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An Excellent film for DVD
It is too bad that films like this aren't being put on DVD. The film is very well done in my opinion. The actors were very convincing in their roles. This film was full of fun, adventure and a little romance. It is a shame that most of these made for TV movies don't get to see DVD status. I think all movies made for TV ought to be put on DVD. Another favorite of mine is Jane Eyre with Michael Jayston and Sorchia Cussock. Putting these movies on DVD would probably get them more attention. Also people wouldn't have to wonder what that unknown, unaired film was like after being told by those who had seen it that it was excellent. They could see it for themselves.

Birds of Prey

A great series that should have stayed.
I liked this show. It's too bad it didn't last very long. I liked the matrix-like action sequences, the dialog, the twists and turns that each episode took. It's a bummer that the last episode was such a cliffhanger (of course they usually are). It's true the meta-human thing was a bit unrealistic, but they had to play with things a little to make it so that it wasn't too much a copy of other Batman stories. I would have liked to see Dina's character more developed as she discovered her abilities. I would have liked to see Oracle get the use of her legs back if possible. It would have been neat to see if the Alfred character would develop further. Of course the Huntress character had a lot of development options. I wish they'd bring this show back. I don't care what all of the negative people might say, I liked it and miss it a lot. I wish somebody could do something to bring it back.

Jake 2.0

This was a good show
There is a LOT of garbage out there on television. This is one of the few shows that is not in that category. It is another take on The Million Dollar Man. Jake's character was good and would have been better if the show hadn't been cut. He had some discipline problems, but he would have learned to obey his superiors. The NSA isn't used too often in television shows. It was nice to have a few shows that don't focus on murder investigation. There were four episodes unaired that would have been interesting to see. The men on the show weren't bad to look at. The show is a good example of how a geeky technician can be turned into a hero. Now we won't get to see how Jake turns out. I WISH they could bring this show back.


Great show, great story.
I watch quite a few shows, but this is one of my favorites this year. I like the spin that the WB has put on the story of Tarzan. The plot is wonderfully full of surprises and suspense. I love the interaction between John Clayton (Tarzan) and Jane. I'd like to see what happens with John's uncle an aunt and his inheritance. Unfortunately the WB is planning on canceling the show (just like they did with Birds of Prey, another excellent show). PLEASE HELP US TARZAN-ENTHUSIAST'S OUT AND VOTE FOR THE SHOW Don't let this > show suffer the same fate as Birds of Prey. WATCH IT AND GET THOSE RATINGS UP!

Jane Eyre

This is the greatest version of Jane Eyre.
This is the only version of Jane Eyre that I've seen yet. I am reading the book now and the very dialogue of the movie is from the book. It does skip over her childhood, but if they included that it would be way too long. I wish that I could get it on video. My dad made a recording of it when it was on Masterpeice Theater on KQED a long time ago, but the tape is very bad now. I'd absolutely LOVE it if they could release it on video. The whole cast is excellent.

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