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The Little Things

My first reaction stayed with me throughout. Denzel's character was blah! He acted like he hated the world and just did his job because he had to. He was overweight and sloppy. He acted like his life was one of existing, not living. He went to California because his boss made him. He met old friends, but seemed not to care. He was one sorry soul and a huge bore. I kept trying to figure out why anyone liked him at all!

Rami has never been a favorite of mine, and this movie didn't change my opinion. He starts off as a cocky guy who was SO upset that there was someone he didn't know on his turf, that he couldn't even continue his presentation and kept stopping just to stare at Denzel. Then, suddenly he seemed not only to accept him, but invite him into his investigation. All the while both characters showed no personality at all.

It got to the point where I just didn't care who the killer was. I just wanted the movie to end!

I'm glad others found redeeming qualities, because I found none. The best scene in the entire movie was the opening scene. It went down from there.

Mad Max: Fury Road

I was very disappointed
I read, and heard, great things about this movie. Sadly, it didn't live up to the hype. If you're looking for a good story, this isn't it. If you're looking for explosions, violence, and MORE explosions, you HAVE found it. It's too bad they couldn't hide a good story somewhere in it.

Raised by Wolves

I just cannot recommend this scifi. The stories are very poorly written, and illogical. It seems never to occur to the settlers that there is animal life on the planet, though there are "clues" everywhere! They finally find one, but never look for any others. They settled in one of the most barren parts of the planet. They know things that "died" in the pits are reappearing to them, but never consider that there's something down in the pits. They hear voices, but never consider that it might be coming from a life form. Etc. etc. etc. Sorry, but a small child would grasp these things, but these people can't? Dumb!

Godfather of Harlem

Not sure yet
I just started watching this series, and, like others, I find the music to be very annoying. It ruins the entire show! There was terrific music in the 60's and would add to the atmosphere. If they wanted black music, there was terrific black artists in the 60's! Motown was pumping out hit after hit. It's really unfortunate that they ruined the series with the musical score!

Mister Buddwing

A waste of talent
I am a fan of many of the people in this film, but I hated the film. I found it boring and unbelievable on many levels. I had read some of the positive reviews here, and it seems we saw different movies! Terrible dialogue. Terrible script. A total waste of talented people. I finally used fast forward to get to the end, just to get to the revelation as to Budwing's identity. Black and white, gloomy, awful movie. The only thing I got from it was depressed!

Supernatural: Mr. Nightingale
Episode 4, Season 1

I kept watching so that I could make some sense of this story. I even replayed it, assuming that I had missed something. I hadn't. It was simply a terrible story with loose ends and no explanations. A terrible waste of time.

Mr. Mayor

Wow! Not funny!
I was really looking forward to this show. It has some terrific actors, some new, and the worst writers in Hollywood! My suggestion, fire your writing staff, revamp the entire show, and try again. The first 2 episodes were just awful!

Wolf Lake

I loved this series!
This was a terrific series, appealing to adults and teens. It was a very interesting interpretation of the werewolf stories. The stories were interesting and kept viewers anxious to unravel the secrets hiding in Wold Lake. The acting was terrific. The writing was terrific. Everything about it was terrific! I looked forward to watching it each week. Then, it was cancelled! Why? Who knows why? Someone just doesn't know a good scifi when they see it! And they are too quick to cancel a sci-fi, while leaving on garbage. It's very frustrating to those of us who enjoy scifi. Definitely worth watching, even if it never comes to a series conclusion.

Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult

Far superior to The Vow
I didn't know anything about Keith Ranieri or the NXIVM Cult, but saw The Vow advertised, and decided to watch it. I was very disappointed. I didn't understand the charges brought against them, though I suspected there must be more. Then, I saw an ad for Seduced: inside the NXIVM Cult. I watched it simply because I wanted to understand what The Vow only hinted at.

Seduced went into the cult in depth, MUCH more depth than The Vow! I was morbidly mesmerized, asking how ANY woman could fall fit the lies and actions within this cult. In many ways it reminded me of Scientology, but worse.

Watching the episodes unfold, and listening to experts explaining how the victims' involvement evolved, was eye opening.

I found it fascinating and well done. And I hope Keith Raniere spends the rest of his life in jail, and that his victims find recovery from his abuses!

The Spanish Princess

Couldn't get past the awful accent
I really TRIED to watch this series because I really enjoy historical dramas. Some, of course, are better than others, but this one is just plain awful. If you want an actress who is portraying a foreign princess, who just happens to be the major character in your series, the first thing to consider is whether or not she can SOUND like one. There are many wonderful Spanish actresses who could take on the role of Catherine, but, instead, they hired an actress who does a really terrible Spanish accent. I just couldn't get past that. It was just too phony and was so distracting that I had to turn it off. I DID try watching it another time, and had the same reaction. Just awful!

The Seventh Victim

Very ridiculous story line
This was one of the worst movies coming out of film noir. The lighting is fine. The acting is fine. But, when the story is beyond ridiculous, you end up with a lousy movie. And, that's what you have here, a lousy movie!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Why didn't they say SOMEWHERE that this was a remake of "The Innocence" starring Deborah Kerr? I've wasted 2 hours saying to myself that it was just a coincidence that it's about a governess of two children. Finally, into episode 3, I had had enough and went looking. It IS an updated series based on "The Innocents." And, unlike the series the" Haunting of a Hill a House," this series hasn't changed or updated the characters. So, I'm done. I found the original rather boring. This series is just as boring, but getting to its not so surprising ending. is taking even longer. Yawn! SO disappointing.

The VVitch: A New-England Folktale

Long, boring
How this got any good ratings is beyond me. The acting is fine. The movie isn't. This could boil down to an episode of some horror anthology, and STILL bore its audience. Definitely NOT a movie that I would recommend. It just made me glad I didn't live in those times!

The Fountainhead

This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. The director turned his actors into automatons. They spoke their lines, hit their marks, and gave the most wooden performances I've only experienced in school plays! Wonderful actors, not acting. Raymond Massey did the best with his character. He, too, was wooden for most of the movie, but finally started to act in the last half hour of the movie. But, Raymond Massey has often done that in movies. Patricia Neal, also started to act at the end, but, it was too late to salvage a rotten movie. I love most old movies, but this one belongs on a junk heap.

Prime Suspect 1973

Music is very annoying
I don't know why they need to throw in the loud songs, instead of just using regular music. I find in distracting and annoying. I'm used to enjoying just about everything on Masterpiece, but this is a big miss in my book. The original Prime Suspect was terrific. It seems that they're trying to pull in teen viewers. And, perhaps they have. But, in doing so, they lost this senior citizen. I'd rather watch reruns of the old Prime suspect.

The Vast of Night

Perfect 50's movie
The plot wasn't much to talk about, but the acting and directing was spot on! The two leads did an EXCELLENT job. These young actors will be going places, if Hollywood is paying attention. This could have been a gigantic flop, but the directing and acting kept my attention through the entire movie. I was very pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing more from these people! Bravo!

People Will Talk

Love Carey Grant, but...
This is the only Cary Grant film that bored me to tears. I watched the entire thing, assuming it would get better. It didn't. It is a really dumb story, poorly written, with a foolish plot. Even Cary couldn't save it. Just terrible!

You Were Never Really Here

Artful and boring
The makers of this film were going for a artful film, and they succeeded. Problem is, I watch films for entertainment, not art. I hated this film from start to finish. I won't bore you with the details.

Lovecraft Country

So disappointing
I was really looking forward to this show. The name Lovecraft led me to believe it would be based on his works. Reading the reviews here, I see that it is based on a different book that was written loosely based on Lovecraft's stories. Okay, that's one step removed from the stories I expected. And, I hate sex scenes thrown in for shock value, as some here are. I want good stories, not sex scenes to move stories along. I'm not a prude, but I think the scenes in this series has no purpose but to shock. I fast forwarded through it, because it doesn't interest me. I've watched several episodes, hoping it would get better, it didn't. So, tonight I took it off my scheduled recordings and delete those I had already seen. I'm moving on, hoping to find some good series, with good, entertaining stories. This isn't it.


Great sci fi, but PLEASE...
Travelers is an excellent, limited series on NetFix, and, like most Netflix series, has only three seasons. The advantage of that is that the writers know when the series will be ending, and can plan to tie up all the loose ends in the final season, which Travelers did. The DISadvantage is that those of us who love the show are left disappointed and wanting more!

The show centers on teams of time travelers who are sent back in time to protect the earth, and its inhabitants, from future destruction. The team the show follows is lead but Eric McCormack. The story line is well thought out and has excellent writers and actors! Many people might think that Eric McCormack is just a comic actor because they knew him as Will on Will and Grace, but he's also a very good dramatic actor. The only questionable casting is that of Jared Abrahamson as a Trevor, who, supposedly, is a high school student! Don't get me wrong, Jared does a great job in his role, but, REALLY, Jared is about 30 years old, and looks ridiculous as a 17 year old character! Duh!

The writers DID leave a chance for Netflix to come to its senses, and renew the series, but so far, no word on more seasons in its future. I HOPE they DO renew. It's refreshing to see a scifi series, these days, that DOESN'T have any zombies in it! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick to death of the walking dead!

I really enjoy creative scifi, and Travelers is that. So, NetFix, if you're reading these reviews, PLEASE, bring Travelers back. The program, like its controller, needs a reboot!

But, PEASE!!!!!!! Could you teach the people the correct pronunciation of NUCLEAR? It is NOT nucular. Every person on this show mispronounces it, and it drives me crazy!


World gross of $5,535 is $5,535 too much! Terrible movie. Terrible story. I can't believe ANYONE thought this was a good movie. Its world wide gross says it all! Nobody wanted this movie. The story could have been written by a 10 year old child. Just plain awful!

Zhen Huan Zhuan

Boiled down version
This is a Chinese TV series which had 76 episodes. This is a choppy version of the series with huge gaps in what and why things are happening. The original version is on YouTube, but only 35 episodes have been translated into English so far. I liked this version, but was left scratching my head at the end.

I was very disappointed, which is why I went looking for more and found the information about the series AND its availability on YouTube. There is a group of volunteers who are supplying the English translations. They say that it takes about 2 weeks per episode to add the English, I'll be waiting for them! It's a terrific series in its original form.

Jason and the Argonauts

Even the list here on IMDB seems to think very little of the casting! The main character of Jason is listed LAST! Did they hire Jason London because his name really IS Jason? Perhaps. He certainly can't hold an audience with his acting, sorry to say. I was bored within the first 30 minutes.

I am surprised at some of the talented actors they DO have! But some of them seem to have a cameo and then no more! I say "seem" because I stopped watching! This movie couldn't hold my interest at all.

Chiller: The Man Who Didn't Believe in Ghosts
Episode 4, Season 1

Too many holes in the story
I think they may have already had a script for a movie that didn't sell, and decided to turn it into a TV episode. Because of the time constraints of a TV series, they had to take out pieces of the story. How else can you explain jumps from one thing to another with nothing ever being tied up in a nice little bow?

I found the ending to be very disappointing. There were questions that were never answered. It simply came to a very quick end with flashback scenes and...

You'll have to watch the show to see the ending. Perhaps you'll be less disappointed than I. I think it could have been a nice episode. It might even have been a nice movie. But this is neither one.

Good actors, good scenes, lousy script.

The Dark Red

I had a hard time keeping my attention on this movie. All I could think of was the poor directing! It's the director's job to make things interesting, and this isn't.

The story is shown is a strange manner, jumping back and forth with no rhyme nor reason. You think you've figure out some part, and it jumps to something, and someplace, else.

And the gaps in the story, you can drive a truck through! Even the ending comes and goes without explanation.

The main character is boring and low key throughout the entire film, like the drugs the docs at the asylum have her doped up, but, nope, that's her acting! Even her voice has no inflection. There were a few scene when she was okay, but they flashed by.

Sorry but this really is a lousy movie with little to recommend it. And, my review is pretty jumpy, too, like the movie. Duh!

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