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Hitler's Grave

excellently brave
shokof means simply to be different.his work could be anything from great to (i would never say bad cause it takes lots of guts to do a small portion of what he has done on his own and in the name of arts)less great but is always a complete step and far away from this world. in Hitler's Grave shokof tries to show how unimportant religions are and how terribly we take all religions as the core principles of living on earth. there is a sentence where the girl and the boy are finally in agreement with doing what they want to do and then the boy asks her : do you think it works? here is the answer which in my opinion is the greatest line in movies in many many years: the fish will not fly and the birds will not swim.nothing will happen. wow, and then they continue on, and truly after the viewer exits the film , one can come to ask oneself the same question, and the answer is simply what the wonderful Taies Farzan gives in the film.just start living free, civilized, artful, and respect one another and no religion can be better than any of that. the film is just extraordinary. the cast are really all great.the story is above the imagination. the directing is on the dot.the music is great and matches wonderfully with the scenes.the editing works, and above all it is a revolution in form of a film much alike Shokof,s famous Seven Servants but much much more tangible.smell of love, success and delight is written all over this marvelous movie. you get a chance to see it , do not lose the chance.its a solid 10

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