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It got better and then it took a nosedive.
16? We are supposed to believe these actors are 15 and 16? It's another show cast with 18-30 year olds pretending to be young teens. And the writing... Stop with the teen angst/love tropes. None of these characters act like teens. Non act authentic. They appear as puppets used to advance a story/narrative.

This should have been about 18-30 year olds anyways. You know, the ones that actually attend school. Hex was what I was hopping for. Not yet another cheese fest.


Who is supposed to be wrong in this?
Not bad guy, or good guy. They show her version, then his, then a different version of hers, then the same version of his... If her first version was supposed to be the true and correct version, than it was very minor. But it also means every man I've ever befriended is a sexual assault victim. I'm a victim hundreds of times over. Is this some sort of twisted patriarchy, pseudo feminist revenge porn? It's definitely not feminism.

The story and acting is great., Great in many cases, but you keep expecting it to actually go somewhere. It just becomes a you assaulted me and then a I'm sorry, i didn't mean it, to you know what you did, to he's paid his price.... and not even the main characters seem to know. what actually happened. Hers is more powerful, as any victims story is.

By the end of the season I assume that everyone is wrong and right. So the victim is also a perpetrator, and the perpetrator is also a victim. This show had so much promise and then it lets you down every single time. Without fail.

8 for the entertainment value. 3 for the murky story lines and plot disintegration.


I wanted to love this show, so much. Inception within the first 15 minutes.... So every episode is going to take place within her own "Reverie"? This whole show is her own Reverie. Darn it. This had so much potential. Acting was a non-existant side effect? All dialogue was either in narration or short cut scenes. Execution of this show is inception of its own inception. Literally. Figuratively as well. But in this case..... It's failure is it's own failure. I'll go bact to wathing reruns of Facts of Life as well as CHiPs.

I realistically wanted to like this show. It's inception is an unreal inception of it's of inception.

I'm screaming at the myself, right now'ish. Not right now. I mean, I wrote this now.... errr, later. Is this now? If you're still reading this.... is this my now or your now?

And. the special effects are terrible. 1990 style horribad. Star Wars had better..


Dreadful. You'll wish you traded up for a root canal.
I made it 12:45 in. This show is a disaster. The writing, acting, direction, editing. Most shots last 1 second or less and they switch mid dialogue almost every time. It changed so fast I felt like a needed 3D glasses. The scenes don't even make sense on a realistic timeline. I'm not even sure it deserves 3 stars. There is no way this show will survive beyond it initial ordered episode count. This isn't one of those guilty pleasure bad shows. This one will give you a tic and IBS.

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