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very realistic, sad and frightening
This movie was on television. The story is simple. Two friends get involved with a guy who wants money from them. They pay, but he wants more. This goes on and on. It's them or he (and his strong buddy).

The way it is filmed is very realistic and frightening. it can happen to everybody. At first, Gerard seems very nice. But he'll change.

Makes you think.

White Oleander

My daughter and I
Michelle Pfeiffer plays a mother who can not stand her daughter to become happy while she herself isn't. Only after the interrogation-scene in jail, where Astrid gets to know the answers she's looking for all her life, the mother can understand that her daughter has a life of her own and wishes to be happy and kind of normal. Perhaps she already spoiled her youth too much by then, we will not know, because the movie jumps two years then, but she seems to be happy.

Der kleine Eisbär

fine movie for children
This is a very fine movie for children. No violence. A few exciting scenes, bit breathtaking, but relief is quick to follow. This means that small children can watch it over and over again, with great pleasure.

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