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The Haunting of Whaley House

Mixed feelings
A group of friends decides to stay a night at the Whaley House (known for it's real life hauntings).

This movie confused me, not because of the story, but mainly the acting.

As i started watching this, i wasn't sure if this was gonna be a comedy or a horror movie (classic haunted house horror), or a mix of both, to me it was a mix, even thou it was suppose to be a serious take on a real life haunted house, i felt the characters were a joke.

The story is based on the real Whaley house (no... they did not film it there), there is not much to say... except, group of friends goes into house, house is haunted, done.

Let me get to the acting, i didn't like it, something felt wrong, it wasn't bad acting, nor was it good, it felt out of place for a movie like this, sure... some gave in a decent effort, others did not, which made it hard for me to watch this. The directing and script had a lot to blame for this overall mess, it just wasn't scary, it wasn't gory, it had no suspense, to me... it felt like a daytime drama with horror elements in it.

Overall, sub par acting, sub par directing, bad script, could of been a good movie... since it was basing it's idea from the most haunted house in the USA, But failed in every way to deliver us a good watch.

Final verdict - 4 out of 10, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone. (i also think me giving this movie a 4 out of 10 is being very kind to it, i probably should give it a 3, but i'm a niice guy)

La posesión de Emma Evans

This movie makes me angry...
There is no real need to explain what the movie is about, cause the title says it all. This movie had promise, it started well, then within 10 - 15 mins, it all went downhill for me. The story is basic and simple, it starts of by introducing us to the characters, The family, mum, dad, teen girl, little brother and the Priest... which is there uncle. I will say the acting was decent, so i can't really fault the actors in this movie. The script on the other hand was awful, First off i would like to say, i love my horror/thriller films. I said this before in one of my other reviews and i'll say it again here, when a movie like this takes it self so seriously, i expect some logic from it, this had little logic to it, i won't explain much about it (cause then it would be spoilers). The directing wasn't bad, althou i have to also blame the director for this nonsense of a film. The camera work was decent, so were the sfx, but thats all the good i can say came from this movie.

I think this movie had a lot of promise, but failed so bad to deliver anything good, decent acting, half decent directing, really bad script. During and after watching this, it got me angry and confused, cause this could have been a good movie, but it's not. My final verdict, 3 out of 10, giving it 3 for the acting and thats about it, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

The Hike

A hike into the predictable....
The Hike, a group of friends (all girls), travel to the woods for a fun weekend of camping and hiking... that turns into a nightmare.

The story is simple, and there is nothing wrong with that, but... with such a simple story, it needed to deliver on everything else it was offering, and sad to say, it didn't for me.

The acting here is a mix for me, yes... it was decent, but i felt it was missing something. The setting was plain, althou there were some nice scenic areas. Sure there are some scenes that might make ppl turn away with disgust, but sadly it's not the gore part of the movie, it trys to shock the viewers by showing full on violence (but it was pretty sub par to me) i find it more of a 2nd rate exploitation movie if anything. There were no real surprises, there was no feeling of fear as i was watching this, and there was no shock value (i've watched a lot of horror/thrillers, so i expected more). The directing was sub par, not sure if i'll blame the director on this one, cause the script was just bad.

Overall, semi decent acting, sub par directing, bad script. Final Verdict - 4 out of 10, i had a lot of mix feelings for this film, on one hand it could of been something good to watch, on the other hand, it was just crap, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

The Shrine

A little gem of a horror movie
The Shrine, 3 friends head off to a distant land in search of a story. Thats the story in a nutshell without me giving away any spoilers.

The script here was a very interesting one, it starts off slow, but gets moving along quite nicely. The acting was good, sure... it's not Oscar worthy, but it was good enough to keep me watching, everyone did a good job. I would like to praise the directing of the movie, it's nice to see good directing in unknown horror movies, it's a rare thing in my mind. This movie gave a good eerie feeling, which most horror movies fails at, it has a good amount of gore to keep those fans happy, but also gives us some twist and turns to keep ppl interested in watching.

Overall, good acting, good directing, decent script, a very enjoyable watch. Final verdict - 8 out of 10, i would recommend any fans of horror to watch this, even if u are not a fan, i still suggest you watch this.

Stake Land

A good vamp/survival Movie
After reading some of these reviews, i thought they were a bit harsh. But with that said, i respect there opinions about this movie.

I enjoyed this movie, from start to finish i was well entertain, sure it's gloomy, the story is simple, the action was good, and so was the script, there might not have been many words spoken in the movie, but it fits in well to make you feel like immerse in there gloomy Vamp filled world.

Everyone in the movie acted well yes, there is no big name actors, and i'm happy about that. You don't need big name actors to make a good movie.

Not sure what other people expected from Stake Land, but i got what i expected, survivors trying to survive, not just trying to survive against vamps, but also against human desperation and cruelness.

Decent acting, decent script, great movie, 9 out of 10

I Am Number Four

I am Number BORE
I kinda knew what i was getting into as i started to watch this film, it starts of well for the first min, then died in the ass for about 50 mins.

It's long boring take to build up a story was getting on my nerves, the love relationship in here was just putting me to sleep. The acting was OK, the action scenes were decent, but apart from that i was begging this movie to move at a faster pace.

Overall this movie should appeal to teens or fans of Twilight. Please keep your mind at the door when watching this, cause if you don't, you would probably get angry and then fall asleep.

I cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

Giving it 3 out of 10 for the action and acting.


Good ol fashion revenge
This is a little gem of a movie, This is what Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock should be making in his film career, more action, just like one of his first action movie... Welcome to the jungle (which it was called in Australia).

The story line is simple enough, A man is release from prison, and the first thing on his mind is revenge on those that put him there. Dwayne Johnson plays this roll really well, not with dialog, but with the manner he presents him self thru out the movie... a man determined, angry and in no mood for fun and games. I don't think i saw him smile once thru out the movie. Billy Bob Thorton gives us a good performance about a cop struggling thru his everyday life, and everyone else in the movie did there part well.

This is a good movie, and any fan of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock, which is what i will always call him by), or fans of action/revenge kind of films, should go watch.

Good acting, good script (simple but effective), good directing. 8/10


Full throttle action, Liam Neeson at his best...
I've seen a few films like this, but none of them compares to this in anyway, this is the best of it's kind.

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is a retired Agent of the U.S Government, his daughter is kidnapped in France by smugglers, and now all he wants is to get her back... at any cost.

The Story is simple, the script is nice, but it's not the script that makes this movie good, it's the actors, mainly Liam Neeson. He plays this roll with the utmost ferocity and a willpower that will never give up. The action is fast and furious flowing thru the backgrounds of the french enviorments.

This is one of those movie that i would recommend to anyone, good acting, good action, good directing, raw emotion from Liam Neeson. 9/10


Unrelenting and Brutal, Great film
The french, they know how to make a good movie that will disturb people in many ways, either it will be good or bad.

Let me start off by saying, this is one film that will shock people, hopefully in a entertaining way.

The movie starts of fast and brutal, and never really lets up. The story revolves around 2 girls, who are looking for the people that tortured and abused one of them when she was young. I don't wanna say anything else about the story, just in case i might ruin it for some people.

The acting was good, Morjana Alaoui and Mylène Jampanoï did a great job as the 2 friends. Everyone else in the movie were kinda just a set piece in this wonderful movie, but they acted well enough.

The killings and gore in the movie was good, it will probably shock and disturb some people, but thats to be expected. I might have cringed during some parts, but it takes more then this to shock/disturb me.

The french have a great understanding of how to make a good thriller/horror, Frontier and High Tension just to name a few. Hollywood should take note on this, and stop bringing out crap like "Insert one of many bad thriller/horror movies from Hollywood here"

Good acting, good script, good directing, good movie. 8/10

The Crow

Pure dark, raw and emotion filled...Cult classic
The Crow is one of those movies that everyone should watch at least once in there life, it tells a story of Eric Draven and how he became the instrument of revenge and death.

Brandon Lee (Eric Draven), did a wonderful job, the dark way he played the roll with a bit of humour was great, He also loss his life in this movie during a mishap in one scene where he was shot with a real bullet, and they had to digitly form his face for the remainder of the movie. Everyone else in the film also did a good job in there rolls.

The film is pure raw emotion, from his death, his rebirth, the revenge taken out on those that wronged him and his girlfriend, till the very end of the movie. The action was fast and furious, the script was excellent (even thou i have not read the comics), everything in this movie was very well done, cheers to the great directing by Alex Proyas, who is well known for his dark films.

Do yourself a favour and watch this great film.

Ang-ma-reul bo-at-da

Revenge, a dish best served... cold?
I'm not sure what i might say, but i put the warning for Spoiler alert just in case... (after watching it again for the 2nd time, i have changed my review and i understand what was going thru our hero's mind during the movie)

What can i say, this is a good movie, but not without it's problems.

The pace of the movie was good, although it did run a bit long, there were a few scenes that probably should of been cut (not the action scenes, but some of the more boring scenes), just to make the film shorter and better paced. The fight scenes and death scenes are good here, I've seen more gorier stuff, but it's good none the less.

Min-sik Choi, did a great job as the sadistic serial killer, i can't fault his acting in this movie. Byung-hun Lee also did a good job as the husband taking revenge for the murder of his wife.

I deleted my rant after understanding the pain our hero is going thru, and what degree of revenge he had in mind (or in his case, loss of mind)

All in all, good acting, decent script, i would recommend this movie to people. 8/10

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

A diamond in the rough...
If you have not seen this movie and are reading this... then go see it now!

This is probably one of the best movies of this genre i have seen in years, probably not since braindead (the late 90's movie from New Zealand, also had another name, but i forgot).

The characters and the script was great, cannot really fault anything about it, Alan Tudyk and Co did a good job, the laughs were coming fast and thick.

I'm not sure why good movies like this are not promoted better, when there is crap like "The Last Airbender" got so much TV ad time.

I won't really say anything else except, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW! 9/10

Stag Night

Decent acting, Bad camera work, Poor script
First off, let me say i love my horror films.

The story is nothing special, 6 people get them selves stuck in an underground train yard, they are confronted by a group of crazy cannibals, Can they survive? Maybe, Can we survive the bad camera work and sub par direction of the movie? maybe...

All around the acting was decent, all the actors held up there own in this movie, i have to say they actually did a good job with the script they had to work with.

Let me get to the camera work, it was bad, really bad for most part of the movie, i think i got a bit of a headache after watching the movie.

This is not a bad movie, but it's not good either, it's watchable (if u can stomach the camera views that the director chooses to use), The death scenes were OK, the actors did well, the only problem is when a movie of any genre takes it self seriously, then i would expect some kind of logic from the script, there was little logic here, but I've seen worst. deducting 3 points for the camera work and 2 for the poor script. 5/10

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