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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

thoughts on Dr. horrible (contains spoilers)
Dr. Horrible's sing along Blog is an amazing web series/short for many reasons, the acting performances are wonderful as well as the vocals, the songs are great (my personal favourite is on the rise), good directing, and most of all for me, the writing. The characters are really well written, especially billy,(doctor horrible)who I can relate to even thought he's a quote on quote villain. The only reason Dr Horrible was a villain was because of the way he saw the political system. He saw that the system was corrupt and that the rich were just getting richer while the poor stayed the same or got poorer. and the political system wouldn't help because the political system is compiled of those rich people and the system makes them richer. So if that system was good and he wanted to change it to he way that he saw fit and fair, he would be considered evil. Also, the movies antagonist Captain Hammer(although portrayed as the protagonist in the films plot) really makes you hate him. The ending really made the a lot stronger it was unexpected, Ironic (Dr horrible had to kill someone to get into the evil league of evil so was gong to kill captain hammer but killed penny by accident) and really depressing. it's a great movie and if you haven't seen it I strongly suggest watching it.

Toy Story 3

the best one by far (warning, contains spoilers!)
did anyone else cry like a little baby at the end? This sequel really exceeded my expectations greatly. i was almost expecting crap, but what i was given was an animated 3d masterpiece that makes you laugh, cry, and occasionally make you fear for the toys. my only problems were, no little Bo Peep, and, ( you may think i am a jerk for this) if the toys died at the end i would have been sadder, but it would make more sense for the letting go of your childhood part of the storyline, don't get me wrong, i love the originals and the current ending, it just would have made more sense with the storyline. thank you cast, crew and others, for this wonderful tear jerking, sometimes dark, masterpiece, about letting go of your childhood.

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