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Not bad as expected
I expected a real turd by reading other comments here and i decided to check the movie by myself and it wasn't as bad as expect, this is not really an "action" movie, it's a thriller with some brief action scenes (mostly fights and gunfights) thrown in, the plot was good enough to not bore and the film had some good twists.

Unfortunately, the editing for the action scenes is mediocre (a bit like the Bourne series), but at least, there is no shaky cam.

Everybody here seems to be disappointed by the fact that Vinnie Jones isn't the main character (despite being top billed in the cover, he has less than 15 minutes of screen time and he has no lines), but the other actors did a good job.

Now i'm looking forward to see other action movies from Kazakhstan, i'm pretty sure that they have a lot to offer.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

I still haven't seen those "unofficial" UniSol made for TV movies, but i'm pretty sure that they are better than this one!
2012 wasn't a good year for Direct to video (DTV) action movies, i mostly saw stuff that ranged from "lame" (Sacrifice, with Cuba Gooding Jr)to "okay" (Fire with Fire), none of the DTV action movies that i saw was memorable. I had very high expectations for UniSol: Day of Reckoning, considering the fact that it's predecessor (UniSol: Regeneration) was one of the best DTV movies of this millennium (and that movie had mixed reactions from the fans too). I had high expectations, because: the director behind UniSol: Regeneration (Peter Hyams) returns to his director duties and the promising Scott Adkins joined the cast, there was no way that this movie was going to suck.

Unfortunately, UniSol 4 was just another disappointing DTV action movie, but the disappointment was high, just like my expectations. The direction sucked ass, it felt like a (god, i really hate to use this word) pretentious "arty" film (why the hell action movies need to be "arty"? Uh?). Then, for an action movie that ALMOST reaches the 2-hour mark, it didn't had enough action to offer (and the movie becomes boring, very easily) and the action manages to become "very cool" only in the final reel.

I can't believe that the same director who made this crapfest did UniSol: Regeneration, i suspect that Peter Hyams wasn't involved in the movie, at all.

I give it 3 stars: the first star is for the final action scene, the second one is for Scott Adkins (who deserves to appear in better movies) and 3 for the violence (while not as gory as UniSol: Regeneration, it manages to be a bit more intense and graphic than the last 2 movies).

Jian dong xiao xiong

Gangland bloodbath!
At the time of it's release, Hong Kong Godfather was heavily cut by the censors, but now, we can finally enjoy the movie as the director intended, in all it's bone breaking and blood splattering glory!

The plot is really nothing new or special (because we have seen similar plots in many gangster films, both in the East and West), but the real selling point of a Shaw Bros. movie are the fight scenes (at least for me) and the film is packed with super brutal, bloody gang fights. The director, Johnny Wang, is well known for putting hard-hitting violence in his films and Hong Kong Godfather is definitely no exception. The violence is very brutal, bloody and gory (as the runtime goes on, the movie always manages to get more violent and bloody), there are also a few bits that might offend the most sensitive viewers. The fights are well choreographed and filled with lots of cool stunts.

If you are looking for an entertaining triad flick (or a cool martial arts film with a good dose splatter), Hong Kong Godfather is highly recommended.

Lie huo jie tou

Forgettable action film
I only came across 3 reviews/comments on this movie and none of them praised the film, i'm not surprised at all. I didn't expected the film to be so boring and forgettable, it's a shame, because the movie had potential, also because the underrated Chin Siu-Ho and Collin Chou are the main leads of this movie.

The plot promised lots of action and decent ass kicking: After witnessing the killing of some police officers and a key-witness of some big crime case, Chou (an upper class student, played by Collin Chou) and Spitfire (a street rascal, played by Chin Siu-ho) are mistaken by the police as the real murderers, their only choice is to run away from the law and the corrupt police officer (played by Teddy Yip) that planned the assassination.

There are only a few good action scenes (the others are uninspired or not engaging), and they are too short (and that's a pity, because the Sammo Hung Stunt-team choreographed the fights). Too much time is spent on boring ass drama and the ending is a freaking joke (we can see that the movie was rushed and the filmmakers had no intention to make something decent).

My vote is 2, only because of a few fights scenes and a few scores on the soundtrack, the rest is garbage.

The Devil Inside

A potential candidate for the Razzie Awards
After delivering that crap fest called "Stay Alive", director William Brent Bell, tries to make another horror movie and unfortunately, it's worse than Stay Alive.

This pathetic excuse for a horror movie offers nothing new, it's the usual "found footage" borefest that is hitting the theaters for many years, the is supposed to be scary horror movie, but it's not scary, it's lame and boring.

Probably, the writer ran out of ideas and that's why the ending SUCKS BALLS, besides the ending, even the story sucks, plus, the film had some of the worst extras in the history of horror movies (seriously, i didn't that Italians spoke with such an American accent!).

Sha chu Xiang Gang

Fun little gem from the late 80's
After watching Hong Kong Godfather (another offering from director Lung Wei Wang), i was eager to watch another film from him and i decided to pick up City Warriors and give it a watch.

It wasn't exactly the film that i expected, but it was a fun ride, the action scenes are totally awesome (the first action scene is already one of my favorites), the stunts are spectacular (and dangerous looking) and the vehicular stunts are top notch. There is more gunplay than martial arts, but the action still manages to keep your eyes glued to the screen. The violence isn't gory as Hong Kong Godfather, but some of the violence is hard hitting enough to shock (or even offend) some of the audience.

If you don't expect a masterpiece, City Warriors manages to be an entertaining and fun movie.

Ying hung yan mat

Hero of city (on fire)
We all know that Quentin Tarantino as been often criticized for "ripping off" or "stealing" ideas or scenes from other movies, for example, Reservoir Dogs is a "remake" or "re-imagination" of City on fire (starring Chow Yun-fat and directed by Ringo Lam) and i actually think that Reservoir Dogs is a far better film, but what this has to do with this movie?

Basically, this film is real a copy of Reservoir Dogs (a rip off of a rip off!), both films are VERY similar, the characters are similar, the situations are similar and the differences are not that much (but some of the few differences are interesting).

Just like Reservoir Dogs, you don't see the actual robbery scene, but the emphasis on action is larger, the chase after the robbery is much more detailed, but this action scene feels very cheap and it looks like that the budget couldn't afford proper gun effects (speaking of cheapness, i can't believe that this film actually got a theatrical lasted in theaters for 6 days, according to HKMDb).

In the cast we have Blacky Ko (in a combination of the role of Chris Penn and Lawrence Tierney), Simon Lui (in the Michael Madsen role), Suet Lam (in the Steve Buscemi role) and Danny Lee (playing a cop for the 23456th time, he also appears for less than 20 minutes), just to name a few and i felt that all the actors were wasted in this movie.

This film is definitely not a masterpiece, but you can have fun by finding the similarities and differences between Reservoir Dogs and Hero of city.

Die xue cheng shi

Boring and cheap action flick
Let me start by pointing out that this film has not to be confused with the more famous "City on Fire" (that one starring Chow Yun-fat and directed by Ringo Lam), this is a pretty boring and cheap Taiwanese action flick.

I expected your average gangster/triad actioneer, but after 30 minutes the fantasy element comes in, we discover that two characters have supernatural powers (but it's not explained why or how they got them, and besides, they use these powers only in about three scenes), i was even going to write the plot, but it's a disjointed mess (probably because of some of the uninteresting subplots).

The action scenes are nothing special, there are only 2 action scenes that save this movie from being a total borefest: - A (brief) fight scenes featuring Michiko Nishiwaki (she pretty much appears sporadically throughout the picture) - The final action scenes.

There are also some stolen musics from: Terminator 2, The Mission (the Roland Joffé film) and even from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

IMDb lists this movie as being released in 1983, but other sites (such as HKcinemagic and HKMDB) list this movie as being made in 1993.

Chung on sat luk: Ging tin hai gip on

Young and (extremely) dangerous
After watching "The Fatalist" (another direct to video release from Magnum films, which is the company founded by Danny Lee), i was curious to watch this one, Danny Lee (playing a police inspector) acts in this film, another familiar face is Eric Kei (the guy who played "Robert" in the CAT III classic The Untold Story).

Just like all these Hong Kong direct to video films, this one is shot on video too. The first problem that i encountered was the lack of subtitles (and as far as i know, only a few Magnum releases had subtitles), but i think i understood (most of) the plot. The audience also takes a look at the police procedures (something very common in Danny Lee's movies).

The film got a CAT III rating because of the violence and gore, the gore effects are nicely done and the action scenes aren't cheap as expected (i have seen much worse), but i still wish for a subtitled version.

Sai hak chin

An awesome action movie ruined by the annoying female lead...
We all agree that this movie has lots of awesome fight scenes, the story is good enough to justify the ass kickery...but what about the rest? I have only one complaint about this movie and i'm talking about Rosamund Kwan, i have nothing against her, but her character ruined the movie for me, always delivering some very lame (and annoying) humorous scenes (and i usually don't mind about the comical scenes in these movies), i seriously hoped that the villain (played by Robin Shou, yes, the guy who played Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat movies) would have ripped her heart out.

Enough with the complaints...anyway, as i said, the film has lots of awesome fights (including one of the best sword fights ever filmed, featuring Donnie Yen and John Salvitti) and there are also lots of cool stunts.

Cynthia Khan has a small role in this movie (i know that there are some versions where she has an extra scene), it would have been a much better movie if they made her play the Rosamund Kwan role, Donnie and Cynthia would kick some ass together (maybe, it would have been better than "In the line of duty IV").

Sat sau ji wong

My favorite Jet Li movie
I strongly recommend you to watch the original version, avoid the U.S version under the name "Contract Killer", those bastards at Columbia/TriStar don't give you the option to watch the movie in it's original language, soundtrack and runtime.

Anyway, this is my favorite Jet Li film, i already watched it more than thousand of times and it never bores me.

The action is cool, it both provides great fights scenes and some good (and also bloody) gunplay.

Jet Li kicks ass (as always), Simon Yam gives his usual good performance and Eric Tsang is a (unexpectedly) good (and funny) sidekick, i expected the typical lame humor that you find in HK action movies, but the humor was actually good enough to give a some chuckles, the story is also good, it has some twists.

Even the soundtrack manages to make the film enjoyable, it also gives the movie that typical "late 90's" flavor.

Nam yee mou jeu

Worst CAT III film ever made?
I have seen many CAT III films (exploitation movies produced in Hong Kong) and this must be the worst of them, the film is a mix between a serial killer film, a thriller and an action flick.

The film is about Ming, a famous photographer that is suspected of killing womens and committing necrophilia on their bodies, his buddy (who's a cop, played by Wai Lam) embarks in a quest to clear Ming's name.

Alexander Lo Rei plays one of the cops (and he is also the action director...or action choreographer, whatever you call it), but not even his performance saves this film from being a forgettable and boring experience.

The action scenes aren't that great, they don't do nothing to keep your eyes glued to the screen, also, the subtitles have some spelling mistakes and other laughable errors (one of them was something like: "You should stop dealing drags!" and yes, they spell "drags" instead of "drugs").

There's some stolen music from "A Nightmare from Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors", also, there's a scene that takes place in a bar/club and the place has some nazi decorations.

As i said, the film was given a CAT III rating by the Hong Kong censors (which is the equivalent of the NC-17 rating or X), but the CAT III elements aren't that much, some female nudity and some blood during the murder scenes.

I actually like these kind of mixture of genres, but this film does NOTHING to keep your attention to the screen, this film is just BORING.

One other thing, i can't find the director's credit...maybe he wasn't credited in his English name.

Ji dan chuet jo

Better than expected
When it comes to deliver action, Hong Kong rarely disappoints and this film is no exception, every action scene is well made, from the first action scene to the last one, the action is mostly "John Woo'ish", but there are also a few brawls.

Jacky Cheung's character provides the humorous moments of the film, it wasn't annoying as expected, the comedic moments were good enough to give a few chuckles, Lo Lieh takes part of the movie, but don't expect him to kick a lot of ass, since he was pretty old when he made this film.

The violence is also brutal and bloody (slightly bloodier than John Woo's most famous films) and in a few moments it doesn't fear to break some taboo's, one of the violent scenes seems to pay homage to Scarface (the Al Pacino version).

Sat yan yun gin

Passable action film produced by Danny Lee
Besides acting, the Hong Kong star, Danny Lee (You probably saw him in: John Woo's The Killer and some CAT III films such as Love to Kill and The Untold Story) was also a producer, through his company, Magnum films (named after Harry Callahan's favorite gun), he produced many action and horror films (some of them include: Organized Crime & Triad Bureau and Untold Story II), besides producing theater films, he also produced some direct-to-video movies and this is one of them.

The film is about a killer (played by Ben Ng, well know for playing the villain in the CAT III shocker Red To Kill) that is wiping out a notorious crime family and a police detective (played by Frankie Lam) is determined to find him. If you are familiar with Danny Lee, you know that he always portrays the work of the police force (and because of this, Lee received praises from police organizations) and this movie is no exception.

The action scenes are passable (which is mostly gunplay, but there's some fighting) and we also get to see some bits of bloody violence, also, there's a lot of stolen music in this film, i recognized musics from: Total Recall, Judge Dredd and one of the Predator movies (and the film was rated CAT III because of a brief sex scene, which it features a music from one of the Predator movies...sticks out like a sore thumb!).

The acting is also okay, Ben Ng gives a good performance in this film.

The English subtitles are full of funny errors, i can't remember much, but i remember a hilarious error where they wrote "what's the watter?" instead of "what's the matter?"

This film is also shot on video and the video quality makes you feel that you are watching an old made for TV feature.

I expected worse from this film, besides a few moments that made no sense at all, the film is entertaining.

I'm looking for others direct-to-video films produced by Magnum Films, but unfortunately, i heard that only a few of them are subtitled in English.

Shao Lin tong zi gong

Usual fun filled film from Robert Tai
When Robert Tai is involved, you know what to expect: Tons of fighting, lots of fun, hilarious English dub and's even better when Alexander Lou is one of the stars of the movie.

You probably saw the plot tons of times: Japanese baddies (usually stereotyped as rascals with no mercy) giving the Chinese a hard time and (fortunately for the audience) there is only one way to solve everything...fight!

The (numerous) fight scenes are entertaining, well choreographed and never boring, plus, there are a few bits of gore.

And there's the cheesy English dub, it's so cheesy that it ruins some of the serious dialogue...but we don't watch a Robert Tai film for the dialogues, right?

Give it a chance if you are looking something fun and entertaining.

Dracula 3D

Argento's cheesiest feature film
The Italian master of horror, Dario Argento, delivers his cheesiest 3D.

Looking at the trailers, i already knew that Dracula 3D would have been a fun and trashy cheesefest (and i gotta be honest, i have seen better CGI effects in movies made by The Asylum).

Sure, the film is a fun and trashy cheesefest, but it manages to get pretty boring in many moments, plus, Rutger Hauer only appears after a big chunk of the first half of the feature.

The CGI effects are cringe-worthy, they remind me of old computer games, i wouldn't be surprised if the (already) hilarious mantis scene will become an internet meme.

If it wasn't for the gore scenes (which they are good enough to keep the gorehounds entertained), the sexy Miriam Giovanelli, Rutger Hauer and the soundtrack (provided by Claudio Simonetti), the film would be just forgettable, but Dracula 3D is actually a forgettable cheesefest, if it was made in the 70's or 80's, it would have been considered as a cult classic.

I actually like Argento's most modern films (such as: Sleepless, Il Cartaio and Mother of tears), but if you thought that his last three films were bad, then you should take a look at Dracula 3D.

Zing yung

Surgery: A story of love, sadness, fame and surgery
After making disturbing CAT III films such as Daughter of Darkness, Ivan Lai makes a movie about plastic surgeries and breast implants, the film is a CAT III rated film, but it's not disturbing like the aforementioned movie.

The film is about some girl who's unsatisfied with her look, so she decides to have a surgery, she becomes a model or stuff like that, there's also a subplot involving the surgeons, i'm not going to give full details about the plot anyway.

Anyway, as i said, the film is a CAT III, but why? The film has many scenes of nudity and the highlight of this film involves the use of genuine footage of a surgical procedure, which reminds me of documentaries like Mondo Cane or Faces of death.

The tone of this film is lighthearted, so don't expect something so dark or disturbing.

Yan yuk cha siu bau II: Tin jue dei mit

Return at the death restaurant
The Untold Story was a shocking and gory movie (plus, it had a memorable performance of Anthony Wong), it was successful enough to make producers invest in more CAT III films.

After 5 years since the original release of The Untold Story, Yiu-Kuen Ng directs this sequel in name only.

When i saw it for the first time, i was disappointed, since it didn't have much gore in comparison of the original (the only gore scene in this movie wouldn't go beyond the R-rating), when i watched it for the second time, i thought that it was a decent CAT III film. Like i said, the gore is toned down, but in The Untold Story II, the sexual content is boosted.

We get to see Anthony Wong, in this movie he plays a cop, i thought that his role was supposed to be nothing more than a glorified cameo, but he has many scenes, and his scenes are pretty fun to watch.

If you are looking for a gorefest, you will be pretty much disappointed, The Untold Story II was made when the trend of CAT III movies was declining, probably, because of the budget, the director didn't had a lot of ideas on how to shock the audience, but i found the movie to be entertaining.

Ring of Fire

"Romeo and Juliet" meets some martial arts film
Alright kids, we got a movie with Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Gary Daniels, Vince Murdocco, Eric Lee and many other badass guys, also, we have Maria Ford, we can expect 100 minutes of badass violence and probably get to see some boobs.

Yes, we get violence and boobs, but unfortunately we get too much romance, some of the fights are pretty cool, but the amount of "romance" pretty much ruins the movie (and sometimes, it gets boring), oh yeah, Don Wilson manages to kick some ass only in the last minutes.

I was going to give this movie a 5 out of 10 because of the fights, but i decided to add one extra star because of Maria Ford.

With a cast like this, i would make a proper action/martial arts film, but instead they decided to make a movie that would appeal the female audience.

Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight

Dragon behind the bars
If you saw Bloodfist 1 and 2, you pretty much know what kind of movies you are going to see...another movie about some underground martial arts tournament ? HELL NO ! This is your typical prison movie, with a touch of ass kicking martial arts action, you also get the "usual" stuff that you see in a prison movie (racial issues, tamed sexual abuse, beatings....).

If Bloodfist III flopped, i can actually see why, it wasn't what the audience really wanted (and expected), i mean, this is a prison drama with martial arts, not a non-stop martial arts feature (not a bad thing actually).

There is also a very cool rockish soundtrack, that sets the tone for the movie.

Probably, this is the best Bloodfist that i have seen for now, you can watch it even if you didn't saw Bloodfist 1 and 2, it has NO continuity (same goes for the rest of the sequels).

Sang faa sau see

Drink of the dead
I am a big fan of zombie films as i am a big fan of Hong Kong films, so i couldn't skip this one.

Bio-Zombie is a pretty good and funny horror comedy, spoofing the Dawn of the dead scenario (shopping mall full of zombies), Bio-zombie is not a gore fest, it's more like a horror comedy that everybody can watch.

Besides the spoof of the Dawn of the dead scenario, there are many homages to video games (Resident Evil and House of the dead) and other situations found in horror movies.

My only complaint are the first 20 or 30 minutes, they are pretty boring and i was almost going to turn-off the movie, but the rest of the movie is pretty good.

Dian zi ge men zhan shi

This is what the Street Fighter movie should have been !
I have been reading many reviews of Techno Warriors and almost all them said stuff like "It's worse than seeing a 10 year old kid playing Mortal Kombat over and over again", i don't know why, but i felt that i had to watch the movie by myself, i expected nothing but mindless action.

Since that the movie is about a fictional fighting game, the movie actually makes you feel a video game atmosphere, something that the Street Fighter movie (and other video game adaptations) failed to do, this movie was probably made by guys who actually played a video game !

The action is non-stop and the choreography of the fights are pretty good, Philip Ko is a veteran in making these movies, so expect the best, most of the cast actually had experience in martial arts (you will probably recognize Monsour Del Rosario)

The most hilarious scene is when Dinosaur (Winston Ellis) defends himself from the "spaceships", those "spaceships" are animated like a poorly made flash video.

So anyway, check Techno Warrios and stay away from the reviews....shame on you guys !


Enter (Don) The Dragon (Wilson)
Roger Corman had an eye of what kind of movies the audience wanted to the 80's and 90's there was a huge boom in the martial arts genre, Corman produced many martial arts movies starring kickboxing champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

The movie itself is stuff that you already saw: martial arts tournament, revenge and some twists (if you have seen Bloodsport and some other movie like that you know of what i am talking about), but is not so bad to get a 3.8 rating and it's not even the worst martial arts movie ever (trust me, i have seen crappier MA movies) My favorite scene in Bloodfist is the fight scene between Don Wilson and Billy Blanks, the slow-motion sound effects are just worth the whole scene.

The sequels are FAR better than this one.


One of the biggest cinematic disappointments of my life
In 2008, Noburu Iguchi delivered one of the greatest gore-flicks of the century....The Machine Girl, when i heard that Noburu Iguchi was involved in the direction of Robo-geisha, i was excited, finally i could see something cool and gory like The Machine Girl....again !

The trailer looked spectacular and weird, there was no doubt: Robo-geisha would be epic like The Machine Girl, unfortunately, the actual movie is a whole different story.

Unfortunately, there is not much gore and most of it is CGI (and in one scene, someone gets shot and the "blood" looks like a bunch of red dots added with a computer), as the story progress, the movie gets boring than ever.

The movie also features the worst use of repeated stock-footage (in the "Geisha-truck" scene), it's even worse than Godzilla Vs Megalon ! The

only thing good about this movie ? Asami (the red-headed chick from The Machine Girl), returns as one of the girls with the Tengu mask (the big nosed mask).

Blood Feast

The genesis of the splatter films
There are movies in the history of cinema that started a trend....Blood Feast is an horror movie that broke the taboo's of on-screen gore.

Don't expect a twist-filled horror movie and great acting, just expect cheesy acting and gore, just imagine the audience of the 60's on how they were "shocked" as hell for the gore, the on-screen gore was a revolution and still to this day directors actually have the balls to show on-screen gore (even in mainstream cinema).

This is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, it started a trend and an element very close to horror movies (the gore).

Herschell Gordon Lewis, you have your name burned in the history of cinema, if you are curious to see how the splatter and gore movies started, take a look at Blood Feast....if you don't like because it's "too old" or "too cheesy" then rent Saw (The story lines of Saw is cheesier than Blood Feast....really).

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