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Don't Say a Word

New York feeling
I have never been to New York. But this movie just gives the gritty and blue and dark New York feeling. I love the season, autumn, that the movie is shot at.

Score is mediocre. It doesn't bother me, no, but I just don't notice it during the film. Maybe it's the plot that keeps me intensively glued to the screen, I don't know. I guess I'd have to bought the soundtrack. But those two songs: "Marvin Gaye - Pride and Joy" and "Louis Prima - Fee, Fie, Foo". These songs got so into me. And afterall the jazz adds more of this New York feeling to me.

The other day when I watched it, it was cloudy and not very good whether. This movie fit very nicely into that evening.

About the acting part. I'm not very good at judging people's acting, but I do recognize, when somebody acts bad. Not in this movie though. Everything was great. Sean Bean is very good at playing bad guys. Skye McCole Bartusiak did also a nice job.

This movie rocks in every way.

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