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Bouquet of Barbed Wire

sentimental value
I bought this and also another bouquet on video some years ago for purely sentimental reasons and because i loved the haunting music and picture of a young girl running which reminded myself of me as a child in the opening credits .I also have a memory of watching this as i babysat my nephew,it says everything about the time it was made i was 15 at the time and at an age where i was captivated by the manson family exploits . However 34 years on i much prefer to watch another bouquet as the performances seem so much more natural , the original series seems wooden and at times cringworthy even for its middle class setting, although one has to say the domestic violence scenes between pru and gavin are still shocking even for these times , the way manson appears to be in love with his daughter is so strong that its almost repulsive and you long for someone to actually accuse him , esp his wife and her 2 beleaguered twin boys . All things considered though i wouldn't be without these 2 series for there trip down memory lane .

The Brief

why oh why isn't this series on DVD ?? as it certainly deserves its place on the shelf . i loved the romantic interludes, the briefs wife is a cnd fanatic she and her husband have nothing in common and as a result he falls in love with a young German girl , the whole thing is full of intrigue, warmth, romance and madness despite his affair you warm to him as he tries to please everyone whilst doing his job and you secretly hope that his affair will last, and the fact that his wife is a political nightmare takes the edge off the middle class ideal so the series isn't at all stuffy but highly entertaining.well worth a look if the DVD is ever produced .

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