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Oorukku 4 Peru

O4P is undoubtedly a perfect entertainer with good technical values. I reckon watching this one around 15 times or may be more!

With over thousands of short films out there on youtube, it's always a tough choice to pick a handful of good ones. But, this one always stays among the top few of my list!

I'm a short film maker myself, and I can clearly visualize the efforts and commitment of the crew associated with this project. Kudos to the entire cast for their ease. Cinematography is good. Above all, Ganesh (director) deserves a special mention! Hope to see you soon directing feature films!

The Town

Well done!!
I had a trip to 'the town' last night and well, it is surprisingly entertaining. I still can't believe Ben Affleck can pull off everything (story, screenplay, direction, starring in a lead role) with such an ease. Three years after his debut directional venture 'Gone Baby Gone', Ben comes up with an ever better one this time.

A perfect combo of sold story, captivating screenplay, amazing writing, brilliant character development, good emotional content and brilliant cinematography (watch out for the shaky camera, this is the best camera work I've seen after 'Bourne' series) all together delivers an entertaining action thriller...worth a watch.


The 'Night' chronicles!
I say Night Syamalan is back with a bang. After watching 'The last Airbender', I took a pledge that would be the last time I'm ever gonna pay to watch any movie, Night Syamalan is involved in. But today I broke my promise as I watched 'Devil'. And actually, I was not at all disappointed. In fact, I liked it. All right, I would say it...I loved this movie.

Night Syamalan has come up with a strong and interesting story. The plot looks so simple at the beginning, but it moves on, suspense unveils in a scary, yet logical fashion. The linking between all characters is portrayed in a very effective way. Nothing is ever a coincidence.

Direction is good. Acting is decent. Cinematography is appreciable, especially the wide variety of camera angles and frames attempted to portray a simple elevator as some claustrophobic scary machine. Sound effects are captivating.

I'm already waiting for the next 'Night' chronicle!

Komaram Puli

Genuinely disappointed:(
Komaram Puli has finally been released after much hype created since over past one year. Personally, I've been waiting for this movie since I loved Khushi (Surya & Pavan's combo). But Puli turns out to be a disaster:(

There's more than few aspects that have gone terribly wrong here. Main drawback of the film is the introduction itself...Any movie casts it's first impression with it's opening scene. Too many graphics are used in Puli's intro scene. Pavan's birth scene appears extremely unconvincing.

Pavan Kalyan's character becomes over-emotional in each and every scene, and his long stereotyped speeches (sankalpam unte blah blah) end up bugging the audience. First fight reminds an animation film. Camera work is overly glaring in all parts. I wonder why Surya tried to showcase even ordinary scenes in such a jarring manner. Dailogues are often more powerful than what the scene actually demands. Nikisha tried to impress with her oomph, but her makeup and costumes are bizarre in most scenes.

Songs scored by A.R.R created a positive expectations before the release. But most of them were pictured weakly. Especially, 'Amma thalli' song has no relation between the actual song and picturization. Once again, camera work is experimental through out this song.

This surely will remain the worst movie both in S.J.Surya's and Pawan Kalyan's careers.

Never Let Me Go

Love, loss and hidden truths...
Though inspired from a highly acclaimed novel, this movie is relatively less publicized and that might be one reason for not being known to many.

Two deepest of human emotions, love and betrayal are depicted in a subtle fashion in this movie. Cinematography and direction are good. Screenplay is slow in later half, yet gripping over all. Certain scenes sure will have a haunting affect on you.

Mulligan's acting is solid. Knighley's emotional performance is intense. But above all, I believe it's Garfield who stole the show, in the role of an isolated, confused and struggling boy.

I would say...Watch this movie with little expectations, you won't be disappointed.


Machete is bloody, hilarious, disturbing, racist...yet worth watching more star-studded film of the year is exciting enough to cause you an adrenaline rush...Robert DeNiro, Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Shea Whigham, Lindsay Lohan, Daryl Sabara, Tom Savini...(deep sigh) who's missing??

I should say Robert Rodriguez did a remarkable job portraying veteran character artist Danny Trejo as a lead role, a Mexican ex-federal turned a bad ass with a vendetta and a strong motive for his brutal rampage. Danny, though pretty old for a lead-role (he's currently 66) gave his best and his performance is tremendous.

Robert DeNiro and Steven Seagal, as usual stole the show with their intense screen presence. Jessica Alba does an excellent job. Michelle Rodriquez is hot! Lindsay shines in a cameo.

And yes, there's lot of gore and racist comments, but that doesn't drastically deviate you from the main story line (unless you take those too

I won't say this is as good as Robert's signature work 'Sin City', but it's definitely worth a watch.


After 20 years...this movie is still an icon!!
Goodfellas is Martin Scorsese's remarkable mobster classic of all time. This delicately handled masterpiece has everything a great movie should have...intense story, gripping screenplay, fabulous direction, excellent cinematography, and most important of all, perfect star cast.

The performances by Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Paul Sorvino are outstanding. The way Joe Pesci's character portrayed is worth a special mention. I am a huge fan of Pesci since Raging Bull, but I would remember him as 'Tommy' for the rest of my life.

Twenty years after release, I've seen this film now and I can say without a doubt it's a modern classic. Twenty years from now, this movie still will be a modern classic. Hats off to Martin Scorsese!!


Over hyped...definitely over hyped
I would have been less disappointed with the movie, had I not known about the record collections (>14Cr)!!

To start with, the story is weak in first place. Direction is so feeble and there is no connection from scene to scene. Salman's role is improperly established and his stand always appears volatile. Clichéd dialogs test your patience. They copied (or at least tried to copy) action scenes from Hollywood movies...not to mention how they spoofed the very first Transporter fight in a crappy way. Sumos in climax fight are absolutely unnecessary. Too many stunts with Sallu's goggles, Rayban ad or what?

Another interesting aspect is...this movie (story, up to an extent and some action scenes too) were inspired from some south-Indian movies. Many big actors got wasted due to inadequate screen presence and unimportant roles...No one knows what Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar and Anupam Kher are even doing out there. My rating goes up to 4 due to few positive factors like débutante Sonakshi, good background music, and Sonu Sood's performance. 'Munni' song is refreshing.

Beware! Don't let the hype fool you!!

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