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Not too bad for a time killing flick...
Not too bad for a time killing flick... The FX were really cool (no pun intended! PROMISE!!!), but one has to wonder-what on earth happened to the "global warming" the liberal-ecoterrorist wackos 'promised' us?!?! Watching this flick made me want to run out and run my lawn mower, drive my truck more-in a gas guzzling low gear, and buy cattle to 'flatulate' for our very survival!!! OK, I have to have ten lines... The acting wasn't over the top-it was blah. The criminal coming to the rescue of the cop at the end was refreshing but not too believable. The Current/Ex thing was just too unbelievable, let's face it; in the real world there woulda been a fight sooner or later! The full of himself scientist getting whacked right before the rescue was good-who likes a scientist so full of himself?!?! Like I said, not too bad for a flick to kill time.


An extremely faithful connection to the ST Universe!
This show is an interesting tie in to the rest of the Star Trek universe! And very faithful-even to Scott Bakula's over acting at times... He's mastered that James Kirk over emoting! And T'Pal is an extremely ***HOT*** Vulcan! I wish that I could be around when she 'pan faar's!!! (How Human, I know...) The Makos are an interesting twist, a little more realistic-US Naval ships have Marines on board for security issues. (Know that one from personal experience!) If only they address the UESPA point from episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" when Kirk was explaining things to USAF CAPT Christopher. But anyway, I see this show as the vision that Gene Rodenberry had for TOS, if he had today's special effects technology available to him at the time.

Battlestar Galactica

A WONDERFUL treatment of the classic tale!
I was a little skeptical-but drooling over it just the same! I loved the way that they incorporated icons from the original story into this one! Everything from the "Red Eye" and the Centurion in the museum to subtle things like the "Battlestar theme" when Apollo did his fly over at the decommissioning ceremony. I also appreciated the "more realism" about the names, etc. "Apollo" and "Starbuck" as call signs, giving the characters 'real names.' The Military titles, traditions and actions are more believable! For instance, `Colonial One" (e.g.: Air Force One). Overall I would say that this story has FINALLY been told the way it was supposed to be! This flick is one for everybody--fans of Galactica AND those that have never even heard of the Great Ship! On top of the fidelity to the original movie/series, the special effects were beyond belief! I only hope that Sci-Fi will hurry the {fill in your favorite metaphor} up and release the DVD!!!!!

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