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Watched this movie tonight and straightaway writing a review just after that while the feelings are fresh in my mind.

This is a romantic sci-fi movie and runs between two main characters Jim and Aurora. The things which I liked about this movie are the graphics and cinematography, I was able to live few hours of my life in the beauty of a bigger world out there. The stars and the galaxies always enchanted me and the movie does justice to capture the magnificence in few scenes, well done. Apart from this it is a normal romantic movie with predictable storyline and unimpressive ending. I guess, most space movies end with an imminent danger and how leads have out of box ideas to save the ship. Have seen this concept in many many other movies. I liked the female lead, Jennifer Lawrence, she is beautiful and can see why Chris Pratt fell in love with her. Lawrence Fishburne was given a cameo role and I feel he could have got more screen time and more powerful role. The movie did injustice to his acting abilities. Chris Pratt, hmm., nothing special about him, regular guy who tries to find meaning to his existence on a space ship without any mission in his life. If I compare him with Matt Damon from the martian, his character didn't impress me. Regarding the robots, I liked the all full medical diagnostic and full operating machine, wish we could build them in real world, the world will be better off with it. Overall, I would rate it under time pass category and will watch it under subscription. Don't bother paying separately for it. Cheers!

Darr @ the Mall

Waste of time and money
This movie was the worst of the lot I have scene in recent times. The story line, screen play, acting (barring Jimmy), songs, editing all are sub-standard quality work and deserves lot of improvement in all departments. The story-line is weak from the beginning and unconvincing. I was not able to understand why an actor like Jimmy accepted this kind of movie, his talent was totally under-utilized. The story-line was like a bumpy ride with scenes thrown in with the hope that viewers are fools and will appreciate this kind of worthless movie. I will strongly suggest avoiding this movie and save your precious time and spend money on flicks which are truly deserving. I wish I could do the same for this one too (somehow got misguided by previous reviews).

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