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Hitler's Grave

another shokof's great original stride against all taboos
j have seen five movies from this master of arts and originality, and was ready to see another unique movie by shokof when i sat to view this powerful film . contradicting all my expectations from shokof movies, this one Hitler's Grave, was all but arty shokof film with his point of construction scenes and telling unique stories out of this world. Hitler's grave is so simply powerful that it convinces the best of movie makers out there to just get a camera (no matter what as long as it shoots pictures), know your kraft, but tell a story which again is nothing like you have seen before. a woman (wonderful Taies Farzan does the job flawlessly) promises her dying brother to fulfill 2 promises at his death bed. the first is to go to Berlin and find Hitler,s grave, and the second keeps the audience hanging in there to the last second. the story is grabbing and told masterfully, the actors are all wonderful.the curiosity of Germany in 2010 and the people answering with strange feeling to the ever tense questioning Atossa (taies farzan) is in itself a movie all great and worthwhile to see. there are many complicated issues handled with pure cinema skills by shokof to keep the film easy for all viewers to watch. it is funny as he always could be, dramatic as one has never before seen in shokof films, and so classically dedicated to keep in line while telling the story that one can simply forget there is ever a giant director telling a story of monumental proportions. the film has it all from jokes, to purest love instincts and sorrow, and joy, and music, and last but not least shoko,s perspectives of setting the shots so one would be able to tell, this is a shokof film most definitely. Hitler,s grave is a movie for all. from intellectuals to the school kids who just now fall in love and have had their ears, and noses full from stinking smell of the world bitter taste of racism (which again is a theme in almost all shkof film), and arrogance of the European societies which separates them from the rest of the world and is their greates handicap to be able to make world wide popular cinema. now for all its reasons this film and the director has done it in Germany and could perhaps show how interesting a film can be even if it is made in Germany.sorry, i mean no harm but to just criticize the bitter reality why most European films and most definitely German films do not connect with the world audience. take a look at shokof,s Hitler,s grave and you will understand why.

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