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Strangely unique
As a fan of Elijah Wood (Green Street Hooligans!), I was patiently awaiting the release of this series. The show found the perfect network, FX, which also brought the weird and raunchy comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Wilfred is a show to enjoy whilst relaxing, having a beer, or other recreational activities. Although the plot is simple, the acting and the execution are highly enjoyable. What this show lacks in cinematic diversity, it more than makes up for it in talent, humor, depth, and creativity.

Don't watch this show if you aren't open to new ideas and strange events. Wilfred is a dark humored show that appeals to those who can enjoy great quality when offered to them. Basically, you need to have an open mind and a passion for dark humor.


Hung is a show of realism without the bs
Thomas Jane, Jane Adams, Anne Heche, Eddie Jemison, and Rebecca Creskoff all perform extremely well on screen. They portray their characters flawlessly and allow you to vicariously enjoy the show that is Hung.

This show is difficult to label, it's more of a raw show without any bs. Many of the events aren't as climatic as one would expect, especially the season finales, but this is what makes the show so beautiful. Hung doesn't rely on overly complex drama that makes absolutely no sense in the real world, it relies on real life complications in humorous, yet dramatic scenarios.

Hung is open to interpretation, at least most of it. If you have the patience for massive character development with a smooth plot and actors who portray their characters effortlessly, then this show is a must.


Quality you can appreciate
Patrick J. Adams & Gabriel Macht both give convincing performances in the pilot, something sure to excel even more throughout the series.

The script, acting, and quality are all flawless, as far as television goes. If you're looking to be highly entertained on Thursday night, then look no further. The subtle humor, creative plot, and enjoyable dialogue entices the viewer more with each passing moment.

If you're into legal shows that include all aspects of human nature, including compassion, then Suits is for you.

Hopefully this show continues to have the opportunity to thrive; it has definitely drawn me in and I won't miss a second of it.

Franklin & Bash

Don't write this show off just yet
This show seems to be improving with every episode. The series premiere was great, but episode 2 was better, and episode 3 was even better.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, alongside the other cast members all perform well.

Franklin and Bash is truly refreshing with creative dialogue, unique (extremely unique) scripts, and quality acting. The show is quality compared to many other legal shows I've seen.

I agree that this show might not be the next Lost, but it definitely succeeds at entertaining and that's all that matters to me. This series is great for what it is and it does what it's suppose to do: entertain.

Give this show a chance, but if you can, let it grow on you since the first three episodes progressively improve.

Hopefully this show lasts as long as possible, granted quality does not falter.


Those who watch it fall in love, always.
Community is brilliantly scripted: the dialogue is ingenious, the acting is superb, and the creativity is off the charts.

Don't watch this show with high expectations because those expectations will be met, but the show excels if you have an open-mind and as you relax.

The humor is abundant and you will fall in love with at least one of the characters, if not all. I would attempt to list the diverse features of each character, but they really can't be explained. Each character truly cannot be labeled, they are each so unique and realistic that you'd have to watch this show in order to understand.

If you aren't a fan of this show yet, give it a chance and you will be, otherwise you're missing out of cinematic entertainment at its finest. I would classify this show as one of my favorite comedies, ranking alongside Arrested Development and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Community is definitely the cleanest of the three so it's a great watch for a good time without being overly offensive.

You can read all of the positive feedback about this show, but the best way to fully understand this show is to immerse yourself in it by watching it.

X: First Class

Strong enough to stand alone
The concept of this film might be somewhat mundane to some since we already know what happens in the future, but this shouldn't stop you from experiencing the best X-Men film of the franchise.

James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Kevin Bacon act so well that I'm still astonished as I write this review. The rest of the cast members were solid, but these three stood out far beyond my expectations, which were high to begin with.

Although there might be some mythological errors in terms of the comics being adapted to the big screen, it's definitely something that can easily be over-looked.

The CGI, dialogue, action, acting, and script were in perfect unison.

There really isn't much more you could ask for from this film, except another one just like it to keep the X-Men franchise as strong as it can and should be.

The Walking Dead

Perfection - this series does not fall short
Andrew Lincoln & Sarah Wayne Callies provide acting that shouldn't be overlooked, alongside the other cast members who seem to pour it all out on the small screen for us.

The make-up and costumes are flawless, the dialogue is intriguing, and the suspense it remarkable.

This show is the perfect mix of zombies and drama, without leaning more on either side, which brings a refreshing image to the zombie genre.

Although you may dislike zombies, or perhaps you're in love with the idea, this show will appeal to you.

Watch it, the first season is only 6 episodes long and if you aren't left craving more, then you know you can move on without wondering if you should've given it a chance, granted that might be impossible to do.

Season 2, I'm waiting on you.


The end is near
This apocalyptic series is terribly terrific. The acting is intense and the script immaculate, but sadly it was short-lived, although it had plenty of time to thrive, which it did.

The only downside to this show is how raw and intense the drama is, but it's also the only reason this series is on my list of top favorites.

It might be difficult to watch a marathon of this show, seeing as how one episode brings much anticipation, stress, and realism to your small screen.

Jericho is a show you cannot miss, especially since we can all learn something from the show. Human nature is perfectly portrayed through each character and although they are brought to extreme measures due to tragic events, their decisions are all understandable and enticing nonetheless.

This show pairs perfectly with a glass of wine, or two.


ABC knows how to market
Although this show seems to be ridden with ABC sponsorships and the like, it shouldn't be underestimated.

The acting from the entire cast is balanced and perfected and as much as I'd like to share my personal favorites, I can't seem to list only a few. Honestly, the entire main cast is perfection for a show like this.

Castle is a comedic look at drama, conspiracy, and murder, but it's also serious when it needs to be.

There are merchandise tie-ins such as two (and soon to be a third) novels by the fictional character Castle, as well as a soon to be released hardcover graphic novel of Derek Storm, which allows for us to enjoy Castle on and off the small screen.

Castle is a show you will not likely forget any time soon, so start indulging in some of television's finest quality.

Source Code

Unexpected cinematic perfection
Source Code is the first and only film I've seen on the big screen this year, mainly since I've been waiting until the summer to indulge.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan team-up to give a performance you wouldn't believe.

The show is well-written, futuristic, and nearly flawless. If you're a fan of either actors mentioned above, you'll simply love this film, and if you aren't, you soon will be.

Source Code didn't focus on profit, it focused on quality and the audience, something that seems to be uncommon practice even this very day.

Give this film a chance, you'll be beyond thankful you did.


Underrated - entertainment left unfinished
Sadly, this series was short-lived, but luckily it allowed Matthew Bomer to move on with his career which brought us White Collar.

This series is definitely worth watching, it has great dialogue, amazing acting, and perfect cinematography.

It would be a stretch to say this show is flawless, but it sure does seem that way, in terms of potential. Traveler should've been renewed for a second season at the least, but instead, we get 5 episodes less than a full first season.

Prepare yourself to enjoy your time, but also be aware that there is no series finale, so your heart will long for closure, but you'll be met with intrigue and excitement.


Unlike any television series
Cheers to Zachery Levi and the rest of the cast for their acting abilities.

This show is unique, the humor is hilarious and the plot is interesting, although at times it might be a bit cheesy, but that's what makes this show so great.

The acting from Zachery Levi is hilarious, he really does shine throughout each scene.

There isn't much you can say about this show since it can't be compared to anything seen before, so I suggest you just tune in and watch it; you won't regret it!

The Mentalist

Atypically awesome
After watching a marathon of White Collar, I thought they'd be too similar for me to fully enjoy, but I must say, both shows are different and both are extremely enjoyable.

This series seems rather predictable at first, but once you immerse yourself in the plot, you'll realize how unique this show really is. Not only does it have a dark and depressing undertone, it does so with humor and uniqueness.

Honestly, I've never seen a show like this before. It seems to be able to bring every emotion out of the viewer, from empathy to sympathy to joy. It's a complex series that doesn't fully explain everything in detail, but that does work in their favor.

If you're looking for a show that doesn't spoon-feed you every little detail which makes you feel as if the producers think you're too stupid to understand on your own, then this show is most definitely for you.

Give this show a chance, I know I highly enjoy it, alongside White Collar with Matthew Bomer. The acting from Simon Baker is astonishing, I'm truly addicted to this show. Flawless cast, awesome cases, interesting plot; I love every minute of it.

White Collar

Amongst the shows airing, White Collar is a breath of fresh air
There are many great television series currently airing, but White Collar seems to be the only show that's enjoyable to watch whilst concentrating solely on a core set of characters.

Most shows try for the diverse cast where you follow the storyline of multiple characters as they journey through their lives and follow hilarious or dramatic experiences. This is what allows White Collar to stand apart from most shows, although they are all unique and enjoyable in their own respects.

Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen (Saved by the Bell!) are the core characters in this show, mainly Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay, but each actor excels and the show is delightful since the acting is just as great as the uniqueness of this show. Although the scenarios might seem a bit intense, without such dramatic cases, the story would cease to be riveting. The scenery is refreshing, the cases are interesting, the acting is superior, and the directing is flawless.

It's refreshing to see the show tie in Neil Caffrey's personal life, mysteries, and love life whilst maintaining the captivity of the main plot. The humor is subtle, neat, and perfectly executed.

I hope this show continues to carry and thrive, I'll definitely be putting this on my list of overall favorite television shows.

The O.C.

Long overdue review
Although I used to watch this show when it was aired as fresh talent on television, I haven't been writing reviews for too long.

After watching Southland with Ben McKenzie, I was reminded of how excellent this series was and still is. Alongside Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie were the driving force to the success of The OC. Their acting is full of talent and although some acting from the other cast members could've been better, the show achieves its goal and receives my attention. I'm glad to see Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody have advanced their careers.

Sometimes the episodes might seem bland, or the drama too unrealistic, but that's what I enjoy. I don't need a show to always captivate me with every dramatic situation, or to be too realistic as if I were watching a reality television show. Variety is key and The OC definitely deserves my praises.

Excellent show for leisure viewing, not to be taken too series, but rather to be enjoyed for what it is.


Complicated yet refreshing
Southland is not a show for those with A.D.D. It takes concentration to keep up with the events that occur, but it's well worth it. There are plenty of television series where one can mindlessly watch and be satisfied, but there are rarely shows with depth that are both excellent in quality and complexity.

The show follows different perspectives of police officers on the streets of Los Angeles and the main emphasis of the show is to depict entertaining yet realistic views of police officers and what they deal with.

The reason I tuned into this show was because of Ben McKenzie, I have always been a fan (yes, The OC). His acting is amazing, I'm glad he got another chance to shine on television as his talent is obvious and his character is definitely relatable.

(Edit) After watching more and more, I must admit that I have been feeling guilty for not mentioning the other actors. Regina King, Shawn Hatosy, Michael Cudlitz, Arija Bareikis, and Kevin Alejandro all do so well, every actor on this show gives 110% and then some. I feel for every character, it's amazing to be able to experience such emotion for so many different characters in only 44 minutes.

I hope this series does not falter, it has potential and thus far, I am amused and addicted.

The censoring of profanity is rather childish and seems as if some phrases intend to be humorous (as many humor shows often use the *bleep* sound rather than actual profanity). I'm glad TNT picked it up, but sadly the budget was significantly reduced alongside cast reduction. So far it has been able to carry on, hopefully it continues doing so; don't ruin a good thing.


Television that isn't reality is quality
I cannot believe I haven't written a review for this extremely entertaining television series.

The plot is inventive and exciting as it isn't completely realistic yet it isn't too out there. The balance and pace is perfect.

Although the first two or three seasons really captivated me, I felt it lost some momentum until the awesome season 6, but that's because I wasn't warned. I am warning you all that the plot drastically changes from time to time, something I didn't expect so I wasn't able to fully comprehend.

This show is sublime, it's definitely up there with Breaking Bad. I enjoy Weeds because of the humor and the short but entertaining episodes whereas I enjoy Breaking Bad because of the drama and the length of their episodes. It's sort of like two similar plots (drugs and money) but with drastically different execution.

Weeds is money and so are the Botwins.

Going the Distance

It is what it is
I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this film, but improvements were available in many situations. Although the acting was great, the humor was subtle at times and in a film such as this, you'd expect more.

Films such as these seem typical, but it also seems typical for the outcome and the plot to be unusually different compared to similar films, although if done too often, this becomes typical as well. In other words, the Rom-com situation in this film varied only slightly compared to my predictions.

It's a film worth watching, especially if you're a fan of the actors in the film (as I am). It's a light film that is easily enjoyable, although if you're crunched for time, you might want to take a rain check.

Don't expect this film to move mountains, but don't underestimate the importance of casual entertainment and how easy it is to relax one's self rather than trying to understand a complex web of alter egos and dream sequences.

The League

Subtle yet effective
The premise of the show is rather mundane, but the execution of the humor is more than satisfactory. This show feels more like an internet series, yet that very same, raw, atmosphere helps develop the characters and the plot.

I find this show to be similar to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, yet it's slightly less raunchy, but a bit more sexual. I believe this show will thrive off cult followings and it deserves success.

At times the plot may be predictable, but the delivery from each actor and the humor within the plot makes the show nothing less than entertaining. Although it does take a while to become addicted to the show, by the time you reach Season 2, you won't be able to refrain from indulging in a marathon of episodes.

Each season is rather short and the episodes themselves aren't lengthy, but if ever there was a show that got down to the point, it's The League. Shows like Lost, House, and Arrested Development are beyond amazing, but they are lengthy (which is great when you have the time to invest). This show keeps you entertained but without the excessive time commitment other shows tend to require.

If anything, give this series a chance and if you don't enjoy it, then you're too used to the mainstream version of television. Variety is essential to the entertainment industry, so do partake in the rare occasion of a series being both atypical and enjoyable.

Easy A

Typical plot with an atypical greatness
This film was my first pick after taking a month and a half off watching movies and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

I believe in rating films for what they are and how well they exceed the standard granted the plot and actors are taken into account. I must say, this film is/was a great watch from start to finish. It has a unique way of enticing the audience when similar films couldn't, although it does have a very fresh aspect in many respects.

Don't miss this films, it's definitely one of the good ones of 2010 (there are many great films this year). I am glad they chose the actors and storyline the way they did.

10/10 stars for being able to captivate.


I'm LOST for words about how great this series is
I can't believe I haven't written a review of this series yet, but I figured it long overdue.

I tuned into this series quite late because I wasn't into all of the hype it was receiving, plus I prefer to watch quality shows when I can run a marathon of them. Needless to say, I burnt through seasons 1-5 in about a week and a half, and am currently working my way through season 6.

This series questions all of those questions a real intellectual might have. The reasons of existence, freewill vs destiny, time travel, philosophy, human instincts, humanity, probability, conspiracy, and so so so much more.

If you have even the slightest inclination to watch this film, do yourself a favor and set up a quick and basic schedule on how and when to watch the series with the most fun possible. Perhaps every Friday through Sunday night with popcorn and some of your best pals, but be warned, once you start, you might not be able to control the vast array of awesomeness that is Lost.

Although this series never gets dull, there might be times where you question whether or not you should spend time continuing, so keep in mind that everything has a purpose, your mind is supposed to work as you watch, and that this series will always allow for interesting conversations as it is our generation's classic.

Enjoy every minute of this series, and when you're done, your perspective of quality will drastically change, it'll be like box wine to 1985 Marilyn Merlot (guaranteed).

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

A film like never before
This film is entirely ingenious, brilliant, and captivating. It is enticing and enjoyable, completely out of the ordinary and a refreshing change to the entertainment industry.

Every actor in this film excels, they immerse you in the realism of such a surreal film, alongside the amazing direction and special effects. The added annotations/captions are creative and the storyline is completely out of this world.

Although the storyline might seem straightforward, the way the film plays out and the change of scenes are so captivating, you'll be amazed, astonished, and yearning for more.

If you don't enjoy this film, I don't know what you would enjoy. This film is on-par with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for me, both of which were refreshing and creative, with comedy both small and large. This film is more of a video game, which in itself might seem lame, but the blending of a film-like video game is astonishing.

Enjoy this film, it's definitely worth watching for years to come, just try and find ways to enjoy it, such as Friday night with friends and popcorn.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is Bringing good to our television
After the consistent awards this series has gotten, I caved in and decided to catch up on the craze, and I am everything but disappointed.

The story is about a high school chemistry teacher's introduction into the darker side of life, drugs. His wife is pregnant, his friends are successful, his son has cerebral palsy, and a couple other significant factors that cause his break-down from everything he once knew.

Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle), Aaron Paul, and RJ Mitte are my three favorite actors in this series. Bryan Cranston has won numerous awards for his portrayal of Walter White. Aaron Paul is one of the first actors I've seen that pulls off the "thug" style without being over-the-top or embarrassing. RJ Mitte portrays a kid with cerebral palsy extremely well, I hope he gets enough recognition. Anna Gunn and Dean Norris are both extremely talented in the series as well.

The series seems as if it has a limited storyline, but every episode leads to more potential, and it is bound to be a classic. The opening to the episodes are sometimes set in the future, which is creative and refreshing from the normal openings.

I cannot praise this series enough, let's just hope it continues to be successful. It's worth the time and money, perfectly perfect.

Raising Hope

Raising Hope raises hope for television
Many series have ceased to exist, most running their course and production ending, but Raising Hope brings new potential.

The shows currently alive on my list are Modern Family, House, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Raising Hope.

The story is about raising a child in a dysfunctional family with little money to spare. Although parallels can be made with My Name is Earl (namely the same creator), I find them to be completely different. This series seems to be fresh, more modern, without the accents as well.

The comedy is hilarious, the dialog is inventive, and the show is enjoyable. I suppose I'd call this the opposite of Modern Family, seeing as how everyone in Modern Family is extremely wealthy, this show depicts the lives of an impoverished family, but with the humor abundant.

This isn't a long series, 21 minutes an episode or 30 minutes on television, give the pilot a chance, you will enjoy it!

Modern Family

Brilliantly done
Another mockumentary, but it's brilliantly done. It kind of has the feel of the interview sessions from The Office mixed in with the family humor and somewhat similar dysfunction of Arrested Development.

This series has great actors and the show is rather light and laid-back. It isn't as heart-felt as Scrubs was, but it's an easy watch with great dialogue and inventive situations.

The title is perfectly fitting to the series, it's about modern families. Each family (three in total) is connected to the other and the stories always have a relevant meaning.

You shouldn't miss out on this show! You will need to pay attention to understand many parts, but it's an easy series to watch, especially if you watch it over the weekend with popcorn.

Enjoy it, it's Modern Family.

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