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Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen
This is the original 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and still remains a sweet film to this day.

It is a little preachy and slow, with it feeling like one little sketch after the other, but is interesting enough viewing to compare to the Steve Martin remake.

Britain's Got Talent: 2022: Auditions 7
Episode 7, Season 15

Auditions 7 (7?!)
The steam might be running out of the auditions now, especially as all the judges/Ant+Dec have pressed their golden buzzer, but this is still more fun than the next episode when the judges sit around a table deciding who to put through.

Good overall.

The Middle: The Loneliest Locker
Episode 2, Season 6

The Loneliest Locker
There's lots to like here, but Sue's play does feel at times like it is bulking out the run time because none of the other plots could stretch.

Brick playing with the kids toys with such wonder was good fun too.

Kicking & Screaming

Kicking & Screaming
Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick wrote one of my favourite films in 'The Santa Clause', so I was interested to check this out.

It's a decent, amiable enough film, that never really elevates itself into being anything more than that.

Will Ferrell does his nice guy act well, and there are some decent laughs along the way.

Britain's Got Talent: 2022: Auditions 6
Episode 6, Season 15

Auditions 6
I'm tiring a bit of the auditions now, although there were some nice moments here.

Maybe one day someone will be a comedian on this show who can do an act that doesn't involve an impression of Homer Simpson or work the judges into their act.

Football Focus: Episode #21.36
Episode 36, Season 21

Cup Final Day
Cup Final Day!

Lots of nice coverage here, and it was farewell to Mark too. Unfortunately he probably doesn't fit the BBC's criteria for presenters theses days.

Perhaps he should go and be the sports guy over at Talk TV with Piers.

Football Focus: Episode #21.35
Episode 35, Season 21

Needs a refresh
I'm still not feeling that this is Alex Scott's show, with some more features specifically linked to her tenure needed, but once again this was interesting enough viewing overall.

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Downton Abbey: A New Era
The first 'Downton' film pulled off the difficult trick of taking a tv series to the big screen well enough for this sequel to be made, albeit delayed in its release due to the pandemic.

It's a bit of a patchy affair though, with one of the two main plots (the France based one) offering plenty, teasing us with more, and then not really delivering anything.

I much preferred the film crew at the house storyline, and all our old favourite below stairs characters got their moment along the way there.

I'm not sure about this being 'A New Era' as the title suggests - it's more a case of 'same old, same old' in many ways. But it's warm and cosy, and passes the time. The first film felt like one, this is more of a Christmas Special with better production values.

If there is to be a third (and this one does offer some closure to say there won't) you do feel sorry for Matthew Goode, who will return to find his characters marriage on the rocks.

Overall, fine, amiable enough with some nice moments, but perhaps leave it there now.

Wetherspoon: How Do They Really Do It?!

Wetherspoon: How Do They Really Do It?!
How do they really do it? Who cares?!

As long as your food is quick and warm then who really lies awake at night wishing a tv crew could go in and peek behind the curtain?!

This is the sort of wishy washy programming that Channel 5 class as entertainment.

'Neighbours' did nothing wrong and got axed to make way for this 'quality' too.

The Middle: Unbraceable You
Episode 1, Season 6

Unbraceable You
I thought the 5th series of this show almost plodded its way to the finale, so it's nice to see it back on better form at the start of the 6th.

Focusing on all the little quirks that make all 3 kids great, this episode worked well.

Lovely stuff.

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Horrid Henry: The Movie
The inevitable big screen adaptation of Francesca Simons beloved kids books came and went very quickly.

It tries its best, I'm sure it's a big hit with kids, but for me it didn't truly capture what makes the books great.

A shame.

Saving Silverman

Saving Silverman
Amanda Peet's winning turn in 'The Whole Nine Yards' obviously led to Hollywood rushing to offer her other opportunities to repeat the trick.

Sadly she chose to be in this dud,crass comedy, that does nobody in it much credit.

A shame.

The Real Games

The Real Games
Oh dear Holly. While her attempts to branch out from the snug sofa of 'This Morning' is to her credit, her judgment about which programmes to do seems poor.

This is another dud, not helped by the fact it aired at around the same time as another dud she's appearing in on BBC.

The Middle: The Wonderful World of Hecks
Episode 24, Season 5

The Wonderful World of Hecks
A series finale set at Disney World in which we barely see any of the park.

It's all ok, it's a decent enough episode, but feels like a one parter that's been stretched into two.

Some nice moments just about save it.

The Middle: Orlando
Episode 23, Season 5

This episode has some nice moments, but it feels like a one part episode that's been stretched to make two.

The Brick storyline was the best bit.

Ok overall.

The Middle: Heck on a Hard Body
Episode 22, Season 5

Heck on a Hard Body
Bless her - Sue is very funny here in a nice episode of the show overall.

The twist at the end was a bit cruel, but Sue's reaction was very typical of her.

Lovely stuff.

The Middle: Office Hours
Episode 21, Season 5

Office Hours
One of the best episodes of the 5th series for me, with all the plots working well together and everyone getting their moment to be funny.

Lovely stuff as ever.

The Middle: The Optimist
Episode 20, Season 5

The Optimist
The Brick and Mike storyline is the best thing about this episode, with Brick's innocent nature really getting his Dad into a heap of trouble.

Lovely stuff overall.

The Middle: The Wind Chimes
Episode 19, Season 5

The Wind Chimes
This is an ok episode, but feels very much like a filler one towards the end of a season.

It has its moments, but isn't one of the better ones sadly.

The Middle: The Smell
Episode 18, Season 5

The Smell
For once Mike is the funniest character in an episode, and this was a nice opportunity for him to shine.

The other stories worked ok too.

Good overall.

The Middle: The Walk
Episode 17, Season 5

The Walk
The Sue storyline was excellent here, with everything else just sort of happening in the background.

The pay off for both the aforementioned story and that involving Axl/Brick was pretty great though.


The Middle: Stormy Moon
Episode 16, Season 5

Stormy Moon
The Sue storyline didn't do much for me, but everything else here worked well.

This show is a quick sharp burst of comedy and heart, and it's fun to revisit now.

Britain's Got Talent: 2022: Auditions 5
Episode 5, Season 15

Auditions 5
It's all good fun over at BGT for another round of auditions.

Seeing as they're often the best bit of the whole series I don't mind these being prolonged a bit more.

Fine overall.

The Middle: Vacation Days
Episode 15, Season 5

Vacation Days
I liked all the stories here, and enjoy the fact that this show can be wildly funny one minute, and then slow down to have a real moment also.

Lovely stuff.

Romance in the Air

Romance in the Air
People are too picky!

So what this was filmed during the pandemic? So what if the cast is small and the green screen work isn't the best?

I thought this was great, and good natured fun. With some of the channel's bigger name stars jumping ship maybe it's a good chance for the ever lovely Cindy Busby to be given more chances to shine.

Lovely stuff.

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