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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Compelling indeed
This film is not for everyone but a very important document of our time in history the elite 1% don't want you to wake up to. Surveillance state is established upon us and I bet several negative comments here are paid CIA handymen too. This is a film everyone who are in pursue of raising their consciousness.

Att angöra en brygga

Classic Swedish comedy
This is one och Hasse & Tage's or Svenska Ord's best movie. A really crazy sitcom and beautiful scrore that enhance the character of a Swedish summer.

When They See Us

Truth will set us free
Brilliant actors describing the fascists nature of a police state. Very well done!


Amazing failure
First I thought this was a mockumentary until I realized the crazy truth. I noticed a creepy thing, Billy reminds me of how Mark Zuckerberg speaks. Very exciting and well done Documentary.


Tight comedy
A grate script and good actors. Easy and can be viewed multiple time.

Trump: An American Dream

Extremely well done
Can it be more clear? So exciting and fascinating story, good luck America!

Wild Wild Country

Rare document
I'm a long time Osho fan, and I always wondered what really happened in Oregon. This documentary fills nearly every gap of that story. Balanced and fare, Netflix have done it again, really good work.

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