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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nick F'innngggggggg Cage is BACK...!
This was the exact perfect time for a movie that is self deprecating and pokes fun at the Hollywood elite as a ...caricature of themselves. Nick Cage is one of those actors that I've enjoyed just about everything he's done since Valley Girl. To see his journey from 2 billion in box office to perennial "B" movie Hell(and embracing it) is ultimately refreshing. The first 20 minutes was just a "laugh fest" I really just got tickled. This film has a lot of elements it's a comedy, it's a action film and buddy flick, and ultimately it's the heroes journey.

I think this is a love letter to Nick Cage fans. Also this is what we love to do in this country, build them up tear them down and build them back up better. This is that moment for Nick cage and thank goodness its end of the "B" list, until his Action comics #1 is stolen ......again.


a unique fresh fight
Referring to the show as merely an excellent MMA fighting show would be a disservice to this franchise. It reminds me of how Walking Dead was a show about zombies but the zombies were a secondary background element. Kingdom has rich characters that are all fighting some demons as well as their opponents in the cage. A rich tapestry has been woven between Alvey and his family and all the people that interact with them. All these characters are so well-developed to you feel like you know them. They deal with some issues like mental illness and drug addiction in ways you haven't seen on the small screen. The son of Alvey, Jay's character steals the show a larger-than-life screwup that has a big heart. The relationship between Ryan and his halfway house buddy Keith is truly unique and special. I noticed that Frank Grillo's star has been rising and I understand why after watching the show, he holds it all together and at the emotional center of everything going on with a very conflicted character that is trying to hold it all together as he feels attacked on all sides. I also adore that it's set in Venice Beach it feels like another character in the show. The MMA fight sequences in the show have a physical prowess and you walk away amazed by what they do on the show. Without question, the best show ever made about any form of fighting on cable TV. We need to start a campaign to have 4th season made, we want to see where this story goes. With Netflix dropping it hopefully Amazon prime can pick it up and see the next segment of what's going on at Navy St gym. I have nine days to finish 27 episodes before it get pulled from Netflix, wish me luck. BZ.

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