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Ignore the clueless reviewers
Before I even get into the laughable complaints made by the clueless, I must write that this is the first film in a very long time that I found compelling and didn't notice the "long running time." Some films deserve to take their time to reveal the story. If that bothers you--go watch the latest inane, super hero CGI fest that spoon feeds you your shallow entertainment.

The idea that Man corrupts religion for his own ends is the main theme. It is obvious that many viewers have lost the ability to actually watch a film and grasp its concepts. They complain about "no plot" when it's right there on the screen. If the film is not edited with the frenetic pace of a television commercial--it is considered slow.

Yes, there are thematic similarities to the original Wicker Man (not the pathetic Americanized atrocity made recently) but that is just due to the use of an isolated setting and Pagan religion and mythology. The plots are distinctly different.

Someone made a comment about the use of a "Zippo" lighter being somehow how bad the film was. Quick research (which obviously the filmmaker did) shows that "automatic" lighters where available by 1889 and the particular lighter shown was available in 1905! Zippo did not invent lighters--they just refined them and mass produced them for WW2. Don't claim knowledge if you don't posses it.

Another complaint was the island's village was too primitive for 1905? Really, Hand-hewn buildings look just like this. Again, every idiot who can thumb type thinks they know better than the filmmaker.

This is not a review of the film but more a review of the proliferation of useless, pointless "opinion" blurbs that people believe are reviews. A review is also not just a recounting of the plot. Just typing "this movie was a waste of time" is not relevant to anyone but the typist.

If a film about man's corruption of religion and an creepy use of Celtic/Earth mythology acting as the metaphor and some gruesome violence thrown in doesn't hold your interest maybe Transformers would suit you better.


It's an allegory, people--not a documentary. Everyone seems to be griping about "plot holes" when none of that actually matters. This is attempting to be an illustration of class struggles, of elites over the masses. Yeesh! Plus, it is based on a graphic novel and not some deep piece of literature.

I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.

I wish this was available
I caught this movie on the Encore Mystery channel some time ago and thought it was hysterical. I especially love the way they portrayed the party member who was a teacher and she explains how the teachers will subvert America's children. You still see remarks to the affect that the NEA is a commie front.

The truth is that Cvetic liked to turn in lists of people who were in no way connected to the CPUSA. He got paid for quantity apparently. I believe this is what eventually caused the FBI to cut him loose.

Still, the film is a great example of the hysteria sweeping the country at that time. I wish it was available on DVD so I could add it to my collection of bad cinema.

A Thousand Clowns

Helped form my world view
I used to watch this film every time it played on the tube when I was a kid (late 1960's, early 70's!) I was completely affected by the world view conveyed in it even then. Hard to believe that life is even more complicated now than in 1965. People need to slow down and evaluate what is really important in life. I really hope this film is released on DVD soon. I can never forget the lamp "with the boobies!" Man, I really miss Jason Robards. There was a certain quality to his voice that no one has today. They just don't make actors like they used to. Maybe Hollywood should stop casting GAP models and hire some real talent--no matter what they look like.

Fahrenheit 451

Hard to believe so many don't get it!
Sure, the film is dated and much was left out but some of the comments are just plain ridiculous and show that some here don't actually "watch" film. The comment about the Book Lady's death convinced me of this. If the dialog is listened to--you find out that she did this to protect all of the hidden book people-not just because of what the books meant to her! Irregardless of the original book, I think the movie is rather prophetic considering the mindless sludge people watch on TV. "The Family" video program in the film reminds me off all those pointless "reality" shows on today. To complain that the film is slow moving and boring is crap. Watch it--study it and it will reveal so many things, unlike what is passed off as film today. The film opens with the book reader eating an apple. How many of you got this? I'd love to see some responses. Having Julie Christie play two parts was interesting as well. It made for a nice contrast between the two characters and explains what might have led Montag to abandon his life and job. The film also makes the point several times that the system helped create a way for books to survive. All of the memorization exercises you hear throughout the film. The book lady even gives a hint before she dies. It is rather sad that the message of the film is being played out somewhat today. Books were boring and had nothing to offer but grief. Films today, to be appreciated, have to be feature length MTV videos. Name one Hollywood film this year that is worth pondering over after viewing? (excluding Fahrenheit 9/11. Like it or not--it has caused discussion!)

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