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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Goran's Intent
I find the characters to be quite dull. The main character Goran seems to be 'Mr. Know-it-all' solving each case without much help. His partner or dare I say that just seems to be there for show and seems to float off into the background. What ever happened to the cops solving the case together? Each squad member putting there two cents in to help the case?

The look and feel of the Major Case office isn't very gritty it looks more like a Cozy Corperate Business office just off of Wall Street than an actual squad room. The floors are carpeted and it's not dark, dank or noisy. It completely loses the feel of a nice depressing cop show.

The Division

Lifetime...need I say more?
Lifetime shouldn't produce original television shows, they just don't work. I recently saw an episode of this and I must say it does live up to it's standards. A female dominant police squad, that's realistic. I did notice one of the character's background seemed quite similar to another separate detective on another crime drama.


One thing that seemed to bug me what the constant interruption of 'victim's ramblings' that seem to come out of know where that had nothing to do with the case at hand. It totally screwed up the flow of series.

Hmm...Perhaps that's why it was cancelled.

The Advocate's Devil

Well...I originally wanted to watch this little telefilm; to see some other stuff Hargitay had done. I must say it was werid seeing her with long hair. The whole plot of the story ran like your typical 'lifetime' movie. You know the channel where; "The men are accused, and the women are abused."

Just like all other lifetime movies, this one was predictable. As soon as the Lawyer's daughter left for college I swear I knew exactly what was going to happen. I understand that someone would like to make unique camera shots to enhance their piece. But trust me using dutch angles was not a way to go. It just seemed to make the film worse, and I wondered when they'd stop it.

Besides all of that they never really explained the 'note' that the basketball player found in Rendi's computer. I find it hard that the girl would dismiss it all that easily. In regards to that it wasn't very realistic.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Homicide to Sex Police
I've only started watching this show, a few months ago. But now I watch it avidly every night. I must say however that I am quite bias to this show, in the few months that I have had the pleasure of getting to know it's plotlines and characters.

I must say from all of the other Police shows that are out there, this one is a tad bit different. Due to the nature of the show the 'sex crimes' which on all Police shows that I know to be out there are focused on 'Homicide'. The show's quality has increased in years as most shows usually tend to do, in the first season I'll admit it wasn't that great. The quality of the show in the way that it looked appeared to be something out of the early 90's. When I was later supprised to find out that it actually premired in 99.

As for the actual characters on the show, I rather enjoy them. I'm quite parial to Benson, Stabler, and Munch. I love the cold hard reality of this show, it's dripping in horrifing crimes. I doesn't hide the fact about certain disturbing topics.

However, I think that they could focus a little more on the personal lives of the detectives as others have mentioned. To really identify with a character you need to develop them and get to know them. The Law & Order series writers really seem to take a damn slow time doing it.

As for the character Cassidy I never really cared for the character, I suppose I just felt he was taking up space. But one thing that really bugs me is the beginning of the show, there is a always a shot of the entire cast. Which I absolutely dispise, it's so incrediably cheesey.

I think it's a great spin-off, and I say the stranger the better! I just love this show...

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