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HanyΓ΄ no Yashahime

Needed to be better like the original, sorry Inuyasha fans
Right so I'm probably gonna get craped on by fans of this series but I felt disappointed by it after watching 7 episodes. I just felt the story could've been better because there was just so many plot holes that it kept me questioning non stop with any conclusion to close that part of that particular scene. I don't want to say too much because of giving away spoilers. Anyhow we don't ever find out what happened to the original gang like there's literally no clues whatsoever on where they went. They might as well be forgotten about lol!

Now don't get me wrong, the music, the voice actresses and their characters were pretty good. However it badly needed a unique story as a backup and the art wasn't as serious enough as the original Inuyasha series (yes I am old skool thanks very much). In conclusion, the story was a failure in this anime series for me and it just failed to have the exact charm in looking for from the original Inuyasha series.

Chomyeone Saranghamnida

Despite being extremely cringy in some episodes, both leads were literally adorable😍
So basically I have finished this in 3 days with 3 sleepiness nights (do not try this at home, thanks Netflix) and I really enjoyed watching the two leads. I just thought they were absolutely adorable together like their interactions were just wholesome and natural. Ki-joo Jin and Young-kwang Kim did such a adorable job for playing the characters, especially holding out for a steamy kiss at the end there ;)

I even loved the Veronica Park character ,like you hardly see confident and laid back flirty girls in any romance show I've seen. She made me laugh y'all with her nonsense that she comes out with, including the other secretaries and the mother xD

However I will say that there were quite a few downfalls in this like when two people died in different scenes, they didn't add enough emotion to them.. I mean I nearly dropped this kromcom because the way they treated the tragic death scenes in this, weren't taken seriously and were quickly forgotten about. Also I didn't think that broken elevator scene in the end was really that necessary to end a story, I mean the guy got help and lived happily ever after!

Regardless of those complaints, this is such a very cute kdrama. It's very animated in some parts but it's very entertaining to watch at just 16 episodes. Give it a try if you want your heart to bloom!

The Millionaire Detective: Balance - Unlimited

Nice buddy cop show of 2020
This show has been so entertaining involving the journey of two polar opposites - a stone face millionaire taking revenge on his mother's death and a smart cheeky loud mouth who is a ordinary bloke. Both of which partner up to be badass detectives. I found this anime really difficult to distinguish if it's the anime of the year or if its a bit of downer. However I gotta be honest here, 11 friggin episodes doesn't do justice(see what I did there ;D) to make up a great story like I felt the ending was rather too rushed and tbh, the damn other cops working for Haru and Daisuke (except for Cho-San and Takei) are so friggin annoying. Plus they are just literally dumb and useless man! I mean yeah, have a tiny sprinkle of comedy but the jokes they crack open, don't crack open enough.

But that doesn't stop me giving this a chance for season 2 and loving the theme songs in this (honestly love the op and the closing). If you're into the buddy cop genre, go watch this anime folks!


Very good anime show of 2020
Well I would have never expected to watch an anime thats about Cartoon-Network style avatars (known as gears) trying to fight CGI monsters partnering with the humans (known as bugs). To be quite honest with you and out of stupidity, the amount of times they mention Deca Dence in this, I still haven't a bloomin clue what Deca Dence is. I suppose my monkey brain self just admired so much of the art and the fighting scenes out put into this that you'll immediately get lost in a good way lol...

Seriously the teamwork with Natsume and Kaburagi were just so wholesome man! I just like Natsumes confident attitude like she does them fights good! Likewise with Kabu, for a cute little robot avatar, he just surprises you on how clever he is! However I think the best character in this is Jill. She definitely is best girl with her sly clever attitude when she's helping out with Kabu. The actress Michiyo Murase did a phenomenal job voicing her!

Yeah if you like you're mad max themed and monsterish type of story, look no further and watch this anime! It's also by the director who did the fantastic Mob Psycho 100😁😁

Great Pretender

One of the best anime shows of 2020
One of the best anime I have seen in 2020. Honestly guys, I can't tell you how much I am gushing over this anime like it was just such a fantastic fun ride to get to know Laurent, Edamura, Abbie and Cynthia. Clearly whoever did, major kudos to them!!!!!!!

I am super in love with the art like Wit Studios just know how to hire great artists for this show. Not to mention having a slick soundtrack, as well as introducing a legendary Queen Song "Great Pretender" and matching it exactly of what this anime is about. I honestly hope there's a season 2 in the works because I just found this show entertaining, witty, sexy, hilarious, clever, full of twists, you name it! Basically all those types of ingredients are there is what you need for an anime to become great and memorable.

My dudes, I am begging you all to check out this show. This show is literally, you won't regret it !!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Tokyo Idols

Pretty disturbing if you think about the dark side of being a idol
So basically I found out about this documentary through seeing Akidearest's recent video where she talks about the animation Aggressuko in its season 3 (titled "this anime is dark as hell") on relating to idols. Not gonna lie, it is rather disturbing that we are seeing older men overly obsessing idol girls as young as 10. It's even sad and selfish with knowing one of the guys was not bothering to visit parents anymore because hes putting the idol stuff first before them. Like bruh that's the most pathetic excuse I've ever heard from anyone not seeing their parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean the shaking hands part when it comes to the fan meet and greet is pretty uncomfortable to look at too. You just wouldn't know who could go crazy at a meet and greet. I'm sure security is there but still, it's just a situation I would dread to be in! Also the fact that mother of one of the young girls said that All the fans her daughter interacts are all nice. I'm like missus, you gotta be realistic here, human beings are unpredictable. Just ensure as a parent, that your daughter is save with the people who are looking after her, especially her agency!

All criticisms aside, this documentary did a pretty good job at explaining what the life of a idol involves such as using that Rio girl as an example on how she deals with being a idol through her daily routine!

Yeah I highly recommend people to watch this documentary if they want to know more about idols!

The Umbrella Academy

Prefer if there wasn't sappy romance stories involved in the characters backgrounds and Ellen Paige playing a weak character
Honestly I just felt that this could be improved without the romance genre like we have seen it all before in any superhero material out there. I do applaud Aidan Gallagher for doing such an incredible job as playing Number 5 like bro, he literally did better than the rest in my personal opinion! I just felt they miscast with having Ellen Page be a weakling which honestly, does not suit her at all.

Yeah sorry DC, you didn't impress me this time but I friggin hope to see Aidan Gallagher in another decent project in the future!

The Guy Is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

Honestly a funny Yandere type of show!
So i was actually reading the first 2 chapters of the manga and was scrolling through the comments on the pirate site to realise that there was a jdrama version. i didnt want to wait for new chapters to come out for weeks so i decided to watch this in its jdrama format instead.

Omg guys this was particularly wack and just hilarious. We just see the boss appearing in stupid random places in order to stalk the girl whereever she goes. From stalking her through a car roof top including a hotel window and sliding his ass down a stair rail, hes just a legit psycho spider man lol. DID i mention he also photobombs the girls travel pics in the end? The actor who does him, did a great job at playing the role very well! I do wish the ending wasnt rushed cause i just was so addicted man!

Seriously folks, if you need a legit laugh, im proud to say this since so far, i have mostly seen bad manga to live action adaptions, is one of the decent ones to definitely check out!!!!

Megalo Box

Honestly a very good anime about boxing!!!!!!
I have heard of this anime being mentioned by Joey (The Anime Man) many times saying how great this anime is and 110% agree with him on his opinon. The fighting scenes were just beyond incredible. The characters just make the whole viewing experience of the 13 episodes much easier to follow, especially Joe with his laid back but pumped up attitude when it comes to every opponent he fought in the ring.

It's been a very long while since I last heard an English dub and I can honestly tell you, Kaiji Tang among the other English dub actors were pretty soothing to hear haha. It's good seeing and of course knowing, that the voice actors were matched well with their characters. I can definitely say this also for the Japanese voice actors in the sub version of the anime series.

What was a downer though that it did lose a score is that the music was a hit/miss. I personally didn't think that the op and ending songs weren't that pumped up enough for this particular series. Hopefully whenever season 2 comes out this year (or next year if covid did affect its airing), the soundtrack side will be better. Don't get me wrong, the songs were good in a way but just not to my tastebuds.

Literally can't wait for season 2 and what'll bring in Joes boxing journey ^^

Shang Yin

Very good BL live action series that isn't at least cringe worthy!
So my degeneracy self watched this last night from 11pm to 5am in the morning because I heard from someone online that this series is controversial due to the Chinese government being restrictive on showing gay love on TV. I won't get into it so I'm gonna talk about how I felt about the series

I have to say, this Yaoi series was so moving like this is my 2nd live Chinese BL series to watch like the bois in this were spot on. I like how Gu Hai is the rich flirty mischievous lad who wants to get to know Luo Yun better. Luo Yun on the other hand is pretty much a tsundere from a working class background with his dad. They then find out later on that they are step brothers and it pretty much gives the relationship a boost so yeah I'm sure I don't need to know that there'll be definitely a happy ending to the series lol.

Even though the fight scenes were comically weak af, watching the whole 15 episodes was just worth it tho. I do wish I was able to see the uncut of the "hot" scenes but I couldn't find them, oh well.. You get the idea tho what's going on xD

Yup so that's all I have to say, I give this series 8/10 ^^

Chen qing ling

It's gorgeous but wish it was a 3 part movie series instead of a tv series
Don't get me wrong, the actors, the costumes, the visuals and the music were absolutely gorgeous in this while watching this on Netflix. However, I found that it would be way better if this cdrama was split into 3 parts because I personally found the whole thing overwhelming with having to go through 50 episodes. That's why I just couldn't handle it after watch 20 episodes. It's probably the fact, this is my first ever cdrama and I haven't really explored much of the cdrama world yet so there's that.

Still I would totally recommend this to people if they have never seen a cdrama before. Also to end this off on a good note, I have the music played on a loop cause it's sooooo lovely. It's too bad I didn't click with this series but oh well, it's good to see what's out there as an outsider lol!!!

The Umbrella Academy: We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals
Episode 1, Season 1

Love the violin of Phantom of the Opera
Honestly so good man, it's such a great piece to open the show for!

A Day Before Us

Such a cute show even if season 3 was rather pointless...
Honestly the two pairs of couples in this were honestly adorable and it's good to see that there is a Korean anime that impressed me. However I just didn't think season 3 wasn't really needed of seeing them when they first met in high school, it's pretty obvious in the very beginning that they went to the same school together...

Anyways apart from that complaint, if you ever want to see fluff anime, then this is for you softies!

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

It's long winded but it increases awareness for the child to be found!
Yeah I think having 8 episodes was long enough to understand what happened on that horrific night. It boils my blood that the Portuguese police did 0% contribution to getting the McCann case solved.

13 years is so tragically long enough for the McCann family to process this everydayπŸ’”

The Sinner: Part VIII
Episode 8, Season 2

Yeah the whole cult thing was just over the top
I just felt the ending wasn't satisfactory enough to give a proper conclusion..


Sorry but I 110% prefer the anime...
Basically I wanted to try this live action version out because Joey (The Anime Man) recently mentioned this on the 8th episode of the Trash Taste Podcast. Honestly man I'm sorry to the 3 actors who played the three musketeers but the anime did it 10000000% times better because it is FUNNIER, CGI is less cheap and the voice actors of the characters were just natural.

The whole live action made this iconic show feel forced to be "funny" like there was nothing funny about it, I was more laughing at the fact that this was pure RUBBISH and AWFUL!!!!!

Look if you thoroughly enjoyed it for the lols and are a Gintama fan like myself, go ahead and watch it. Unfortunately I just couldn't enjoy it, it was such a waste..

Voice of Fox

Actually good enough if you have nothing to do!
I have to say, I really enjoyed this show. l liked that the songs in this were pretty upbeat to listen even though, they are somewhat hit/miss and the ending was pretty rushed with giving us a cluffhanger. However I still thought Kengo KAWANISHI (who also voiced Mash in Cautious Hero), Arisa KOURI, amongh e other voice actors involved, were very good singers and matched well on their performances as their characters.

You have to laugh at the character Jiang Yao whose always pestering Hu Li to join the "agency" (watch the show to find out cause this is spoiler free yo), when he said OMG, immediately the Jojo came through me . Ah man, the sub actors really surprise you with English words in good clever timing!

I also liked how the anime showed how the entertainment industry can be full of ignorant crooks who can mess with singers careers. Although this approach in this anime was much too light hearted for that but for real, it is scary and can be potentially dangerous for any singer groups if word got out about their personal lives.

Definitely watch this folks if you need to just hear songs and not bother worrying too much about how the story goes!

The Sinner: Part VIII
Episode 8, Season 1

A very good season 1!
Jessica Biel did such a great job at playing as a character who has dealt through a lot of crap in her life and has Bill Pullmans character assisting her to get the justice she really needs to get her own life back. I gotta say lads, episode one was such a shocker and I'm glad that we were able to see Biels character finally get a happy ending. Watching 8 episodes of this season was so addicting, now we move to season 2 and see how it goes for the other person!

The Half of It

Actors are fantastic but the story was pretty weak..
So I watched this on Netflix last month (late bloomer I know lol) and honestly the actors, including Leah Lewis were brilliant in their roles. It's just a shame that the story wasn't rather too simple and predictable for me to fully enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the actors performances. It's just that I felt the whole plot wasnt taken seriously. Yeah most romances are predictable in their own way shape or form but I felt there to needed be more ingredients added to the story (sorry can't find the words to be make sense here lol).

Anyway I would still recommend this Netflix movie if you like romance movies!

Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

Not that great...
At first I honestly did get emotional from the very beginning because it does show how a earthquake damages lives and how obviously destructive they can be. However what put me off watching more than 7 episodes of this waste of time Netflix series, it was becoming more of Akame Ka Kill/Independence Day scenario with adding in continuous killings for the sake of shock value and adding the sci fi genre.

Tbh if you're into better story that involves a earthquake, I would highly recommend to check out decent realistic ones like watching "The Day The Earth Moved" or "Tokyo 8.0". It's pretty much disappointing that they made this anime have a bland art and an obnoxious story basically....


Animation and story don't really connect well together..
Tried watching this movie through its mid way but I felt the animation and story was rather too bland. The voice actors was the only best ones in this not-so-great 52 minute movie...

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Humour and storyline was rubbish but songs in this were great
Just as the title of this review says, the whole storyline and humour was stupid af like I felt there didn't need to be over the top edgy jokes in this. The storyline was just too predictable and rather meh. I did however, really enjoy the whole songs in this, especially when all the Eurovision winners gathered around at a party bursting a mix of Cher and other old skool tracks. That was pretty much it, I wouldn't call it the best tbh....


Arte = Queen
Arte would really get your spirits up during this pandemic going on right now, like we all needed to be motivated somewhat by a character who's also going through challenges as a painter. Yes the art wasn't that outstanding honestly provides a powerful message that can should you what you love despite if others try to hold your head down! Don't watch it if you're not keen on discrimination of any kind or want the lovey dovey stuff in the background, please watch other anime if those aren't your thing!

Arte really puts a smile on my face like I know I love some characters in other anime but definitely, she is one to really look up to! Komatsu Mikako did such a phenomenal job on voicing Arte! I was so proud of Arte in the end with her mum being proud that she painted the chapel like yasssssss queen!

Definitely watch this folks if you need a boost, you won't regret it!

Nakitai watashi wa neko wo kaburu

It's a nice enough anime film if you have nothing to do!
Basically this is the first anime movie I've seen coming out in 2020. It's really about a girl nicknamed "Muge" who transforms into a cat, thanks to a dodgy mask seller and is hopelessly in love with a guy in her class. Not gonna lie, I nearly dropped this movie because her portrayal of a typical crazy high school girl was incredibly annoying. However I had to push up watching it and really the viewing experience was pretty easier for me to explore on why she is over the moon with herself. The art in this was not overly stunning or considered a masterpiece, but it was easy on the eyes like it did have decent scenes where you can view the city.

To be frank and I'm sure everyone agrees with this who has seen this movie, the cat mask seller was pretty much the worst villain out there. He is rather acting like a typical Disney villain who doesn't do extreme harm but at the end of the day, acts like a maggot really. His self image could've been broaden out a bit more than just stealing humans identities and their souls. Yeah boring....

The ending was nice though with Muge and Hinote reuniting. It may be a predictable that they do end up happily ever after but c'mon if you've nothing to do and don't care if there is a kissy kissy scene or not, then you're grand mate...

If you love cats a lot or a typical high school rom drama, this is one for you to definitely check out!


Honestly emotional and hilarious anime man Im going to miss looking forward to new episodes every Thursday!!!! ...
Awww man folks....we have been really treated spoilt to another father-daughter anime this year. The relationship between Goto and Hime was absolutely precious like the pair of them just melt your heart into pieces!

This anime and Somali & the Spirit Forest have been definitely giving me lots of onions in terms of what goes on behind the scenes of Goto's secret in attempting to hide his job from his daughter. It even gives us a sense of reality to what an mangaka does for a living. The lighthearted comedy makes you laugh but at the same time, there's always confusing depressing scenes to the future at the end of each episode. As a viewer, you really wouldn't have a clue on what's going on with Goto and Hime.

I'm not gonna bother telling you lot to what happened because this anime is so so worth everyone's time whether they hate slice of life stuff or not.

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, it was emotional, funny and just heartwarming. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cry in the corner because of the ending.😭

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