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Joe Dirt

The White Trash Equivalent of Forrest Gump
Simply put, Joe Dirt is the white trash equivalent of Forrest Gump. Joe Dirt is not a sophisticated, Oscar worthy film like Forrest Gump, but it is still an entertaining film. The plot draws you into the story.

Joe Dirt (David Spade) is a gentle, kind hearted white trash man who has had a tough life. His parents abandoned him during a vacation to the Grand Canyon when he was only eight years old. Joe has spent his life trying to find his parents and his home.

One day while working as a janitor at a Los Angeles radio station, Joe finds himself retelling his painful life story to the sarcastic and sleazy DJ Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller).

Zander Kelly and his audience quickly become fascinated by Joe's life story. Joe becomes a media sensation. Joe Dirt, like Forrest Gump, is an unlikely hero. Despite all the obstacles Joe has faced in his life, he remains positive and refuses to let go of the hope of finding his long lost family. Basically the story comes down to this: goods things happen to good people, or as Joe puts it "you can't have no in your heart!"

David Spade wrote the film with his long time friend Fred Wolf (who did some stuff for SNL, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep). Spade and Wolf were clearly meticulous in their writing. There aren't any significant continuity or plot errors. Each scene builds upon the last and builds up for the next scene. There is a lot of low-grade humor in the film, but there's also lots of physical/slapstick humor--remember this is a film starring, produced and written by SNL alumni.

There is something about the plot that gets you involved in the story. This is the type of film you can put in your DVD player and lose yourself in the story for an hour and a half or however long the movie lasts. Joe Dirt is a lovable character, it's easy to empathize with him. I think this is a testament to the way Spade and Wolf wrote the script and the way Spade portrays the Joe Dirt character. Either way, Spade and Wolf did an excellent job writing this script.

Spade plays a different character for this movie. If you're looking for the sarcastic, acerbic Spade character, you won't find it in this film. This time, he plays the nice lovable guy. Dennis Miller has the more stereotypical Spade character. Spade said he wrote Miller's character and based it upon what he would say if Joe Dirt was sitting in front of him. Kid Rock also appears in the film, he was good and funny!

Joe Dirt didn't get rave reviews from big name film critics (this was an Adam Sandler/Happy Madison production and we all know Sandler flicks don't go over too well with the critics). I think was a rather underrated comedy. Joe Dirt is definitely worth watching! The reason why I gave this film such a high rating was partially because of the writing, portrayal of the characters, and simply because I like David Spade and Adam Sandler.

David Spade: Take the Hit

Nearly Died Laughing
Take the Hit is excellent! David gives us his hilariously exaggerated view on life--everything from his deadbeat biological dad, his nerdy high school and college days, his life growing up to the Arizona state fair. He even throws in a Tommy Boy reference! Even his sound imitations are spot on. Spade throws in a lot of self-deprecating humor, he's definitely not afraid to make fun of himself! Spade keeps up his momentum throughout the routine. There's a never a dull moment in this special. Even though this special is over a decade old now, it's still just as funny these days. You're face will literally hurt from laughing so much! Spade keeps the laughs coming from beginning to end.

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