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Hitler's Grave

why movies should be still made
why should movies be still made? why should people watch them anymore?9 out of 10 American films are just dead boring from start to the end but the work because we are now used to them. like the movies are a simple casual usual part of everybody's life. like getting up in the morning and .well i don't know .may be drink a glass of is boring to know that we sleep, then wake up and eat, but it is essential. its just how the movies have become. even though they are mostly boring but we have accepted them as essential, until one sees films by certain filmmakers like Shokof. i knew i was about to see something different, funny, brave, and challenging in the mere meaning of all those words when i saw Hitler's Grave. Shokof makes his best movie (in my opinion) if we consider this to be his first film ever to appeal to a widest group of people globally, but that is not why i loved this film. it is because Shokof proves to the viewer that the best of the artists can or should also be able to be casual, easy, simple, and most importantly clear in form and explanation. the story is provocative when a Moslem girl from Iran goes to deliver two promises in Berlin. she has made the promises to her brother just minutes before he dies out of injuries received by the Iranian Thugs in prisons of Iranian Regime and during the recent presidential election mass uprising. she should first find Hitler's grave and then onto the second monumental promise. the movie confronts much serious issues in the whole world in relation to Europe, religions, philosophy, mysteries of life on Earth, much more but you would never once find this mandatory to read in between the lines cause the whole thing is extraordinarily constructed and executed to the end. Vadim Glowna plays the role of the Rabbi magnificently and has a magical moment when he tells the beautiful Taies Farzan (plays the role of the girl wonderfully and well crafted)the secrets about life on Earth; we people on earth have clubs of mystery lovers and goes on saying we make mysteries about things to create stories bigger than life; what really happened to Marilynn Monroe? who really killed Kennedy?what truly happened to Michael Jackson.. the script is fresh, lines are remarkable, actors are all on the point and deliver their best i have seen from any of them. Taies Farzan and Pierre Kiwitt should play a pair again. they look fantastic together, and Pierre delivers greatly. Björnsson is flawless, and all over , this movie works because it stays with the core senses of human values, and does not try to be over the viewers intellect. Shokof's best movie gets a 10 from me. i wish this amazing artist all the best with this one. destined to succeed.

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