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  • Well done. I like when a Christmas movie doesn't feel like it was made as a school project. Some I seen habe been so awful but most are at least quality for the most part. As always, predictable but that's why we watch these. The cute little things and Christmas.
  • This had a decent score and the preview made it look better but it says 90 mins and it felt like a 45 min movie. Weird and it was very bad.
  • Wish I could give it a negative score. 10 mins in and yikes this is like a cheaply made D- list movie even for a TV christmas movie this is atrocious. Most of them have at least decent editing and don't look like it was made by amateurs.
  • Watching on prime and I'm not sure if my internet is lagging or if the movie feels like its lagging its weird cause it looks cute but that is annoying.
  • Ok so the acting was alright and the story was only meh at best and even though the story was typical at least it wasn't the same ole girl comes back home and falls for her ex Hallmark movie. Those are so tired even though some can be good. If u like cheese and a cute story u may like this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's so many plot holes 1. In one scene Jessica at school seemed scared of Jacob when he wanted to talk in like episode 1 then she was like his best friend? That made no sense. Also it seemed like she knew more than she led on about this. Alot of the plot feels unfinished. Also that pedophile we dont know if he truly ever did anything to Ben or not. It's frustrating cause there's no real answer and I hate ambiguous endings. Do not recommend if u want an actual answer
  • I know this is the most loved series but I just began watching. I made it thru 7 episodes but honestly, wtf is even going on? Way too many characters are introduced. Im so lost. Did this show loose anyone else cause it was hard to follow.
  • Ok so I never saw the original except the first 2-3 eps a few years ago to check it out but i mean people are saying this is bad but tje original was pretty lame from what I saw. Since I had seen so lil I cant comment on how it grew but seems like fans of the original are the ones who hate it. Im about 13 eps in and its not fantastic but not terrible. I have been entertained mostly.
  • I am a huge fan of Gaga and so I finally got around to watching and dont get me wrong she was actually really good but the story felt incohesive. Some characters were never really introduced and I didnt understand a word that Bradley mumbled. I wish I had subtitles on cause it was hard to follow.