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Death Among Friends

Well Remembered
This was a pilot for the great character actress Kate Reid. She played a homicide detective (sort of a female Columbo. Mrs. Columbo anyone??). here Kate investigates a series of murders surrounding a wealthy millionaire. I remember one person suffocates in a sauna, another is crushed by a barbell, and the beautiful Lynda Day George (Where is she?? She is sorely missed.) swan dives into a swimming pol with a broken light and is electrocuted.

Kate was aided in her investigations by a young A. Martinez and her superior, Martin Balsam If I remember the TV movie was a sleeper hit and there was talk of a follow-up. Alas, as it is in Hollywood, it was only talk.

Incidentally, the film ended with Kate having solved the murders. She suddenly pauses and gives her famous laugh. "I just realized something" she howls, "the butler did it!"

Minimal Knowledge

I highly recommend this film.
I recently saw Minimal Knowledge at SEDONA. The film portrayed Reincarnation, Religion, Action, Love, and Mystery. The editing was solid, the acting was a lot better than I expected, and the screenplay itself was both original and intriguing. If this was done on a higher budget, I could definitely see this premise doing very well. The characters were well-developed and kept us guessing. The filmmakers obviously have some talent taking a script that should be done on a very high-budget and doing it for practically potatoes. And better yet, they pulled it off. I do these festivals quite often and it was finally nice to see something worth while. I highly recommend watching for these filmmakers in the future.

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