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Inglourious Basterds

The film was off to a firm start, with the whole interrogation scene acted well and believably, Setting the rest of the film up perfectly. Sadly, it all went downhill from there. The Second chapter was passable, but the third and forth are unnecessarily slow and dull. It is actually bad enough that you were relieved when chapter three ends, only to have to sit through another slow chapter straight after. This is all a shame, as the final chapter is very well executed, and a perfect finale to the film. Yes, I know it wasn't at all realistic, but come on people, this is Tarantino! However, it all comes down to the middle chapters, and I think if these had been reduced by about half, the film would be a 7-8, Yet it was not, and is therefore ultimately a disappointment.

28 Weeks Later

Average Film
Please understand that I am a fan of horror films, and am often annoyed at how they often appear to be flamed, purely as they are part of the horror genre. However, I think it is highly debatable if 28 weeks later is a horror film at all, or actually an action film. There is much less suspense in 28 days as opposed to 28 weeks, which appears to have been dropped in favour of sporadic moments which make you jump (only one of which actually succeeded with me). Additionally, the characters appear less fulfilled in 28 weeks than in its predecessor, although the concept of following a family, with all of the issues this creates, was a good one. The infected themselves also do the film well, with very good acting and actions, vastly superior to those in other zombie films. The film is however let down by the main cast, which feel under developed, and often not well acted. Additionally, the plot was weak, and although some ideas (around the start of the film) were very good, they were rapidly brushed over in favour of lots of running from the latter half of the film onwards. It is however, a zombie film at heart, and for fans of the genre, is well worth a watch, despite not meeting the bar set by 28 days, it holds its own within the zombie genre, and is as such, worth a look.

The Dark Knight

Simply Outstanding
There are few ways to describe the complete shock I felt after watching this film. Going into it expecting for it to be similar to the less than perfect batman films I had seen before, I was amazed to find it is probably, I feel, the best film I have ever seen ( I confess to no having watched The Shawshank Redemption yet). The entire film is carried by the flawless performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and has the perfect balance between the action sequences and dialogue, to give the film depth and character development, without compromising the fast pace that an action film should have. Additionally, the action sequences are fast, and superbly designed, allowing fast and exciting action that is original in its ideas when you watch it. Simply Outstanding.

The Inbetweeners

So so funny....
Anything that has ever happened to any teenager, is mercilessly inflicted upon the four main characters, in a manner which is absolutely hilarious. The characters are portrayed in a manner which is not realistic, but conforms to the stereotypes, giving them strong character, and only increasing the humour of the show, and the circumstances they are put through are masterfully crafted, in a parody of life in the sixth form. You will be sitting laughing so much you cannot breathe, especially with a group of your mates. This show is well worth getting!As a side note, the humour in Inbetweeners is most certainly not for family viewing, containing strong language, and jokes of a sexual nature. Roll on season 3....

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