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Fire in the Sky

the best sci fi film ever made
Six men saw it. One became a prisoner inside it. but who would believe them? Fire in the Sky is the amazing tale of Travis Walton, a local man from the town of Snowflake, Az who claims he was abducted by aliens. he was found five days later naked and bruised. the film spends a lot of time on the five other men who try to explain Waltons mysterious disappearance. the cast give tremendous performances (Sweeney and Patrick are the standouts) and its clearly an example of an overlooked and underrated gem.

One scene of the film that truly stands out is the chilling flashback to Travis experience in the UFO. it is very realistic and one of the scariest sequences in film history. for those ten minutes is what makes this film the best sci fi film in cinematic history because it is breathtakingly real and the feeling that we are there with Travis as he relieves this memory makes it all the more memorable. a definite underrated masterpiece.

The Passion of the Christ

The greatest movie ever.
Word cannot begin to descibe how beautiful this film was. the acting cinematography and direction were all superb. Jim Caviezal portrays Jesus the best of any actor in Hollywood and works wonders in this gem. His movements his reaction to the pain he suffers, his eye movements *(he even seems to speak with his eyes while not talking) the crucifixtion scene is the most brutal part of the film the whole film is brutal but its so engrossing you cant look away from the screen, and it speaks to your heart. Every blow Jesus takes i felt as well but it is not sad we are not witnessing a tragedy its an accomplishment (if it did not happen we would all be doomed forever.) We are with the actors every painful step of the way and by the end it feels as though we are now one with them thats how much the depth of this film means (to call it a film does not do it justice it is more of an experience like no others.) The Greatest movie i have ever seen in a long time.

United 93

The Greatest Film Ever Made. period
This is the single best movie i have ever seen. It's so harrowing and suspenseful and realistic. The fear and confusion those people went through must have been terrifying but they managed to overcome their fear and unite to try and retake their plane against a faceless enemy. On a day we suffered unthinkable disaster and devastating defeat, Flight 93 brought consolation to many people as it shows that even against all odds we can stand together in the face of danger. This film should be preserved as a reminder that we are all capable of self sacrifice and heroism when we are at our most vulnerable. Paul Greengrass has created a masterpiece that will stand the test of time as a stirring tribute to all those who died on 9/11.

RIP Flight 93 passengers and crew.

666: The Child

Better than the Theatrical Remake!!
Thats really saying a lot considering this was made on like a shoestring budget, but really this film was WAY better than the theatrical remake of the Omen. The remake was really boring and just basically the original shot for shot and line for line; this film however while it pretty much retains the same plot line and and angle to it, it adds some nice twists to the story as well (The mark of the beast is on a different place, the plane crash opening, the kid was creepier, etc.) Also the acting was actually decent even for a TV film. Liked the whole different approach for the parents as well (teens instead of adults.) the deaths are pretty cool as well, and while i wont spoil them they are actually better done than the remake deaths.

So overall if you actually wanna see a good remake of the omen see this instead of the big budget remake.

Flight 93

Better than the Theatrical Version
Watched "Flight 93" last night after renting it from my local video store and i gotta say i was utterly impressed!! This movie captures the sheer terror and confusion felt by all the people and their families that day. It was so much better than the theatrical film "United 93" there were no over the top kills like in that one (ex the neck breaking scene i always felt was a tad overdone) and the conversations with the victims and their families make the film even more emotional. Plus the final 20 minutes literally left me speechless; the storming of the cockpit was the best part of the whole film; more better done than in United. I also liked the part where everyone begins introducing themselves to each other before they get ready to charge the cockpit they ended up knowing each others names before going down.

the scenes after the crash are moving as well. overall this was a great film and even better than the theatrical film. If you're gonna watch a film based on this event, make it "Flight 93."

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

The Best Chainsaw film of all!!!
To start off let me say i think this film was WAY better than the remake in 2003. It had more intense moments and it was like 20 times more scary. I liked R. Lee Ermy in the remake but LOVED him here!! he takes what originally was a two bit player and makes him into a more educated and cultured leader of the clan. This helps make the film move more smoothly and plus adds more depth to the character (especially during his speech about having to resort to cannibalism in Korea.) the cinematography is dark and gritty and the sense of dread is overwhelming especially when the kids are captured by "sheriff" Hoyt. Leatherface is more badass here than in the remake as well the whole intense death of the biker is one of the greatest deaths in cinematic history.

Plus the shot of Leatherface walking down the road at the end stuck with me after the film was over. the ending here was much more effective than the remakes ending. just my opinion but still i though it was awesome. Of all the chainsaw flicks this one is by far the best!!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Even Better than the Original!!!!
Some remakes actually surpass their originals. This is one of those remakes. the original 1974 classic was great but this film actually surpasses it in almost every way possible. the atmosphere is darker and much more gritty; the death scenes are way cooler (the chainsaw is used to gruesome, terrific effect when used); the acting is beyond Oscar worthy. R. Lee Ermy as the sadistic "sheriff" steals the show for me though.

Overall this remake is WAY better than all the sequels and even the original. 10 out of 10. wish i could rate it higher.

I hope this review is useful. words cannot describe how beautiful this movie is. Ir's one of those rare films that come along like once in a lifetime that surpass all others.

Halloween II

The Best Remake Sequel Ever!
Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 picks up where its predecessor left off and continues the bloody carnage that began with Halloween. Laurie Strode is suffering from nightmares and hallucinations of her brother and living with Sheriff Brackett and his daughter Annie, who also survived Myers wrath the year before; Dr. Loomis also survived but is writing a new book from the ordeal to try and relieve his troubled conscience and his failure to help Michael. Brackett discovers Loomis new book reveals the dark secret connection between Laurie and Michael and tries to prevent her from finding out. He fails and Laurie is grief-stricken to learn she is the sister of the man responsible for the deaths of her friends and parents from just the previous year. As Laurie spirals out of control and with Michael on his way back to Haddonfield, Loomis and Brackett are forced to join forces once more as the rampage gives way to a stunning and provocative climax.

What makes Halloween 2 better than the remake is the sense of realism throughout the movie; you feel what all of the characters are going through (particularly Laurie) and it makes you feel sympathy for all the people involved. This fact alone establishes it from most horror films as it gives it more emotional depth not many have. Don't skip on this film or you'll definitely cheat yourself

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

The Best Nightmare film!!
Some sequels top their originals. "Freddy's Revenge" definitely beats the first film by a long shot, cuz its more scary and Freddy is so much more terrifying than the other films. Another cool aspect is while the other films have Freddy portrayed as a stand alone killer, this entry has the dream killer in a more psychological aspect in that he has to possess a person to continue his evil spree, thus creating a more haunting tale than all the others. This also, in my opinion, is the darkest of the elm street series, especially the climactic pool party scene in which Freddy chillingly claims "You are all my children Now!" one of his best quotes. the acting by Patton and Meyers is excellent, and Robert Englund turns Freddy into a more menacing fiend than the last film. Strongly recommended. The Best Of The Series!

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is essentially a better version of Death and the Maiden. However, it is far more exciting and far more thrilling and riveting. Patrick Wilson is appropriately creepy as Jeff, the unassuming guy next door who looks like he wouldn't harm a fly. Ellen Page is the one who truly carries the film as Haley, the smart calculating mastermind who attempts to expose Jeff for what he really is. I have seen this movie like a hundred times, and it is still thrilling and exciting even though i know what happens. When a movie is like that, you know its gotta be good and destined to be a masterpiece. Script, acting and directing all are Oscar potential. Check it out for yourself, if you're brave enough


Beautiful Tragic and Dreamlike horror
In 1976 Stephen King and Brian Depalma came together and working from King's material crafted one of the best movies ever created. The film tells the tragic tale of Carrie White (played marvelously by Sissy Spacek) a mousy abused girl who suffers endless torment at the hands of her classmates and fanatically religious mother (Piper Laurie who's also incredible). However, one of the girls Sue Snell (Amy Irving) feels guilty and sets up her boyfriend Tommy Ross (William Katt) to take her to the prom instead of her. Another girl Christine Hargensen(Nancy Allen) gets her juvenile boyfriend Billy Nolan (John Travolta in a very funny role) to play a prank on Carrie. Little does everyone know Carrie's dark secret: She is Telekinetic and once the prank is pulled, a holocaust of destruction is released like non ever seen before.

This Classic from the 70's is flawless in every way; the acting is all top notch the effects are remarkable and the ending is haunting and tragic at the same time. The fact that Carrie even causes the death of the two people who reach out to her proves that not even the truly innocent survive all the time.


Better Than The First
Some remakes are said to be better than their originals.

Sometimes thats true. This is one of them.

Carrie 2002 may not have the same flair that Depalma used in the equally effective 76 movie but its a TV movie so thats to be expected. However, this newer version delivers more development, more intense sequences, especially the prom climax, and also a better ending in my own opinion but ill let you be the judge of that if you watch it. Angela Bettis is a mixture of mousiness, beauty, and shyness and she was definitely born to play the role of Carrie White. Her journey from class doormat to vengeful prom queen is definitely a sight to see. Also, the whole police investigation into the case is really unique as well cause its already happened so it gives more detail into why it happened and the truth is gradually uncovered.

All in all, The newer version delivers more than its share of chills and thrills. it takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and shows a pretty accurate portrayal of school life. Worth a watch or two definitely.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

The Best one out of all 8 films
Halloween 4 the Return of Michael myers takes place 10 years after the original and marks the return of Myers to the screen after 7 years of absence since the failed Halloween 3. Halloween 4 starts out showing Myers surviving the fiery explosion thought to have killed him in part 2 but rather being in a coma for the last decade. Now awake he goes after his young Nice Jaime Llyod the orphaned daughter of heroine Laurie Strode. Dr. Loomis, who also survived the explosion, now scarred and crippled races to stop him.

Halloween 4 is the best of all 8 films in my opinion, cause the atmosphere and plot are the most original along with a superior script penned by Alan McElroy. Danielle Harris is amazing as Jaime and Ellie Cornell does a great job as Rachel. The real star of the film is Donald Pleascene, reprising his role as Loomis. he is an amazing hero and a great character, especially in the scene at the gas station where he confronts Myers he shows absolutely no fear whatsoever. Best film out of all 8 of them better than 5 6 h20 resurrection the remake and H2.


Dark, Suspenseful, Tragic. Classic movie
Spike is one of those films that does not look like much at first glance but once you watch you become entranced by its wonder and majesty. Robert Beaucage weaves a dark tale that is scary, moving and ultimately tragic; it's like a fairy tale combined with a slasher. The characters are portrayed wonderfully, especially Edward Gusts as Spike, a man with the body of a monster but a heart as big as the earth itself. Sarah Livingston as the Girl is a mixture of beauty and strength as she fights to save her boyfriend from a creature torn by love and lust. even the music is dreamlike in its horror; The Marvelous little toy is used to creepy effect here and its truly unsettling when it plays. Spike is a sight to behold

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