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The Wolf Man

c'mon! its the wolf man!
Well, society has officially gone to the shi*s. There are more reviews for the dark knight than there are for this movie. let me say that again: THERE ARE MORE REVIEWS FOR THE DARK NIGHT THAN THERE ARE FOR THIS MOVIE. This film is an all-American classic, and the dark night is a heaping pile of bat crap! Actors poured their hearts out into their performances in these old monster movies, but today, anything with a monster in it is automatically counted as a B-movie. Shame on you society, shame on every last stinkin' one of ya'!!! Since my review does not satisfy their standards, i will now blame all of my problems on Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Thanks a lot HUSSEIN, you wasted all of my money and my children's money. i stubbed my toe the other day, and you know what?! THATS YOUR FALT TOO!!! GET YOUR TERRORIST A** OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!


Should have won best picture
The best picture in 2000 went to the film Gladiator. Really? Gladiator? All they do in that movie is cry and have sex. When their was an action scene, you could not tell what the heck was going on because Ridley Scott felt that jumping up and down with the camera while pointing it at the ground was a good way to film it. Someone has to stop these bad movies from winning, but thats a completely different story all together. And know to the task at hand: Unbreakable. Now, if you are not a fan of comics, then your chances of liking this movie will be dashed, but hopefully slightly. It basically investigates that it could be possible if superheroes actually existed. I sound cool when i say it but its even cooler when you watch it. M.Night really is underrated, because i think he is one of the greatest storytellers of our time.Nice job Shamy.

Angels with Dirty Faces

go dig a hole and jump in it
well, listening to the other reviews, they look at the acting and technical aspect of the film. I will not do that. I will give you an honest answer as to why this movie pops into my head whenever people are talking about the greatest films of all time. But first, i would like to point something out to you. I never would have seen or heard of this movie if it was not for TCM. So thanks TCM. But isn't it strange how, whenever critics talk about classic films, all they ever mention is Citizen Kane,Gone With the Wind,Rebel without a cause, or Casablanca. In fact, a Cagney film is not even mentioned. I could only watch Rebel for five minutes, literally five minutes, and then i had to change the channel, i did not care to go back to it. All i saw of Citizen Kane was, well, nothing, my mother said it was like tearing her hair out with her toes, i believe my mother. I don't trust those critics, so i didn't bother to see the other two. So why does this film pop into my head often? Well, heres the answer. films like Lord of the Rings and Toy Story both have three films in the trilogy. The endings of both films are as emotional as anything we've ever seen in a film, or is it? Angels With Dirty Faces is roughly 80 minutes long, and it manages to build up more emotion by the ending that you will ponder how it made you feel for the rest of your life. The only movie to beat Angels with its emotion would be The Passion Of the Christ. Mel's the Man.

Justice League

greatest superhero adaptation ever!
this and Samurai Jack are not only in the running for the greatest animated shows of all time, but they are easily in the running for the greatest television shows of all time. it sound like i am some obsessed fan when i say that, and even though i am, i can guarantee you that both of these shows are the really the best shows for our generation. screw the dark night.that makes Batman look like a turd. this makes Batman look like what what he is supposed to look like, a superhero. Please don't run away because it is a cartoon, animation is just another type of genre. this is the best adaptation of comic book to screen, you cant get better than this

Samurai Jack

Tied for the greatest animated show ever.
this shoe and the Justice League ARE the greatest animated shows ever, and you could probably debate back and forth all year long which one is better, and still not get anywhere. To sum up Samurai Jack, it is basically 20 minutes of action each episode. The creator,Genndy Tartakovfsy, came up with the idea when he discovered that almost every show on TV is as boring as crap. I 100% agree with him. TV shows are boring pieces of crap (they are now anyways). Samurai Jack made action cooler than cool. Don't look the other way because of the animation, not all cartoons are four 2 year olds! cant wait for the movie in 2011!!! go watch the episodes online, or buy the series, because your life will be better after you do!

Toy Story 3

just cant put it into words
so here i am sitting here trying to write a review for this movie(i saw a free week before screening from ESPN), and i literally can not put it into words. I hold Toy Story so close to my heart i love it more than most people. I have so many memories from when i watched the first two(and the people i would watch it with). Disney somehow took this warm feeling that i have for these characters, and they made the whole movie about those feelings. I've looked away from the screen because certain movies are too scary or too violent; but this is the first movie where i looked away from the screen to stop myself from crying. No joke. People really need to take cartoons and animation more seriously.

Qun long xi feng

C'mon guys!
if us kung fu fans stuck together we could have gotten this film the highest rating on IMDb. this is the perfect example of what the golden age of HK cinema was like. Sammo Hung does some of his best fights in this movie, and the comedy is actually funny this time. a true classic, what is wrong with you guys!?!?! i could watch any of these fight scenes for an hour and still see something knew each time, thats how good they are. In the action genre, the U.S. nowadays is getting beat by Thailand and HK. We need another true action hero, in the same vein as Chuck Norris. I guess it really doesn't matter who makes the best movies, as long as the action is good!

Kerd ma lui

Sadly, you'll never see a movie like this made in America anymore
This film is from Thailand, and some of the producers and action choreographers from Ong Bak and the Protector worked on it. The reason a film like this will never be made in the U.S. is because its emotion in the story is patriotism. A bunch of terrorists take over your town and shoot your family members, are we going to sit and do nothing like the Jews did in the holocaust? Heck no! When the National anthem plays on the radio that one of the terrorists was listening to, the whole group of them fights back and takes back the village, or dies trying. The whole movie is one huge action scene and the stunt men must have a lot of pride in their country to do the thing that they were doing(ouch). so go buy this movie before Hollywood destroys all copies of it since they hate when people have pride in anything other than the government.

Gangs of New York

crap,crap,mega crap.
i am only giving this movie a two because of the parts with Liam Neeson in them, everything else is pure garbage. The first moment in the film when i stated hating it wa when leonardo Dicaprio threw away the Bible. As a Roman Catholic, i stopped rooting for his character and quickly looked for another to root for,but couldn't find one. I love revenge films, but they are only good when the characters strike when the iron is hot. If they don't, the audiences anger towards the villain quickly depletes to nothingness. That is what happened to me with this film. Would you want to watch a revenge film that is 3 hours long? Heck no!(i did not know how long it was going into it). I really can not see why people like this movie, but if i had to guess i would say that it makes patriotic people who love America look like the scum of the earth(in my opinion if you do that you should be shot).Its bad enough we have idiots living in America who hate it, but know are filmmakers are doing it too? God save us.

The Monster Squad

Whats wrong with people
this deserves more than a 10 out of ten since it takes a beloved genre and payes homage to that genre through the characters and dialogue (not to mention the awesome look of the film). This is pretty much a B monster movie made by people who love monster movies, for people who love monster movies. If you don't like this film than you really do not like monster movies since this applaudes them. I think that people are too concerned about stupid drama in films, instead of worrying about enjoying them. There is no drama because this is pure camp, if you mix drama with camp then you might as well mix pizza and ice cream, because either way, it wont come out well. Fred Dekker is one of the greatest B-movie directors because he makes sure to keep the B-movie rules. I think this is my tenth review, and i hope they are getting better because they were pretty bad when i first started out. Thanks for listening.

Tom yum goong

the next real action star.
in the 80s we action film fans had a lot going for us. Because the action stars back then actually had real fighting experience. Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and of course jackie chan , sammo hung, and yuen biao. The problem is, now all of these people are old no longer making any movies. So, what are we to do? Well luckily some Thailand action buffs thought the same thing, and thus Tony Jaa was born. You really have to be a true action film fan to appreciate the action stardom that Tony Jaa has. He is "the next great one", and his films deserve to be honored by the likes of those good old action classics. could talk all day but sadly i have a life and must go back to-oh who am i kidding, IMDb still has not posted My review of the worst movie of 2008; The Dark Knight.


Its movies like these that make me want to bash some heads in. What this series does is takes a beloved genre(the monster genre, not the horror genre) and completely humiliates and changes it so stupid little teenage girls can satisfy their fantasies. All the original Universal monster movies, and many great B-movies made after these, are now almost excint. Go ask someone to name a vampire or werewolf film, and almost every time you will here the insult of an answer: "Twilight". I guess i cant really put into words how enraged i am at what is happening. A huge pop-culture event that will forever shine shame onto the monster movie genre, and the worst part is, all we real movie fans could do is curse at society as one of the most beloved genres is staked and shot with a silver bullet. Oh yeah, i forgot, Twilight isn't a real vampire or werewolf film, so i guess the genre will be sparkled to death, and forced to wear jean shorts and run around half-naked in the woods. Somebody please save us.(insert frowny face here)...

The Untouchables

1 million= not enough
Its true, if you were to watch this movie a million times, it would not be enough. Everything about this movie is so perfect that it would be impossible to say everything that needs to be said (maybe i should just copy and paste the script as my review). All of the performances by all of the actors is amazing, this is by far Robert De Niro and Andy Garcias best film that i have ever seen. The look of the film, and also the awesome direction by Brian De Palma (who utilizes the zoom button on the camera to perfection, which was very common in older movies)makes this a standout as a film, and as an American Classic. The only thing really bad about this movie is the trailer for it. Not only do they give everything away, but the trailer makes it look sooooo boring. If i watched the trailer before seeing the film, i probably would not have even seen the film, which would have been one of the biggest mistakes in my life. This is only my sixth review and I'm not very good at it, i guess i am mad at IMDb for not posting my review in which i diss the Dark knight, oh well, and happy viewing.

Fei lung mang jeung

3 is always better than 1
The Three Dragons, Sammo hung, Yuen biao and Jackie chan, all come together in their last starring roles together. If someone made a list of the top 5 greatest kung fu films ever put on the screen since the beginning of the genre, then this would be on it. It would be unfare to say that it is number one, since i have not seen every kung fu film ever made, and because they will forever continue to make more. But it would definitely be on the list, every...single...time. It is the perfect recipe for a perfect movie, and the result is more than perfect. The cast, the fights, the camera work, the fights. Awesome,awesome,awesome,awesome. This also just might be the most underrated movie of all time. Not only do most people not even know about this movie, and when tou tell them Jackie chan is in it, they won't even believe you.Too bad too.


This is my fifth review. After watching this movie, i can honestly say that i have never seen anything like it. It pretty much takes the coolest genre (westerns) and just keeps that cool through the whole movie. If someone said that there is no such thing as cool personified, then i would show them this movie and they would slap themselves in the face. The director, Enzo G. Castaleri, takes risks with techniques and camera angles that most contemporary directors wouldn't take (not to mention the music). Its true, a lot of people are put off by the music, but i think it captures the tone and emotion of the film perfectly, and therefore it is good music. And just like the ending to Dead Man's Chest i will leave you in suspense.....never mind.

Death Sentence

i am only giving this movie a 9 to boost its rating, but i would give it an 8.9 I was expecting a pile of heaping crap going into this since it is directed by the Saw pervert James Wan. I am also reviewing this after watching Taxi Driver (but i saw this film before that one). Well, where to begin. Kevin Bacon has now proved to me that he is one of the greatest actors over the past twenty years. Almost every movie he is in is great, and thats not just because of a good story, but his acting adds to whatever movie he is in, and helps the story unfold. Okay, I have never seen Death Wish so i will not compare te two like others have done. I will simply praise James Wan for making a film better than one of the films it is ripping off, Taxi Driver. Taxi Driver is a slow,long, drawn out process showing what one mans definition of justice is, and so is this one. This one,however, has scenes in it that you will be remembering months and months after watching it. I already forgot about Taxi Driver and i saw it last night. Anyway, if James Wan is crazy enough to read this, then please make more movies like this and not like Saw, because your name now deserves to be talked about whenever someone talks about great movies. Thanks Jimmy, thank you

Taxi Driver

Worst director ever
8.6 that really is an insult to humanity to give this movie an 8.6 this is only my second review(my first review was the dark knight) and i just watched this film last night. I am glad i watched it, because it proved to me that Martin Scorsese(i don't care if i spelled his name wrong)is the worst director to ever sit behind a camera. Lets look at his background, ha wanted to become a priest but went on to make movies instead. Not only do his films feature language,sex,nudity, and pervasive violence, but they are so dang boring. i would honestly want to watch some one else's home videos of their Disney vacation than watch this crap.The only thing i have left to say is thank God he didn't become a priest.

Yip Man

Master Ip
I don't even know where to began with this review(its my third review,both previous reviews were both 1/10).This movie shows what a kung fu film should be like, the pacing, the amount of fights, and the epic ending are all perfect. We kung fu film fans are made fun of for liking what to most people are "stupid" movies. And while movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Dog Bite Dog don't exactly help our side of the argument, I Man is like a huge slap in the face for all of those kung fu film haters. If you don't like this film then i would like to know why, because all kung fu fans will love it, and Donnie Yen is the man!!!!!!!!!!

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