dialog because horror movies about a Christian extremist sect are not his strong point. John Goodman, what were you thinking, are you broke? if so sell stuff on ebay but don't ruin your name, come on really, how does a dude enter an armory full of weapons, grab one then stand in the middle of the room waiting to get shot, terrible. The end, i don't want to spoil it in case someone has an hour and a half to throw away, OMG is it bad. You would be better off spending the time staring at the sun with a telescope, way better ending.

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