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Horrible horror film I ever saw
Horror films are so called because you would feel horror or fear during or after viewing such films. However, chills, sweats along the spine, dilated pupils, panting for air, screams, or open mouth are NOT products in viewing this film. I will forgive myself to view all two episodes if it is an 'experimental' film done by a student studying film making. Sitting on my chair watching these two movies, I have the hope that something would come up as a reward. Virtually nothing horrible comes up, and that makes the film 'horrible'.

The so-called atmospheric horror in these two films (Grudge 1 and 2) is something like looking at a confined mad person. The evil spirits will kill everyone in contact and the population of evil spirits grow to no ends, and no purposes per se. Worse still, the first 30 minutes of Episode 2 is the EXACT COPY of the last 30 minutes of Episode 1. What is the rationale? (I am referring to the DVD versions)

If you want real horror, refrain from spending valuable time to watch them at all. Don't take for granted that 70% of the people who quoted for 10 out of 10 is a good guide. I doubt these people never watched good horror films before. In all, there is no plot, a bunch of innocent people were killed eventually, no mention on how these people were killed, no reasons why they were killed, and there is no hint of any kind the Evil Almighty, if exists, to do with this kind of meaningless deed. Avoid to watch these films entirely is the best policy.

She's So Lovely

The movie should be renamed as 'She's So Hopeless'
SPOILER The plot is simple and the whole movie can run within 30 minutes. Time is wasted on dialogs too long and too many for the plot. To quote a phrase from the film 'Amadeus', this film is 'too many notes'. There are no twists, no turns, and no surprises of any kind. Just a man (Sean), being drunken, was so mad about his wife having been beaten up, shot a government official from the institution suddenly and aimlessly. He became mad (why?) and was kept up in the asylum for ten years. I am not convinced as there is room for development to explain on a man to become insane. When he got out from the institution, his ex-wife decided to leave her second husband and two daughters. That is the end of the story. A bit strange for such ending because what I think of is that the wife deliberately used the second man for support for those ten whole years. I cannot believe this is the norm among American people, if it is.

The message from the writer may be 'Love is difficult' just as Sean Pan said it in the movie. That kind of love of the girl to the boy, and vice versa, are 'blind' ones, per se. If the girl was determined to 'love' without cause, why she was getting so depressed and hopeless. With that kind of 'love', she would certainly get hurt sooner or later. Someone would be hurt at the same time. Pity on her because she did not know what she was doing, especially to the second man and her other two daughters. The latter three persons did not do anything wrong and they should not be treated in this way. When the girl was leaving, I don't understand her facial expression. Was it guilt? Self-pity? Or, Relief?

Despite all these shortcomings, the figures in the film were at least honest people, except the neighbor who wanted to rape the girl. My impression is, however, that the figures in the film are not doing things with their head, rather with a low grade of mixed feelings. So, why is the movie title so lovely? If you are in bad mood or that you don't want to think, watch this film, but you will nonetheless be disappointed.

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