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Not yet perfect,but yet well done cop show.
First of all i totally agree with the first review,the show brings a innovation in the Canadian shows.

Even if i do not watch allot of TV series and i can count the ones i am watching now with only one hand i still appreciate the idea of putting a character that has suffered a great loss and thus becoming mentally ill in someway(Example:Monk) Also the story has its flaws but that is one of the few problems in this new show,and also its easier to understand if you do not miss any of the episode or skip any of the episodes.

All in all this show is pretty well acted and surprisingly good.

NOTE:A great new show that deserves at least 7/10 in IMDb! NOTE:I started watching this show yesterday so i do not know all about the show.

Den Fremmede

A Solid Denmark Movie
Its plot is average to good. The good part is that this movie is not another denmark emo teen drama.

The crew age range is surprisingly wider. Also i love it black n white. Even if it ruined some scenes etc like the one where the son is saying his last goodbye to his dying father.

Note:Everyone in the crew is fairly new and this was there first or second movie they made it fairly god overall.


Reason:Directors 1st movie,low budget movie(student movie),good production...

The Green Mile

Franks 2nd Masterpiece
Out of 2 Franks movie i watched they just accidentally happen to be his best.

The Shawshank Redemption(1994) And The Green Mile(1999) are strangely similar in the genre but everything else is different.

This movie is more of an emotional trip then his last movie. The movie moves around a gruesome murder and rape of a young girl and his possible offender.

The accused was caught in the scene of the crime... In the beginning to the end our opinion about that convict John Coffey(Michael Clarke Duncan) changes slowly but certainly.

Everyone from the great Tom Hanks(Paul Edgecomb)to Sam Rockwell('Wild Bill' Wharton) acted superb.

The only "bad" guy in this was the new guard(Percy Wetmore)(When you watch the movie you will understand)

Also the best performance in the movie and for the actor himself was the performance of Michael Clarke Duncan.His character was illiterate or half literate so he did not relied on dialog but on body language(One of the hardest things to master in acting) which he done almost perfectly.

In the middle of the movie they try to prove his innocent(That is all that i will say,i don't want to spoil the movie to the ones who still did not watched this dramatic but entertaining movie)

Finally in the end it all end in smoke(literally) and its no laughing matter too.

This is one of the few movies that made me burst in tears. 9/10 Not perfect but so close.

Note:Sadly i did not read the novel...Goodbye and have fun!

Enemy of the State

8/10 - Tony Scott Classic
Tony Scott is really a great example of a good mediocre director. After watching his movie named Top Gun(1986) i was surprised.

But still i didn't watch this movie with high expectations like the last movie i reviewed.

The movie was great and it exceeded my expectations. I think that this movie worked because of it staff and the story. Great performance by Will Smith(Robert Clayton Dean),Gene Hackman(Edward 'Brill' Lyle) and Jon Voight(Thomas Brian Reynolds). Also all the other actors and actress gave a good performance. The plot was nothing that special but it worked greatly.

One of the scenes i liked was the shooting scene.It was a little overly dramatic for my taste but the shooting was surprisingly not that violent.

Anyway the movie was a great watch and it kept me entertained for almost the whole time. I give it 8/10.

I highly recommend this movie!!!

Goodbye and have fun...

Minority Report

Underrated Movie from the master director of movie making!
Hello,this is my first review.I hope you find it helpful and that when you read this from beginning to the end that you understand the entertaining and educational value of this movie.

After Seeing : Saving Private Ryan(1998),Jurassic Park(1993) and Jaws(1975),Schindler's List(1993) and Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981) my expectations for Steven Spielberg movies went to the sky.

So one day in 2005 i saw that in two or three days that there will be a movie directed by Spielberg.So i prepared myself and when the day came i was ready to watch it.

After watching the movie i was amazed on how they did the SFX. The story was complicated but not that hard to understand and the staff was absolutely amazing.From Tom Cruse to Colin Farrell they all done there job. After the movie the only Spielberg movie that i liked was Munich(2005) starting Eric Bana as main character(Avner) and Daniel Craig(Steve).

But to stay on the movie i really enjoy it and it took me to a strange and dark future,which is not far from the truth.

I would give it 8/10 but i want to see this movie in 250 Top IMDb so i am giving it 9/10(also because its a Spielberg movie)

Thanks and Goodbye!!I hope you enjoyed this review...

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