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The Grand Tour

Ride continues
Personally I think that show is good. They drive various cars, joke around... It continues from Top Gear, with few quirks. In season 1 there were 2 things that I minded: 1) test driver's speech was mostly not funny and unnecessary 2) celebrities were not showing up (at start it was funny, but soon became annoying)

In season 2 these issues were fixed: 1) test driver was replaced with one which is focused on driving (instead of talking) 2) celebrities were back in show (but it would be great if they add ranking table which includes times for all)

I totally recommend if you were watching Top Gear.

Born to Race: Fast Track

OK, but disappointed
First let me say that I liked first part very much (I rated it 10).

Now this part, movie is low budget (as previous one) so I didn't expected too much in term of acting and effects. However, I expected same actors and when I saw that they changed all but Jessica (and guy that sponsored Danny at the begging of first part before he crashed car) I felt very disappointed. It looks like whole another movie to me.

Second thing I didn't liked is story, it is somewhat predictable scenario (Danny find opponent like Jake, races with him... you see already where is going) so it could be better and sometimes (especially at beginning) racing takes too long and boring (nothing happens, just camera moving from one driver to another).

Except those things, movie is not really bad. I would recommend to pick it if you don't know what else to watch.

Born to Race

Great movie!
Personally, I like really much racing movies, but for some reason it is very hard for me to find good racing movie and I can name them: F&F, F&F2, F&F:Tokyo Drift, Initial D Drift Racer, and now I can count this one too. Rest of them either are not so into racing (like more focusing on shooting etc.) or they aren't done well (like Red Line - don't misunderstand me, it is fairly good movie, but still I feel that is missing racing spirit).

This movies reminds me to Fast & Furious (1st part only) where you have all the racing going with good story background. Latest F&F serials are not so much about racing, instead they do some shooting and similar action.

Even that story is somewhat predictable, it was still interesting for me to watch it.

Overall, I would say that everything is very good done (story, acting..., but I don't want to reveal parts, I'm leaving that to you :) ).

I totally enjoyed watching it, and yeah, it is more than I expected - 10 stars from me :)

Two and a Half Men

Get Charlie back!
First of all, my vote is for episodes which Charlie Sheen was acting (10 stars). Story, jokes and all that was good.

Now about Ashon. I watched some of his movies and they are great. However I cannot find him as good replacement for Charlie. Strange, but I don't laugh to Ashons jokes and all that nudity is really not funny at all. On top of it, I was horribly disappointed in first episode in season with Ashon. I mean they made some bad jokes about Charlie and they made impression that everybody was hating him - not cool at all.

I have been reading that Charlie was replaced because it was really "expencive" comparing to Ashon. I don't remember what sum was about, but difference was counting in millions. This is not excuse for me since Charlie built up Two and a Half Men and I believe that he deserves money.

In my opinion IMDb should separate voting for this show, 1 while Charlie was acting and 1 while Ashon is acting, otherwise it is not fair - reputation will go higher or lower for sure with new actor.

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